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About Me

I retired at 51 after 37 years with the telephone company and spent three years travelling in oz by motorhome with a ladyfriend. Got bored with that and visited a former workmate in BKK. I spent two months travelling around and came back the next year for another 2 months travel around Thailand.

On this trip I Discovered Pattaya which was a life changing experience for me. Addiction followed and have been here 12 years now. Managed to avoid the girlfriend traps and was happily single for all those years.

After years of mongering I met a lovely filipina in 2009, who was visiting family between overseas contracts. We met up again in 2011 and have been together ever since. Life has changed again, for the better I think.

Now I divide my time between Philippines and thailand with very short trips back to oz and with side trips to holiday in other places in SE asia.

My lady looks after me very well and this is how I intend to,see out,my retirement years, who could ask for more ?

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