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  • Kev

  1. What’s the latest intel on this.... is it still a nightmare to get through in a reasonable amount of time?
  2. Sure is Kev. I’m wheels up in a little over 3 weeks too....,
  3. Yes. Thai government please weaken your currency against all others to assist the poor struggling mongers who like to come over and fuck your finest.
  4. I arrive in August too. A Saturday night about 9.45pm. Hoping for a quick pass through customs than into a taxi and Nana. What’s BM’s thoughts on how long a taxi ride will take at say 10.30 or 11.00pm on a Saturday night into Soi 4 BKK... 45 minutes?
  5. Shit.... I remember the days of 35:1 on the Aussie dollar!
  6. Yes some bumps in the road towards the end tonight. Sagan may surprise & still be there at the end. He goes ok uphill. Maybe one for a Valverde, or even from an Aussie perspective - Gerrans.
  7. Froome will still get it done. He climbs well enough. I don't see Quintana getting a big enough lead that Froom won't peg back in the TT's. Sagan for the green... put your house on it.
  8. Would he have been saying the same things if Tejay Van garderen (a fellow yank) were in yellow......For mine from here on in, anytime a yank is leading in the Tour I will be calling for doping control.
  9. Got it too work just now MM... can't explain it but its now there!
  10. That's interesting MM, as I cannot see your new post in Outside Pattaya from my end!
  11. No - juts tried to post a new topic on the outside Pattaya section - and for a 3rd time it crashed. Can anyone help?? MM??
  12. Ok so this one worked - I will try for a 3rd time in the other area of the forum
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