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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I have looked at both finn air and Oman in the past. But what puts me off is the 9am flight out of bkk. If I stayed in bangkok on my last night I would certainly look on using them. Pherphas Oman would be the better of the 2 as the flight to and from MAN-HEL are on computer type aircraft.
  2. On a brighter note looks like the £ as stabilised this week so far. And maybe we might finish tomorrow with a weekly gain.
  3. More bad news for sterling today. UK GDP figures for the last 3 months contracted by 0.2%. The worst performance since 2012.
  4. The cut their base rate by 0.25% but It did little to weaken the baht. The chinese devalued the yuan so I guess that as made the baht a better bet for the currency sharks.
  5. It would be really interesting to know how many europeans go in the low season. From experience of going in july and August I always found the flights leaving the UK are almost full and the airfare is just as expensive than the airfare for xmas/ny. Traditionally july and August is the time most british and europeans go on there holidays.
  6. On occasion when I overspend I go to a bank of Ayudhya branch with my passport and my santander zero credit card. I get no charges from the branch or from my bank and get a few baht lower rate than the interbank rate. As it is a credit card I use I have to log onto to internet banking and pay the amount I have withdrawn straight away. That avoids the interest the banks charge on credit card cash withdrawals.
  7. I would fly easyjet never mind Eva if they done a direct flight from MAN-BKK. You guys in London and the south east dont know how lucky you have it. Having 3 airlines serve direct flights to BKK.
  8. The thai baht is strong because there is a lot of foreign inflows into the thai stock exchange. Until that reverses or the thai economy sinks then expect a strong thai baht for the foreseeable future.
  9. I used netflights seat pitch as a reference to my own experience on Qatar's 787. I flow etihads 787 in December. 79cm and comparing that with Qatar's there was a very noticeable difference.
  10. They have cutback on using the 787 on the MAN route. I think it's just one of the three flights a day that they use it on. My experience of it with qatar almost stopped me from flying again. It was that bad. I am 6.3 and was sat next to a heavy set guy. All I do now is avoid qatar as I know they can change an aircraft at any given time.
  11. Avoid qatar airways B787 economy at all costs. The seat pitch is 76cm which is the same as Ryanair. On my last flight at the end of December I flown on etihads 787. The seat pitch was 79cm and very comfortable compared to Qatar's.
  12. I think those flight are for cruise customers. They also launched flights to langkawi. the flights are every 2 weeks and only last a couple of months.
  13. I read that the flight from Gatwick to Dubai as no onward connection.
  14. Do you have to check in again for the Emirates flight
  15. I read an article the other week where the CEO of Manchester airport said he is hoping for a direct flight in 2019 to bangkok and other asian cities.
  16. I have watched this programme since it started. The new season starts on nat geo in uk next week. There was a Heathrow airport version on ITV1 a month or two ago.
  17. Cost maybe. Cheaper to land at U-Tapao. Also I noticed the same airline is also starting flights to langkawi. So possibly an expansion to South East Asia
  18. There is a lot of Indian restaurant's in the area of pattaya (pattaya klang) that I stay. I don't know how there making money cos it's very rare I see customers in them. I always thought it was a money laundering operation.
  19. I was thinking the same thing, full of loud mouthed idiots and screaming kids.
  20. I tried too, but not open as you said. I also tried a dummy booking for MAN-HKT I think the price was £600 but that was a basic price then you had to add luggage etc. From what I understood from there booking page the basic seat does not come with a video screen. The only good thing about the flight was the departure times.
  21. Yes. No doubt it will be aimed at the package holiday segment. They also fly seasonal flights to Phuket.
  22. Tui Airways will fly MAN-UTP from December 27 to March 22nd.
  23. Thanks for posting. I have been avoiding Qatar airways from MAN like the plague ever since I went on their B787.
  24. I flow on Qatar's 787 last year and will never use that aircraft again with Qatar. The worse economy seat I have ever had. 76cm leg room, entertainment box under most seats and 17" width.I looked on seatguru and compared Qatar's 787 with other airlines 787s and it seems to be the least generous in terms of seat space. I could understand if the planes were used on short haul flights. But to expect people to sit in those seats for medium to long haul flights is taking the piss. BTW am 6.3" so could be a bit biased.
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