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  1. Oh deary me Bushcraft, did I upset you with my post?
  2. Im sure "kick-back" Flack will be the first person back through those doors on the 10th!
  3. All these photos are filming locations around Krakow of Schindlers List, including the actual Schindler factory from the war, and the site of the real Concentration camp of Plaszow that Amon Goth commanded.
  4. Yes, did the salt mines. Those photos will come soon
  5. Had a 9 day jaunt around Europe stopping in Krakow in Poland and Berchtesgaden in Germany. One of the many places I visited was here, Auschwitz-Birkenau, probably the sight of the largest mass killing of human beings ever undertaken. A sad place to visit. #NeverForget.
  6. Nice. Never heard of this one before.
  7. There used to be a very good restaurant in the Chinese Buddha Garden, but now the garden is closed and all blocked off and restaurant shut!
  8. Thanks for the pics. That's a walk for me next time im in town.
  9. If you're talking about bringing a girl back, that fine. If you're talking about having a threesome, im not sure about that. I would imagine there would be another charge for bringing an extra person back.
  10. Yep, but that would mean Thai drivers having to reverse out into the oncoming traffic!!! Recipe for disaster really.
  11. Spent a little time in Hanoi beginning of this month. The “Hanoi Hilton” is certainly worth the visit if you’re ever in this great city.
  12. In the first photo my case can be seen against the back wall. The photo is deceptive as I was on wide lense. There is more than enough space to keep your case down there, juts like I did. The room is far from been “poky”
  13. Currently staying here for 5 nights. Paid around £260 odd ££££’s for an 5 night stay. Booked through ebookers though. Amethyst hotel, located top end of Soi 15 and Soi Buakoew. Rooms are fairly spacious and the bathroom setup is interesting to say the least. They are also privacy blinds around the bath tub should you are someone else decide that flashing their bits at you isn’t appropriate! WiFi is a fairly decent speed with no drop out issues experienced so far. TV has only 4 channels in English, all of those are news channels. Coffee shop on the lobby area and a bar on the 2nd floor. Rest
  14. The stop to look for is E18, stop is called Royal Thai Naval Academy. It's the same train line that goes through Nana and Asoke. takes roughly 30 mins from Nana on the BTS.
  15. Thought I would visit this Little known museum celebrating the Thai Navy today. Easy to find as a BTS station is right in front of the museum. Also, museum entrance is free! Not too much info written in English here, which can be a little annoying, but still a very enjoyable place. Lots of interesting artefacts. Manned by Navy personnel who try their best to look after you inside.
  16. I'll look for your hat tomorrow night then
  17. Maybe if your around Nana tonight, I might see you.
  18. Very quiet on the skywalk side of the park, although I did see a few people up there. When you head towards the Benchakitti side of the park and the lake, it's a lot busier. Lots of Uni students yesterday taking what looked like graduation photos as their were all dressed up in gowns and hats. Not sure how long it's been open actually. Guess that could be part of the reason. It's a big place so you must bring your own water and drinks. No cafe, which doesn't surprise me, but I would have thought maybe a few drinks vending machines towards the lake and park side of this area. Yesterday was
  19. Arrived into Bangkok from Hanoi yesterday. As I’m staying in Soi 10 on Sukhumvit I thought I would check out these old buildings and see the redevelopment of this area. Have to say it’s very impressed and well worth the time to stroll around this green oasis in a city of concrete and skyscrapers!
  20. Moved It to the Hotel section for you. Might get more responses here.
  21. Thats good to hear. Thanks buddy for the update. Dont suppose you know if there is a decent laundry along this part of the soi do you? Im in Sweden and Vietnam for 10 days beforehand and will be in need of some washing been done!
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