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  1. But once Netflix has the IP's identified as belonging to a VPN service - it will be blocked. The difference between those free browser plugins and the paid VPN's - with paid VPN's in most cases they do have different levels of service, meaning, you can get a ,lower user to IP ratio hence it is less likely to get detected as VPN access by streaming services.
  2. Based on my experience, from the Philippines, with a 100 Mbps Fibre Connection, using the built in VPN Of Opera leaves me around 10 1o 20, not really spectacular, but most of the time good enough. Personally. Nevertheless, i use ExpressVPN since many years across all my devices.
  3. Yep, so does Uber Philippines - and as an alternative you can also give Grab a try (https://www.grab.com/th/en/) - considering the data breach recently with Uber where 57 Million Users data had been stolen way back in 2016 and they paid 100k USD to the hackers to keep it quite. Uber Thailand and Uber Philippines both are among the impacted countries https://www.darkreading.com/attacks-breaches/lawsuits-pile-up-on-uber/d/d-id/1330530?piddl_msgid=330154
  4. There are some more then excellent Thai engineers in the Business - as a matter of fact - at TRUE I have worked with Thais and Farangs and most of the Farangs where dickheads and incompetent while the Thais where really excellent at their job (and they earn a fraction of the farangs). The problem is more like that even the large companies like TRUE dont want to sp[end any money on upgrading some vital systems - at least TRUE has spent a lot on upgrading the international links, but that alone does not solve all problems - I think that what you get from TRUE in Bangkok for less then 1000 Baht is a really good product for private use...CS-Loxinfo just the same - I would stay away from ToT - wherever in Thailand - I dont know if CAT does now offer products for residential customers as well - but they of course do own all the international links and therefore have the most reliable connection speeds - they used to be available only for corporate customers though when it comes to Internet. cheers cyber
  5. all private internet connection has to go through a transparent proxy i thailand - that is valid for ALL internet providers...with some - you are able to figure it out - woith some, you wont even recognize it - these transparent proxies are how they censor the net in thailand... Some provider have them set up pretty well - others not.. With TRUE for example there have been so many problems with login into bkktonite.com that they (bkktonite) even wrote a guide on how to circumvent the proxies :) ToT is not known for good service - nowhere in Thailand.. cheers cyber
  6. Just for info - action is required to upgrade your SIM cards until November 30th latest - you can do it online or at any of the providerds shops - read here for more details... http://www.bangkokpost.com/News/01Sep2006_news03.php as a side note - my wifes phone number works with both versions of the prefix since a few weeks already.. cheers cyber
  7. there would even be a feature in the new version of the board that allows you to ignore members so that you would not even see their posts cheers cyber
  8. There where many reports recently in the Thai Language Press about what would happen to Don Muang after its closed - but to the best of my knowledge - it has not yet been decided - this changes every few month - the only thing you can be pretty certain of is that part of it will be used by the Air Force as extension the the neighbouring Don Muang Airfoce base... If you fly out of BKK on 28th - ask your Airline - they will be the only one who (hopefully) can tell you where their plane will depart from - I have worked on a project at the New Airport and I always said that nobody with half a brain thinks that end of september will be a realistic date to open the airport on a fully operational base because no real stress tests have been done on the systems - infrastructure (especially train tracks to the new airport) has not been fully completed - Thai Airways Labor Council has expressed serious doubts too - The ICAO says that the airport is ready to operate but not with full capacity - Most major Airlines say the same. We will see. Don't forget that the english langugae Press in Thailand is only a very small part and that there are many things that never make the english papers... But who knows - they probably will ignore all warnings and will open the Airport just the same - and it may end in the same chaotic opening phase as Hong Kong or KL.. Anyway - as for your date of departure - your airline should be able to give you the best advise... cheers cyber
  9. I had credit cards from Bangkok Bank - but I had a current account - not a savings account - they are pretty restrictive with that - usually thzey require a work permit and many other things before they issue a credit card.. however - i have heard of arrangement where banks issue a credit card on a savings account - they will lock the limit they give you on the card - eg - if you got a limit of 200,000 baht - and you got 1,000,000 on the bank - you will only see 800,000 baht as available balance... dont know if thats still possible now - just try and talk to your branch... cheers cyber
  10. Martin, When you open the Admin Control Panel - go to "Tools and Settings" and there almost all the way down you have "User Profiles" which is the place where you can change the maximum upload size for avatars... cheers cyber
  11. do you use a proxy server in your browser settings? if so - try it without and see if it solves the issue - other then that - i can't think of much more... cheers cyber
  12. one reason could be that you use the "logout" button when you are down - then you have to relogin the next tine even if you chose "remember me" another reason could be that you delte your cookies automatically with some software which would have the same effect. could also be that you have your security settinngs in a way to not accept cookies in the first place cheers cyber
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