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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. My 2nd AZ jab is scheduled for three months after the 1st.
  2. Pretty sad when you need a cop to direct traffic at a roundabout. Beach chair vendors had to resort to building sand ramps over the abandoned tree and footpath destruction project. Surprised the storm damage from the 8th hasn't been repaired yet at this spot. Nearby they're harvesting sand from the beach exposed by low tide.
  3. A flyover makes much more sense. So much so I wonder why a tunnel is even part of the proposal.
  4. Ongoing work at the Soi Xzyte Market. Wonder if the market they're going to after are the Chinese tour groups.
  5. The idea of continuing the underpass, or overpass, to Thepprasit is alive once again. Pattaya locals object to planned Sukhumvit-South roads tunnel Best quote from the article... "Residents claimed, without evidence, that the underground tunnel would flood. The same fears were raised initially about the Central Road tunnel but it has never flooded." Unlike the Klang intersection, where the underpass was built on a high point, the Pattaya Tai to Thepprasit north end entrance/exit is at a low point on Sukhumvit. They've worked unsuccessfully for years to resolve the flo
  6. I don't believe there is a cost effective solution to handling the amount of rain dumped by a tropical storm. Best they can hope for is to drain the flood waters as quickly as possible. That seems to have been accomplished in most of the areas where the flood waters used to linger for close to a day. Now the flood waters are gone within the space of a couple of hours.
  7. Looks like the Tue/Fri Buakhao Market move to the opposite side of the soi wasn't such a good idea after all. They traded the high ground... For this...
  8. A few boats looked like they had broke their moorings and washed ashore.
  9. Quite a bit more damage on the beach after last night's storm compared to a the storm damage from a week and a half ago. This time the damage was along the entire length of the beach. Somebody finally got smart and lined a channel to keep more of the beach from washing away. Something they should have done from the very beginning. All they need now to make this a workable solution is build a foot bridge across the channel.
  10. Very short notice, but just saw this posted on PN FB page.
  11. Mabprachan Reservoir is looking in better shape compared to anytime in the last couple of years. Ongoing work on the park extension.
  12. Reservoir update time. First up is Huai Chak Nok Reservoir. Anybody up for a game of golf. The greens sure look in rough shape. Last update they were digging out this area.
  13. The dogs were barking up a storm this morning at an early morning visitor on my neighbor's roof. First time in 10 years I've seen a monkey in the neighborhood.
  14. The sand is still there, along with a concrete barrier wall that should make for a good tripping hazard.
  15. Pleasant day on the beach. Good to see people enjoying themselves again.
  16. Road barricades, construction security fencing along the beach, and heavy equipment all gone.
  17. Just got back from my morning ride and was going to post the Tue/Fri market on Buakhao is now empty land. Good thing I had a look on another forum first as there was a post with pictures of it having moved to the other side of the road. I was so focused on the empty land, never thought to look across the road.
  18. Crazy the stuff Thai hear, believe and repeat to others as gospel truth.
  19. Don't even have the option of walking in the gutter with all the bikes and cars parked up. Only way to do it is share a lane with traffic. Amazes me the number of pedestrians that having to share a lane with traffic will walk on the side in the same direction as traffic. And don't get me started on the doofuses that walk hand and hand with their teelack with their back to traffic. They're just inviting a bad day.
  20. A shot of this evening's activity around Tree Town. There's a good amount of foot and vehicle traffic, but without the usual crowd sitting and drinking on the footpath along Buakhao. What I find irritating is once again the vendors have taken over 90% of the footpath causing most to walk in the street. IMHO that's going to become a bigger problem once the bars are allowed to open and the crowds return.
  21. Thailand has a central database system called Mor Prom for recording who got what vaccine and when. It's up to the vaccine provider to enter your details into the system. If they did you should have a 13 digit number, which I understand begins with a 6. There are apps for Android and Apple that should allow you to tap into the Mor Prom system and retrieve your vaccination details. Or course Thai programmers being Thai programmers, reviews very from the app doesn't work to it sucks. What's encouraging is they at least have thought to put together a central database. Hopefully in time
  22. Underground drain at the WS entrance was getting worked on this morning. The drainage work at the low point on Sukhumvit near Pattaya Tai looks to have been completed. What is surprising is the area still had flood waters during last Friday's storm that were high enough to force the closure of Sukhumvit.
  23. They've completed the driveway on the front side of Arbour Hotel and Residence, so was able to get a pic of the entrance to their automatic car parking system. Memo to myself, come back and see how well this driveway to the below grade area is working out next time Pattaya floods.
  24. I would be surprised if they didn't have the few bits that washed out fixed by late tomorrow morning. They've got nothing better to do ATM since the beach project has been suspended.
  25. Last batch of pics from Pattaya Tai to Buakhao and ending on 3rd Rd.
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