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  1. Nothing anymore....it has evolved over the last few days......so I agree it is time to return to Thai International. I enjoyed the two flights I had on Thai. It's a sad thing to happen.
  2. We used to get 3,600,000 tourists a year, about half of those hired a rental car or campervan. So there are probably 70,000 of those sitting idle for the next year at least. With those companies having little to no income they will be looking for ways to get cash. Prices will drop dramatically over the next few months. Rents in tourist destinations are already dropping by up to 40% and they will drop further
  3. I recognize that ......I Claudius....I reread the books and rewatched the series during lockdown. Patrick Stewart as Sejanus a truly nasty guy.
  4. Who would buy their assets at this time? There are thousands of planes sitting empty all over the world. I'm waiting for the price of campervans to drop, there are thousands of them parked up as there are no tourists. The same goes for rental cars. Planes are no different. I cant see why anyone would buy a brand new car or plane at the moment. Manufacturers of both cars and planes must be extremely worried.
  5. Stop being so wise Bigus, it's making the rest of us look bad.......555
  6. Here in NZ we had 3 weeks of level 3 lockdown (from level 4 where all restaurants and fastfood was closed). In level 3 restaurants and fast food could only do takeaways and you had to either by phone or order online. We went for a walk around a popular eating area and decided on philipino food. Looked up their menu online and rang the order through. They sent a text with bank account number and cost. I transferred the money. They cooked the food, placed it on the table in the doorway, I picked it up and we went home to eat. Complicated and a bit time consuming but totally contact fre
  7. Which half? The cute or the female...555
  8. As long as the shoplifters are cute and female I see no problem.
  9. I showed this to the German guy at work and he didnt even smile. Mind you he's a accountant, they have no sense of humour.
  10. Yes. Or so my wife says...and she is never wrong....though she sometimes says incorrect things to check I am really listening....555
  11. Its the same guy twice...his initial reaction and his later one where he licks his lips. I had to watch it again to check. You need to watch it several more times to check I'm right...555
  12. In the interest of fairness can you please advise the date on which the USA banned its citizens from travelling overseas, thereby stopping them from infecting other countries? Also what date the US health advisors told the administration that this was a highly contagious virus?
  13. I'd be the guy in red.... loving it
  14. Chimpanzee......in fact 3 chimpanzees and a hyena. Sorry it's for your own good..you have been drinking too much lately....555
  15. But what if it's a funny personal problem? Surely that's allowed...
  16. Come on Bullfrog, you can tell us, you are among friends......555
  17. I related to so many of those...especially the tape that you cant get off its cardboard centre. Happens to me every bloody time
  18. Hey you are not allowed to post pics or videos of BMs girlfriends on here. Now please remove this video of Ewenice before she sees it and blasts me for sending it to you.
  19. Fake news.. That's not Detroit , its Cleveland Ohio...555
  20. Air Asia have been terrible at customer service for years. We were flying from Bali to Jakarta a few years ago when the volcano was erupting. Plane had taxied to the runway ready to fly when it was cancelled. We sat on the plane for an hour then got told to get off, led us outside the terminal, but our bags were inside the terminal. Guards wouldn't let us in as we didnt have valid tickets...ours were for a flight that left 2 hours ago...duh. Got our bags eventually and found a hotel for the night. Kept ringing them to find out what was going on, as soon as I started speaking English they
  21. It's always raining in Sweden, except when its snowing. That's why Volvos have lights that stay on all the time.
  22. My dog is certainly happy. She gets 2 long walks a day now rather than 4 short ones a week.
  23. That's a good thing if we look at it cynically, a few extra women for each of us. They already outnumber us slightly.
  24. Do they? I've just seen a clip where the Governors of Washington and Michigan and several other states and the mayor of New York were complaining they cant get the help they need from the federal government. 91% of health workers cant get the masks they need. In the same clip President Trump clearly said " I tell Mike Pence not to call the governors of Washington and Michigan". He cant even remember their names. Some leadership in a time of crisis.
  25. Brilliant mate, one of several that have made me laugh in the last couple of days. Keep up the good work
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