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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hopefully the rains will come and the reservoirs refill before I come over in July. When I was in Buriram last August the farmers I spoke to were complaining how dry the wet season was. Hopefully 2020 will be back to normal.
  2. Thanks for that extra detail EP. It certainly seems stupid to fly civilian and military aircraft from the same airport, especially during a conflict.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. The points in dispute are worrying aspects to this case. The captain was ordered to stop pursuing the iranian gunboats, had he have obeyed that order he would not have been in the position to need to fire on the aircraft. Was he reprimanded for this? The plane was on a commercial flight path heading for Dubai. It was climbing as normal, not descending to attack. They mistook a civilian airliner for a much smaller jet fighter. Were the aircraft recognition systems that enable antiaircraft systems to tell friend from foe and military from civi
  4. At least they have openly admitted it in only a few days. Which means they may learn from their mistakes. The USA denied they shot down the Iran air flight in 1988. Then they explained it was in international airspace and descending towards the ship that shot it down, when it was in Iranian airspace and climbing. Two other American warships recognized it as a commercial flight. The captain of the ship who shot it down was given a medal for his services during that time. He should have been punished instead. Quite a contrast in handling very similar fuckups.
  5. Be careful Bazle, little wee Hyku will throw his toys out of the cot and put you on block..... now that would be funny...
  6. Fair enough. The rooms were small. When I returned to Pattaya from my trip out east I stayed at Opey de Place on Soi Lengkee. It's a lot smaller and right in the centre of the action. Only a small pool but it was normally empty, always empty recliners and it had trees where you could relax in the shade. No balcony with a view, but you could sit at the front of the hotel, have a coffee while watching the world go by.
  7. awesum4


    I use Emirates when I can. But its direct from New Zealand to Bangkok with transit in Australia. If there are problems in the Middle East its after Bangkok so not my problem.
  8. I had no problem getting back my deposit as I didnt pay one. The only hassle is they dont have an office. When you arrive at the gate you ring them and someone meets you and takes you to the apartment. When I checked out I just rang the same woman and left the key in the room. Different condos may be managed by different people.
  9. Andy never stayed there, they booked another place whose name eludes me at the moment. I stayed there and had no problems. Lots of Chinese but they ignored me and I ignored them. Except that the young ones crowded out the pool on the 31st floor. No problem with bringing back girls.
  10. This one's for Hyku, pity he wont get to see it as I'm blocked.
  11. I visited the GC several times in August. The guesthouse/bar is a seperate establishment next door if my memory hasn't let me down. MrEgg, that's what surprised me about the price, it's not a flash place to stay.
  12. I looked at it twice before I started the thread. The 4 000 is the price on the front page, that's for a room that sleeps 4. But none are available. But you can get a room that sleeps 2 for 2,000. For a guesthouse without even a swimming pool. I wonder if anyone actual rents at this price. I wouldn't.
  13. I was looking at accommodation in the LK area for next August and one place really stood out Maggie May's guest house........a mere 4,000bt a night. There are only 4 pics all of the bar, none of the rooms. For that price they would have to throw in the girl in the first photo at ni extra cost.
  14. And Rod Stewart has become the oldest Male singer to get a UK number one at 74. The oldest female was Gracie Fields, I think she was in her 90s.
  15. I will be sad to see them go. The A380 is probably the most comfortable plane I've flown on. I only travel economy and the ones I've flown seem to be quieter and have more seat space than the smaller Airbuses and any Boeing.
  16. You are a braver man than I to ride a push bike on a Pattaya road. Hell I often dont feel safe in a car.
  17. If you go further down the coast (away from Pattaya) after a couple of kms there is a stream that is a base for a few small fishing boats and a restaurant that specializes in local seafood. It didnt have any farang customers when I went there.
  18. I had cholesterol that was slightly above normal. I cut cheese from my diet (I love cheese cut straight from the block and would eat 1kg a week). I dropped to well within normal and continued to eat everything as usual.
  19. They certainly did. They deserved to win, played with passion and were hungry for the win.
  20. And only 3 days after World Caps Lock Day. NOW THERe waS CAll fOR CeLeBRAtiON!!
  21. I would love to be there to watch the All Blacks beat those boys in white. Would be a great time being had in a great wee bar, with a couple of very cute tiny girls dressed as schoolgirls.
  22. In some ways I'm glad I only visit Thailand every second or third year. I've never become jaded about it, it's still exciting and wonderful. I love pattaya but after a few days I have to go somewhere quieter to recover from the non-stop throng of available women and the constant thrill of being there.
  23. The only time anyone has tried to charge me a joiner fee was when I stayed in a family oriented resort in Jomtein. I had a room that was accessed without passing through the lobby. The security guard followed me and my girl to the room and asked for 500bt. I refused. When we went to breakfast they asked for 500bt so she could eat. I pointed out i had paid for 2 people in a double room but they insisted. We had a much cheaper breakfast elsewhere and i moved out that morning. I hadnt checked out the place before i booked. They didnt want old farang bringing girls there as they catered
  24. Now we know what really happened to BigD......555
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