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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. No Jacko, I don't have a UK motorbike licence and yes I do have a UK car licence. From original post : "Naively I thought my UK driving licence might be enough to get me the Motorbike one" I don't know why, but stupidly I thought the car licence would be adequate to get me the motorbike licence here in Thailand and speed up the process in the meantime. Now I know I was wrong.
  2. Wish mine was as straight forward. Got all the relevant documents, ended up using a clinic called Somnuek near soi 12, Pattaya Klang (100 baht) just show passport, pay money and in and out within 5 mins no examination of any kind. I arrived at LTD office at 9.40am, I just wanted the motorbike licence, as I never drive here. Naively I thought my UK driving licence might be enough to get me the Motorbike one, but boy was I wrong. The girl at the front desk said I could get a car licence and change it to a motorbike one later, which I found a bit weird but afterall TIT . To do this though, she
  3. Hi, a question about extending my Multiple entry tourist visa, which I got in UK before coming here. I got the Mutiple entry as I wasn't sure how long I wanted to stay. I first entered Thailand on the first entry of the 60 day tourist visa in December allowing me to stay until 18th February. I will return to UK on 22nd April. I really need to be in Pattaya between 15th - 19th February, so would I be right in saying I have the following choices...... 1) Do the border run before 15th Feb to give me 60 days and then do another border run about 15th April? 2) Extend my visa by 30 days
  4. Many thanks, I shall venture over there tomorrow
  5. I need to apply for my licence next week, can anybody advise where I have to get the medical cert. Will any clinic do or do I need an examination at hospital ? What would be the cost of this? Also can anyone help with the location and directions to LTD Office. Many Thanks
  6. Hi I am looking for a short term rental in either a studio or 1 bed condo. Pref. buildings would be Hyde Park 1 or Hyde Park 2 or The Urban or City Garden, Pattaya Heights, Regent etc. Available to move in immediately(18th Jan) until mid April. A quiet non smoker that will give you no problems. Swimming pool and internet essential. Budget up to 20000 baht Please do not contact me with condos in Jomtien or Naklua as not interested. PM me or Tel: 0899330521 if you have anything suitable Thanks
  7. Thank you Gents for both you replies. Bangkapi: Jomtien is a little to far out for me, but thanks anyway and good luck renting the condo out. Cheers Sinbinjack: Thanks, I have managed to get my arse out of my pit early doors, so will go and have a look there. Once again thanks gents.
  8. Anyone can give me any ideas of Serviced Appartment or Condo that I could rent for approx 3 or 4 months. I've been to see various agents and they all say minimum 6 months. Would prefer a 1 bed unit as opposed to a studio, perhaps about 50m2 and must have kitchen so therefore rules out a hotel. Will still consider a large studio though. I have checked out a couple while in Pattaya, the KTK (fully booked until Feb)and Maxx Central (bit too far out). Budget of up to 20000 baht p/m Any ideas will be appreciated Thanks
  9. ....it was probably one of them.

    If you are serious about knowing the truth about all of this, I would suggest you pay her an unannounced visit.

  10. No I just had a quick chat with my friend and didn't give him any details whatsoever. I just asked if she was working back there and how long thats all. The thing is if you start checking up on these girls they aint gonna like it if they find out, no more than you would. If my memory serves me correct you were asking BM's to go to the bar and take photos, so I would hazzard a guess and ...

  11. money to anyone but maybe her ex sponsor has done this and i would like to find the web site its on to confirm if this is true thankyou

  12. hello kleyshay

    i just got a call from sao and her and lek have been drinking all night in bar and lek say to her that her sponsor asked her friend to come bar and take photo and that her sponsor would pay him,

    so she is not happy about this was it lek you spoke with and could you tell me what was said as maybe lek has added or got the question she was asked wrong as i hav...

  13. Yeah as expected then Beefos, at least you were prepared. Paypal refunded so no real harm done, just an incoveniance we could all do without. Dunno if you checked out the Flipper on soi 8, as they were still doing that "free nights" offer when I left. No idea the room rates though. Have a good one anyway.
  14. Thank you for such an informative reply. I will swerve the Kingfisher one then I think. Although like the Kingfisher flight, the other flights I have looked at, although advertised as available, come back unavailable when I go through the booking process. I also went into a couple of travel agents here in Pattaya, but both said no availability on any flights next week. So I decided to go up to Bangkok today to Eva's office and also to their desk in the airport. They have me on a stand-by waiting list (with over a hundred before me !) so not looking good. Although they have informed they ar
  15. I have to get back to UK asap and after the recent situation with stranded passengers, I am struggling to get a seat. My airline (Eva) has me on a waiting list but they say they can't see me getting home before my original return flight in 3 weeks time. Unless anyone has any other recommendations, I guess I'm going to have buy a one way flight home for this coming week. Although some airlines were wanting almost £3000, the 2 cheapest I found were Kingfisher and Jet, both going via Bombay. Kingfisher at £340 has a 1 hour transfer and Jet at £440 a 2 hour. Kingfisher is £100 cheaper but I
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