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  1. The gate was open, so quickly snapped a couple of pics from just inside. Then rode my bike over to the back corner where they were eating, showed my camera and asked photo, ok mai? They gave me the thumbs up, so all was good.
  2. Slow progress on the new market next to Nirun. J Club is closed, but the pouring of a new concrete pad makes me wonder if something new in the location will be coming soon. Next door on Soi Love Inn, more planters going in. Xzyte Food Center progress update
  3. Rode by the entrance about an hour ago. Greeter was out front, so don't believe PBG has closed.
  4. Just realized I didn't click on Submit Reply for this post. Mabprachan Reservoir still has a long way to go towards filling enough to make it through the next dry season.
  5. Photo update of the state of Huai Chak Nok Reservoir.
  6. More structures going up at the Xzyte Food Center. Same at the future food market next to Nirun. This is probably only a small percentage of the dead lines they've removed on Buakhao.
  7. Today's update on cleaning up the wires on Buakhao.
  8. I had forgotten about Maxwell's right hand rule. Learned that in a high school physics class. Always enjoyed the hard science classes.
  9. The only real danger is falling off the ladder. Those are utility lines, cable, phone, fiber that they're removing. The high voltage electric lines are some distance above those lines. As for determining which cables are active, they have test equipment they can place near a cable to detect if there's a signal. For fiber they'll have to trace the line to a junction box to see if it's connected or a dead line.
  10. Before and after pics of the wire cleanup at Chaos Corner. From earlier in the week And today. Still a hell of a lot of wire for maybe six or so utility services in Pattaya. And speaking of today, looks like no tomorrows for Today Bar on Soi Lengkee. Spotted only one lonely parasailing customer this morning. Sabai Lodge has demolished the strip of rooms in the back.
  11. Soi 15 intersection is still a tangle of wires after yesterday's trim. But still an improvement over what it looked like a week earlier. Now working opposite the hospital.
  12. Framing for the new market next Nirun going up.
  13. WTTB. Embedding the video in the post worked for me. Just had to pause a few seconds after pasting the URL into the msg for the forum software to work its magic.
  14. Utility lines around the Soi 15 intersection on Buakhao are getting the trim today. Not surprised it takes six guys to sort through the mess. On the north end of Buakhao they're working on the electric.
  15. I've never really stopped working as I enjoy it too much. It helps that the work I do, data warehouse design and implementation can be done remotely. These days I get maybe a few hundred hours of billable work a year from the small consulting company I used to be a partner in. It's a comfortable amount of work that keeps my mind active and my wallet a bit fuller. As for my semi-retirement move to Thailand. Most definitely it was a new beginning. In 2008 I made my first trip to Thailand, which was also my first trip to any SEA country. It was quite an eye opening experience coming from a western country of well manicured lawns, clean and well maintained streets, and footpaths that you could walk on without risk of twisting an ankle or worse. The newest of it all was like a breath of fresh air, even though the air could be somewhat toxic at times. Six months later after divesting my partnership in the company and finalizing my divorce, I moved to Thailand. No natural progression involved, just jumped with both feet into living in a new country half way around the world from my previous home. Eleven years later, still happy I made the move and no regrets at all.
  16. Other side of Nirun. It's on the soi that runs behind M-Club over to Arunothai.
  17. Workers working to put up new wire ahead of the crews taking it down.
  18. Not sure how long this sign has been up, but now we know what's planned for the Xzyte grounds and what the finished product is supposed to look like.
  19. Heading home saw these guys walking the roof panel up the roof girders. No safety ropes in sight. There's a bit of breeze blowing right now, so half expected a gust to fling the panel and them along with it off the roof. A couple of the Thai neighbors were out watching the spectacle, and I expect they were thinking the same.
  20. Quite the building project going on at the Soi Xzyte grounds. A couple of weeks ago a worker told me it was a market. I'm wondering if they might be moving the Tues/Fri Buakhao market to this site. Would also be a good location for a Tree Town Two. I'm curious as to what this stretch of concrete will be used for. Whatever they intend it'd better be light use as they're only putting down a thin layer of concrete with no rebar reinforcement.
  21. 9 July the site for the new 7-11 looked like this And one month later the 7-11 is open for business. Unfortunately for the balloon chasers, no balloons and no freebies for the grand opening.
  22. Same as Mabprachan, Huai Chak Nok is also slowly recovering, but still extremely low. Extra pump is no longer needed to get the water to the pumping station. I think this will make for a nice park once done, and with more water in the reservoir.
  23. Coincidentally I had planned on riding out today to capture a photo update. First up Mabprachan, which as you can see in the photos is slowly recovering, but still very low. Saw this guy making good use of an umbrella to catch the wind and propel him and his boat along. Water is once again around the base of the overflow structure. Looks like fishing restrictions. Can someone with Thai language skills translate? If you know where to look, you can just barely make out the top of the head of a Thai walking through the weeds. Hint: just left of center in the pic Here he is in a small clearing. Gives you a good idea of just how high the weeds have grown.
  24. They're still working on cleaning out the muck in the drains. Also noticed they've put in curbs to block storm water runoff to the beach at the low points from Pattaya Klang north. Kind of self-defeating IMHO if the goal is clear the roads of flood waters ASAP. Wonder if they'll close the swing gate once the tide comes back in.
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