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  1. The broken marina boardwalk that was made out of wood has been ripped out and all that remains is the concrete base. Here's the before pic from Dec, 2019. This morning they were removing more bits and pieces of the decaying marina. AQI of 93 and Koh Larn barely visible.
  2. Always on the lookout for gift giving ideas. This gave me an idea for a gift for the grandkids on their next b'day.
  3. Another example of the world going bonkers. €12,000 as compensation for something as benign as a smiley face drawing on a cup. Insanity at its finest.
  4. What you'll want to get is an expat policy which has requirements for how long you have to be out of your home country for the policy to remain in force. So that precludes you from purchasing expat health insurance to far in advance of your move. My policy with IMG Insurance has this to say on eligibility. This plan is available to individuals and families of all nationalities. U.S. citizens must plan to be residing outside U.S. on or before their effective date and renewal dates, for at least six (6) out of the next 12 months. Additional eligibility restrictions apply to non-U.S. citizens residing in the U.S. Persons from the ages of 14 days to 74 years old may apply for coverage, and coverage ends at age 75. Persons 75 years of age and older are not eligible for coverage. Please see a sample contract for further details. I did pony up the relatively small extra cost for worldwide coverage, including visits back to the US. The link below is to one of several topics about health insurance.
  5. ^^^ Good pics, but a big fcking waste of time, money and resources. And the people out there that let them spray Buddha knows what on them, idiots. Sanitising the city: does spraying the streets work against coronavirus? Based on our knowledge of the conditions required for disinfectants to work, we suspect these activities are as much about authorities being seen to do something as about actually stopping the spread of COVID-19.
  6. I like this guy's photos. Do you have a link to his website?
  7. Thanks for the snaps. Bon Café, in addition to still selling coffee makers, you can still buy ground or whole bean coffee.
  8. I've lost count the number of times they've dug up 3rd over the past year. This time I don't think the previously laid concrete had time to cure properly.
  9. Our man on the scene @misteregg bringing us breaking news via his livestream this morning. Post on Pattaya News FB about the stabbing and death of the lady. https://www.facebook.com/Thepattayanews/posts/861938577890486?__cft__[0]=AZWMNnZgDJhMKetzyGIO7udT63yykDIVgGYZoHfN_LthA1tbm9tSM0_IXx6z04N_adtiA0E6wMAD8nkBmkN4WkEpwej2ryOnT_P3XeEwlK6SgdK3apfJWgG_cgATeH_RUOJLBchnb-nd2gYMH38uCqdz&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
  10. Over the years I've encountered a few situations where customers were on their phones, loud enough it was disturbing me. Most cases a polite word with my lady resulted in a quick conversation in Thai to the other guy's masseuse. She in turn would tell the customer to shut the fck up, politely of course and that was the end of it. In two instances that I can recall my lady responded can not say anything, he's customer. In both cases I immediately ended the massage and on the way out explained to the owner what had transpired and that I was a customer they will never see again because of their liberal phone policy. Plenty of MP's to choose from, so no sweat to bail on those you're not happy with.
  11. Good spot. Had a look at the other photos on their FB page and that might be the only room upstairs that has a sheet with WiFi codes. In all the times I've been there I've never heard anyone on their phone, or watching YT. That's upstairs in the cubicles, might be a different story on the ground floor. But all it takes is one to ruin your massage session. Next time I'm in I'll pay more attention and if the sign is still up I'll mention to the lady she should pass on to the owner it's not a good idea, especially in oil massage area.
  12. The 2nd and 3rd floor of Tum Massage are cubicles for oil massage. Walls separating the cubicles are wood and go 3/4 of the way to the ceiling. Entrance is a curtain. As for opening a window, doubt your fellow customers would appreciate that. I for one wouldn't enjoy a massage with humid tropical air wafting over me. The massage lady for sure wouldn't as they can work up a sweat even with the A/C on. Think given your requirements for a low risk massage environment your best bet would be an in room massage. https://www.facebook.com/tummassage
  13. Reported on another forum was an explanation for the rise in Mabprachan water levels due to pumping water into the reservoir. I was curious to see if there was any evidence of that, so I used my mtn bike to ride the back trails into the pumping station. The destination of the pumping station was based on the assumption if they're going to pump water into the reservoir, that would be the logical place to do it. Looking at the pipes going into the pumping station didn't see anything new. No changes that I could see on the exterior of the pump house either. But they could have done work on the interior and they could be using the existing pipes to bring water into the pumping station. I could hear the pumps running, but no obvious current in the water around the pump house to tell if the water was coming or going. Could also be they're only pumping water into the reservoir when there's a surplus elsewhere.
  14. I use a wall mounted fan to stay cool and as a white noise generator to cover the outside noise. My windows also have this cool invention called screens to keep the mossies and geckos out. 🙂
  15. Suggest next time building your igloo with the door facing south. In another life I did a bit of winter camping. Used tents, snow trenches and caves. By far the snow cave was the warmest of the lot. Or course it did help to have a couple of bed warmers with me. Pic from another camping trip.
  16. The obvious solution would be to open the windows. Is there reason you don't like to have your windows open at night?
  17. Mabprachan Reservoir is looking in slightly better shape compared to this time last year. I guessing, but the reason for this might be Pattaya's water supply is now coming from the new water pipes that connect to water sources to the north. Looks like they're building a new park on Mabprachan. It pissed me off when I came around the bend and saw this. There was plenty of space for them to park on the other side of the trees. But noooo, they had to park in the shade on the bike path. Saw a Thai couple were sitting in the back of the pickup so they got an earful from me as I rode past.
  18. A New Years update of the shrinking Pattaya reservoirs. First up is Huai Chak Nok Reservoir. As you can see in the pic below the current water level is down by about 1m from the same time one year ago. Took a hard fall off my bike at this spot. It's a section of road I've ridden on many times in the past, and one that most of the year has a stream of water crossing the road. What I didn't account for was the algae build up. So when I crossed at about 20kph it was liking hitting a stretch of ice and down I went. Fortunately only a bit of road rash, a bruised hip and slight wrist sprain. More importantly, no damage to the bike.
  19. Don't know of any used motorbike shops here. Suggest checking the bike rental shops if they would be interested in selling you one of their rentals. Given the lack of customers now I would think they would be a motivated seller. They could also help you with the paperwork needed to register and insure the bike. A word of caution on the IDP. To stay legal, and also keep your insurance valid there are limits on the how long you can use the IDP in Thailand. The maximum period that you can drive a hire car or bike legally on an IDP is 60 days on a Tourist Visa, 90 days on a Non-Immigrant O visa. For rentals in excess of that a Thai Driver's Licence is required. source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g293915-c133830/Thailand:Driving.License.Requirements.html
  20. My guess is as soon as the last paver is set the footpath will be blocked by tables and chairs rather than bikes.
  21. Unusual activity on Soi 7. Instead of tearing a bar down, they're putting up a new roof. Putting the finishing touches on the new footpath in New Plaza. Also Natalie's Bar on the left was livestreaming this morning. Probably to capture the customer base on the other side of the planet.
  22. It sounds like you're risk adverse, so even having a room as you described, you're still engaging in a higher risk activity given the close proximity of the masseuse. There's also the matter of the massage table itself as a possible transmission vector. One would hope they wipe down the bed between uses, but unless you're there to witness, who knows what viruses still lurk on the surface.
  23. Your first characteristic "fresh air circulating from outside to where customers are" makes it sound like you're looking for a place with an open front and good ventilation. Off the top of my head I can't think of any places that would meet that criteria, especially in this tropical climate where A/C is a must for your comfort and the lady giving the massage. As for a good place to go for a good massage that is decently fitted out, I would recommend Tum massage on Soi 15 off of Buakhao. My go to lady, Katae, isn't the prettiest, but her massage skills are better than most every other lady I've tried around Pattaya.
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