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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Tracker. (Not "the Tracker" that's an Aussie movie, this is a kiwi movie)
  2. Very good read Monkeyman. Well done once again
  3. When I stayed at the Areca Lodge I booked and paid for 2 and any lady who stayed the night had breakfast with me. One morning I had 2 ladies who both had breakfast and I wasn't charged any extra. Best you ask the hotel directly what happens in this situation
  4. I've travelled by overnight train to both Chiang Mai and Surat Thani. Also daylight train to Udon Thani. Also travelled by train in Indonesia. I enjoyed all 3 trips. Trains are better than buses in my opinion. You get a good view during the day while able to move around a bit. I always end up meeting locals and other travellers. For some reason people are more inclined to chat on a train than a bus. Planes and cars get you there faster but both isolate you from often very interesting people.
  5. The sanctuary of truth is amazing, but as a stop on the way back to town. It's not 20km out.
  6. Brilliant. Lovely women
  7. That is a brilliant price Jim. That's $400 less than the best price I can get flying from here. Would be worth flying to Auckland first (Which I try to avoid). Arriving at that time is great too, virtually every flight I get arrived at midnight. Well done that man.
  8. In July it took us over three hours to clear immigration. That was at midnight after travelling for 19 hours. Three planes of Chinese arrived at the same times as ours. Thais cleared quite quickly then they used those gates for everyone else. But only half the booths had staff manning them.
  9. I like trains. Have done sleeper trains Bangkok to Chiang Mai and back, then down to Surat Thani. Second class was good met some really interesting people to chat to. In July my wife and I went from Bangkok to Udon Thani during the day. It was a bit slower than by bus but you can get up and walk around. Always someone that wants to have a chat. I enjoy meeting locals other than taxi drivers, tour guides and bargirls. Though I meet those as well.
  10. I laughed from the very first one. My mother said that all the time, to my five brothers and I.
  11. I can't understand why United left it until after the plane was fully loaded before they chose to remove passengers. I can understand if they had told 4 people they couldn't board and then put their crew on. I've been on flights several times that passengers who had already checked in were asked to go on a later flight, and were offered compensation. But to wait till everyone is in there seats is crazy. Newspaper reports here say that half the other passengers on the flight refused to fly and walked off the plane. The plane was unloaded completely, and then reboarded, there was a 3 hour
  12. Our other national sport is Rugby. One is a team sport, the other relies on individual prowess.
  13. I went with my wife the first two times I went to Thailand. But we'd been together for 13 years at that stage, and had an open relationship from the start. She loved going to the bars and having fun with the girls, but would never have a 3some as she felt old and fat beside them (she is way older, and lots larger..surprise surprise). Some evenings when she was too tired to go out I hit the bars on my own, and had a few ST. I always told her where I'd been, and what I'd got up to. Last year I went for 3 weeks with a friend, without her as she had other priorities for her spending money. We ha
  14. I needed a new CD drive for my PC so went to the local shop arranged it all including price. Went home to get PC, was back in 15 minutes. Salesman was out so technician (who I'd talked to about what I required) asked if he could help. I had to explain all the details again. Went back home while he installed, was back in an hour. Technician was still only one there, asked me if he could help me. I had to explain everything, show him which was my computer, tell him the price. The thing that really got me was " he wrote a little program on his computer to work out my change". No this wasn't in
  15. Kev, whats the correct answer to question 18? Coming from the other side of the ditch I don't know what "circle work" is in strine. Andre
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