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  1. I had a terrific customer service experience recently with Lazada. This May I was on the lookout for a high spec Laptop. Found an ASUS Model which fitted my requirements and after reading several reviews about the Model I decided to order it through Lazada, as they had a really terrific offer: About 46000 Baht instead of over 60000 the same model was priced in Stores or Invadeit. The Laptop arrived quickly, and also came with a Free High Quality Mouse and Headset. Trouble was the Laptop was defective, it shut down repeatedly a few Minutes after boot, and in some cases it did not boot at all
  2. Bizpaye has its office behind Big C Pattaya Klang. Guess the one you saw cleared out was another Company?
  3. We are Members of Bizpaye too at Brooklyn Diner Soi Buakhao. Customers coming to our Restaurant can pay 50% of their Bill in Bizpaye Baht (The rest in cash). My experience is generally positive, although there are some details you need to be careful of. We don't accept Bizpaye for BlueBarTender POS, as the fees concerned are too high for a business with low markup.
  4. Overmind is where Shark used to be, and DClub is where Tiger once was. Both bars now open several weeks, and seem to be doing quite ok.
  5. Currently in Chiang Mai, and using Uber several times a day. Excellent service, with one exception yesterday as it turned out the driver who took my ride neither knew the area I wanted to be picked up, nor had any clue on how to ride with a map or App directions. Took him almost an hour to arrive, including two phone calls where I had the receptionist of a nearby hotel explain the location, and the ride to my destination was also an adventure as he was so clueless ... But other than that, so far 7 easy, fast, cheap rides vs this one. Also good things to say about Uber in Manila, as we
  6. Agree, but unfortunately pretty much all Anti Virus programs also create false alerts when they scan some Software crack programs. You cant trust the crack generators, but you also cant trust the Anti Virus Software ... I tend to buy legitimate Software or use Open Source.
  7. I am using the Grab Taxi service quite often in Bangkok as well as in Chiang Mai. Works great, and the prices quoted before were all more than reasonable. Not so in Pattaya. Prices per Kilometer seems to be more than double than those in other towns. Guess you cant blame the Taxi Drivers as they have the honorable duty to put rice on the table of their bosses, more often than not high Army and Police rank ...
  8. Maybe a redevelopment of this classic Viennese Coffee Vending machine ...
  9. Now that's completely contrary to my Bangkok experiences. I am in Bangkok usually a few days a month, and use a lot of Taxis while there, for distances between a few Kilometers or sometimes quite a bit more. I rarely had stopped a taxi (I avoid the ones which Park on the street near Hotels) which does not turn on the Meter automatically. Maybe 1 out of 10.
  10. That's an easy one ... In two month all is forgotten, and everybody can continue like before and the authorities will safe face, as they have tackled an issue.
  11. Philippines, Malaysia, India, Japan, Europe, USA, .... everywhere but Pattaya!
  12. Was planning to go this coming Sunday, not so much because the Free Bitcoin, but I wanted your advise. When are you around these days?
  13. Will try my best, but can't guarantee I will make it. Please don't wait for me in case something gets in the way.
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