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  1. The first couple of times I used the smartgate system there were hiccups and frustrations that meant I had to go through a manned gate. Now it works quickly and efficiently every time. I think there will be teething problems with any new system but they will get sorted. We waited for over 3 hours to get through in 2017. I'm hoping for a much quicker passage in 3 weeks time.
  2. Really great clip. I like Ed Sheeran, seems a really down to earth guy for a musical genius. He is really good in the movie Yesterday. 3 generations of my family love his music, the 7 year old and I do Irish dancing to Galway Girl.....she is a much better dancer...
  3. When I first went to Thailand it was 25 as you say. 2 years ago it had dropped to 23. Now 20. I hope it stays there or rises for the next 2 months.
  4. Please don't stop doing it Jacko. Some of us really appreciate it. The NZ$, which is the only one I'm interested, in seems to have remained steady for the last month thank goodness. Your efforts allow me to feel more confident I can still have a good time without breaking the bank in August
  5. Few or flew? What airline were you on? Emirates version definitely had more room than any 747 I flew on.
  6. There was a long running thread about how Boeing was so much better than Airbus. Maybe you should find it and revive it. Would be interesting to see if the Boeing champions are still so vehement in their cause. Personally I think the A380 is the best long distance plane I have ever flown in. But I can only afford economy so I am biased.
  7. 2 crashed with all on board killed. I dont think any of them are actually flying commercially. No date for them to return to service has been announced.
  8. Booking.com allows you to filter according to what type of property you want. I clicked on "holiday homes" and it had over a dozen in pattaya alone. I presume the other sites have the same function.
  9. That gives me great hope for my trip in August. 2 years ago it took over 3 hours to clear immigration. But that was at arriving at midnight just after 3 plane loads of Chinese and they only had about 4 gates working. This trip I land at 4pm so should be lots of staff on.
  10. I always thought squirrels were cute wee creatures. But I thought that about rabbits until I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail....
  11. The instructions say; Administration and dosage; 1 pill before sleep with warm boiled water. If it was lethal to do so they would run out of customers really fast. The cool boiled water is for when things go wrong. All sounds dodgy to me.
  12. When we went to Bali a few years ago I booked a hotel via Booking.com. We had to stay a few extra days because of the volcano erupting. Went to reception they gave me a price but said cheaper online. I went to the internet room. Got same room 10% cheaper. Back to reception to pay for it. I think the same thing happens in Thailand. Varies from hotel to hotel.
  13. The factory I work in is going into producing a product for the Chinese market. Our normal product sells for $20 a kilo. We will get $500 a kilo for the new product. Admittedly we will pay 4 times as much for the raw materials but we will get 25 times as much for the end product.... According to the Chinese its effects are not quite as good as rhino horn or tigers penis, but still very effective. In real life they are all as effective as digesting fingernail clippings. But I am happy to work for a profitable company.
  14. I like smart gate. One of the main advantages is it overcomes language problems. It took ages to get through immigration into Hawaii because a plane load of Chinese tourists landed just before us. They didnt speak English, there was only one Chinese speaking immigration officer. The immigration office doing our line was frustrated and downright rude to them, was even shouting at them which didnt help matters at all. Presumably smartgate can give instructions in any language based on your passport. Show a Chinese passport and it gives instructions in Chinese.
  15. I love the last photo....
  16. I picked up my money from the bank. Got 21 000 for my 1,000. So 60 more than quoted, and 2,100 more than I would from travelex. If I was prepared to carry large amounts of cash or prepared to risk leaving it in the safe or hidden in the room I would get more.
  17. Atlas designed the grille mesh on the new Range Rover Vogue.....he sure is multitalented
  18. I turn off my phone completely on the plane. Read a book. Watch the inflight entertainment. Maybe play a few games on there. Talk to the people next to me if they are friendly. Try to sleep. I dont need wifi on the plane or at the airport.
  19. So TT Exchange allows me to withdraw bhat using my debit cards, not just change cash for bhat? I dont fancy carrying heaps of cash around
  20. Before my last trip I'd been talking to a lady from Bangkok. She was a hairdresser not a bargirl. The first 2 nights she took my wife and I out to restaurants. We were the only farang there, the staff didnt speak English. She had haircuts to do during the day. Then she took us to Ayuttha one day, and Nakhon Nayok the next. Saw sights that definitely werent on the tourist trail. When we came back from Udon Thani she met us at the bus station and took us to Jomtein. I rented her (and her female friend) a room at the same place. She took us to Nong Nooch gardens, Sanctuar
  21. I decided to buy some baht yesterday as I like to have enough cash on me for the first few days. I'm planning on 4,000 a day roughly. So I figured $1,000NZ gets me 20,000bt. Looked up the rate for travelex, 19,770. Near enough. Off to the mall. Get there and he tells me....18,890. Forget it. Go home order it online from my bank 2,040. But takes 5 days and may vary slightly. So travelex would cost me a days accommodation every 5 days. Fuck them. Thanks for posting these each week Jacko, it's useful info to have.
  22. Or you could maybe find a woman with her own car. She is less likely to crash if it's not a rental. Her insurance covers it if she does as long as you aren't paying her to drive you around. If afterwards you give her a gift that more than covers her costs and her time everyone should be happy.
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