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  1. Having recently returned with KLM to Amsterdam, I've been watching this departure; cancelled yesterday but departed today 8 minutes late but with an estimated flying time 2 hours longer than usual, so quite some diversion!
  2. The BA fare from AMS is unbelievably cheap especially as Schipol is only a 40 min hop from my local airport; I did a check for random dates in November and got a price of £1280. However the flight to Schipol would cost me an additional £120 and as the teaser KLM prices for NWI to BKK are currently from £1719 it's a question whether the saving of around £300 would compensate for the additional travelling time and the hassle of having to deal with luggage at Schipol? I've been offered an upgrade a few times when checking in online and KLM's refurbished business class seats in the 777 used on the AMS-BKK leg are excellent as is the lounge at Schipol.
  3. No, I'm far enough away from Norrich to not hear the cheering (or groaning) from the Barclay end.
  4. Annoyingly enough I can't now find a link or confirmation but I've recently read that there is a proposal to introduce a direct train service from Norwich to Stansted (rather than the current service which involves at least two changes) Whether this influenced Emirates or vice versa I've no idea but it will make Stansted more appealing as a departure airport for those of us living up in Norfolk (the other option is using Norwich airport via Schipol but this is fairly expensive)
  5. Mention of toilet cubicles has reminded me of a flight years ago where the rear of the plane under the tail was fitted with a semi-circle of toilet cubicles, about five of them I recollect. The advantage was that they could all be easily accessed from either aisle, you could enter and leave with some degree of privacy (the mention of the mile-high club prompted this recollection!) and there were never any queues as there was always one free. I can't remember what airline or plane but it was a much better arrangement than nowadays, but then perhaps everything was.....
  6. Oddly enough the ratio in business has remained the same (and indeed fractionally better) so perhaps the airline are sending out a message
  7. While checking on pricing for AMS to BKK in January, I noticed that KLM's 777 300 V2 (which is presumably a reconfiguration from the V1 version) has 5 toilets in economy rather than the 9 as previously, the freed space being of course used for extra seating. I have flown this route for some years and it was commendable that there was rarely a queue for the toilets but I guess that happy state of affairs will now be no more. Anyhow, this has made me wonder if there is a statuary ratio of toilets to passengers laid down by the CAA or if it is down to individual airlines business acumen/greed?
  8. In March, on arrival from BKK on the KLM flight, all passengers were required to go through security immediately on disembarkation. This was the first time this has happened, however the security area was brand new so I imagine that this is a new procedure which will continue. As mentioned by other posters, hold luggage was still checked through, however if you're at the back of the queue and have a short transit time (due to flight delays) this additional check might cause a problem. On the other hand there was no check at my connecting flight gate as previously so I guess it all balances out.
  9. It is quite educational to read airline professional's opinions on ME airline's operating practices (PPRuNe Forums)
  10. Other years I've had the check at the departure gate,however this year when I flew out on the 28th Feb I wasn't checked at all, hence my surprise at the check on arrival, as I've never come across this before. Does Heathrow also do security on arrival now? (not flown from there for some years)
  11. On the way out my bag was only scanned at my departure airport (Norwich) and wasn't scanned again at Schipol, hence my surprise this time. i wonder if this is part of the general European response to the migrant/terrorist flow?
  12. Thinking about a bit more, I did notice this (upstairs) security facility while wandering around the airport a couple of weeks ago when I had time to spare. It was deserted then, no staff or public in evidence, so perhaps it has just been been commissioned, It is state of the art with baskets magically appearing from under the counter to be loaded up & a twin track conveyor belt exiting the x-ray machines for searchable/non searchable bags. There is one full body scanner (possibly for the specific folks I mentioned above) and normal scanners for normal folk. I had to go through the full body one, lol.
  13. Yesterday evening when disembarking KL 0876 from BKK, I was surprised to have to go through a security check & scanner immediately on getting off the plane and from overheard comments it appears that this was also a surprise to the other passengers. Whether this is a new procedure or a one-off for this particular flight I've no idea but it would be as well to be aware of the possibility. For example I'm well aware of the rules but was caught out by having tucked one of the free bottles of water off the plane into my bag, expecting the check to be done just before departing on my connecting flight. There are implications for anyone with a short connection (or for those with beards and middle eastern appearance who have arrived from less secure airports!)
  14. Lol regarding the above comments (perhaps that why I got a discount...) but note my terminology
  15. I've only just seen this thread so my favourable comments in my current TR weren't prompted by you being a member of PT! However I will make a point requesting the strawberry vodka unless you spot me first! (I was the OAP sitting opposite you on Thursday night with the two most beautiful girls in the bar, so should be an easy identification lol)
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