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  1. Salary... Job role... In Pattaya... Contact numbers... Web site...
  2. Hi. Have sent you a pm or call: 0824755665
  3. Ideal A-Go-Go Design and Restaurant mock-up
  4. Hi. Sorry for the delay. Yes. Have been spending too much time propping up my bar!
  5. I had a great night in HCM, there are loads of bars, a few lady bars behind closed doors, sort of a Ban Chang arrangement and loads of music bars where there are Free Lancers. Bit pricey as far as I can remember, up to $100 for average looking lady.
  6. Have been out of the business for sometime and have decided to start up Web 2.0 as something to keep me out of the bar! Discounted offers for board members and fellow Bar/Go Go owners.
  7. I like most bar owners appreciate critics of the constructive type... those who voice their opinion without any real answers do so for what? Effect? and waiting for the reaction... I have used Pleng before and whilst as a person she may not be my first choice she most certainly offers entertainment and can sing... there again that is just my opinion. Paul...
  8. I think you will find you can renew up to 6 months after expiry. Medical cert Residency letter from imigration And a basic form avaliable from the driving license centre Think thats it Paul
  9. I have a normal debit card from K Bank but with my name and details. The card you get over the counter only has member as your name. I then asked them to enable for online use or you can activate it yourself via an ATM. I thrn use it in the usual way no hassles, remember to have my thai address saved so i can copy it into the form when needed. Never had any issues with this method and can be used on foreign sites as well for airline tickets over the net for example...
  10. Understand but why credit card? Ask k bank for example for a visa debit for your o line shopping or whatever and they will order one with your name on etc. Takes approx 3 weeks and have them set it up for online use. Foot note Even after you have answered all the questions they will give you a C Card however it will o ly be equal to your savings held in their bank max... not worth the hassle i my opi io ...
  11. August 5th 8pm onwards until the early hours, another year gone... Time for another Party at Relax Corner Bar. Everybody welcome for food drinks and a good time....
  12. Good rooms. Have stayed in the old wing and new. Wi fi good fast enough for youtube and staff friendly. Good monthly discounts around 17000 if i remember.
  13. Barry and his wife still own the building and business but rumour has it they may be in the process of offering it for lease... Barry spends most of his time in Mega Break...
  14. Rooms are good... 1 room has a dodgy bed (old) entrance via the front door at night as they have a guy or gal keep an eye out for the door... bit pricey for a bar 750night i think and food is ok
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