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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I use Dancewatchers although only 2 to 3 weeks at a time not long term. Always easy to deal withand helpful if you have any problems. Try emailing and asking what they have for your times, I usually get a few suggestions when I do this.
  2. Which station does the bus from Bangkok to Jomtien bus station come from? That would have been easier to get to the RG at the Pattaya end.
  3. Not used Travel Trolley but booked via travelbag one time and after a week and me chasing was told there was no availability... This was despite me "buying" online using my card in the same way I have successfully many times with other companies. I will not use Travelbag again! Hopefully the two companies are not related!
  4. Plenty of 2XL in the markets although mainly short sleeves. In Pattaya Mike Shopping Mall have long sleeved shirts in 2XL. As already stated there are millions (so it seems) of tailors that will make to measure in a couple of days.
  5. There is a bar called Soho just past mr. macs. The Formula one place mentioned I this is called Altos although I prefer Nitra. The Foodmart is the place mentioned at the bus station opposite Pan Pan. I've always enjoyed the RG and for the price you get a separate bedroom rather than a standard hotel room.
  6. Most i paid was £585 on Thai and the least £295 on Turkish airlines a couple of years ago - I reckon it was a mistake but they honoured it!!
  7. You can change your seat when you check in online, although by then the choice is fairly limited as you can only do this a maximum of 24 hours before take off.
  8. Is there a bus from BKK airport to hua hin? Friend of mine is flying over next week and wants to go direct to Hua Hin. Thanks
  9. Ace Cafe in Jomtien normally show the moto gp
  10. I'm so used to the government adding VAT on most purchases to further deplete my already taxed income that I assumed the taxes and charges quoted included VAT. Thanks for putting me right. Glad to hear positive experiences of EVA I normally fly Thai but their prices are too high at the moment. My experiences of Thai is great service, good food, nil entertainment but i normally fly overnight so no entertainment is ok for me.
  11. I booked EVA for Apr to May for 539. This was about a month ago and I thought the price would go up with VAT increases in the new year. Also with all the bank holidays in apr & may I expected high demand hence prices! Never flow EVA before so hope they are ok!
  12. As you are already with Halifax apply for a Clarity card. I got one just before my last trip (October) and there are no charges for using abroad. I used it for purchases as well as getting cash from the bank (not the ATM as the 150THB is charged by the local banks).
  13. Last couple of visits I found TT on 2nd and beach road gave the best rate for the GBP £, I've never checked them for other currencies though.
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