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  1. http://youtu.be/Khe5yd1XAAU
  2. I reckon someone left their car idling too long in their driveway. So, Mother Nature sent down the Polar Vortex as punishment for us Americans living too high on the hog. It was 82 on Sunday and by yesterday we had a skiff of snow and lows in the 20's. Its been a long hard winter.
  3. I live about 38 degrees north latitude in America and some trees such as redbud and dogwoods are blooming right now, but most of the timber is still barren. London is at about 52 degrees north latitude and the timber is nearly all green. Kinda interesting. Thanks for the pics of the tour.
  4. You have a good eye for photography. Thanks for the photos.
  5. Noticed these two cats on the Woodsongs the other day. Kinda impressive.
  6. Glad you liked it, Paps. That cat has an infectious enthusiasm about him that I enjoy. I saw this performance on TV several years ago. I don't know much about the band beyond their wiki page. I reckon they're from the Blues/Funk hotbed of New Jersey. :) He's playing an electric slide guitar. I think the Allman Brothers used it some in their music. It is also used in Country/Western Music to create a cat strangling, wrist slashing sound that I can't stand. Take it easy
  7. Here's a toe tapper. http://youtu.be/8F8PLsV2dVk
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