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  1. I guess it gets tiring if you've experienced it lots, and don't like getting wet. I on the other hand suffer from neither of these afflictions. Actually my choice could also be to stick in BK for the festivities. I don't really mind, but thought that Pattaya may have laid back approach to it all. Any thoughts would be welcome. Also, as a side note, I may well hit the clubs, bars, or pop into a gogo or two. Do some of the pretty girls head home to families for the festivities, or is it business/partying as usual and just as busy as normal ?
  2. So I'll make it to town the day before and will wake up, my first day in Thailand this year, all set to get wet! Where's the best places to go for water-fighting chaos, and where else would you recommend for general mayhem? Thanks all. Mr. R.
  3. Cheers All. I'll check them all out when I'm over there. From looking at the internet photos Tony's does look good, as does the Dusit. I don't tend to use bar bells for upper body, as I tend to work out alone. But a smith machine for legs day may mean I end up choosing Tony's place.
  4. Hi all, First time poster here. :) I was in Patts in October, while I was there I ideally looked for hotels or accommodation with a free-weights gym in it. I looked at the fairtex hotel but the rooms aren't as luxury as I want, and besides it's a little out the way for me. So next time I'm thinking to just get a hotel that suits me, and head out to use the gym. So are there any gym's you could recommend? I wouldn't mind a few choices if there are some out there. Thanks, Mr R.
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