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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Okay, maybe the new template just drew my attention to it more. Rhoel
  2. Personally, I miss the easy access to Member since in the profiles and seeing who is online. Not too keen on the moniker Participant. either... it could be a lot more imaginative. I'll have to play with the avatar thing as I have no idea where mine went. Rhoel.
  3. Check your settings - you may have blocked images or other content from Pattayatalk. It would explain a lot. Rhoel
  4. It's illegal due to the lack of consent, aka rape of the person: The person may be unconscious or dead, in law it makes no difference; they are unable to provide consent.
  5. Stop it, made me choke on me tea and Hobnobs.
  6. just 4 passport photos and $25 to get a business visa. The one year visa costs $285 and another 4 photos. This can currently be renewed an infinitum. So no other paperwork involved, bank funds proof or criminal checks (though a criminal record seems compulsory for some residents here). And you can work here too without a work permit or the kind of paperwork Thailand requires. The Tourist visa cannot be upgraded to business: It requires a leave the country and return for the $25 business one: No penalty for a previous visitor stamp. Apartment rentals here are seriously cheap,
  7. I believe this concerned reader is right to be concerned ... I have discovered that licking Camel Toes is indeed habit forming, worse than any drug and, if done in public, might lead to arrest, detention and hefty fines.
  8. The crisis is now ... a boost to the economy months down the line is like saying to passengers of a plane out of fuel the landing conditions at the original destination are perfect. The question is if the the US economy can stave off a full depression. Rhoel
  9. Can I clarify this one - does this mean the place where you live and work, or the country of origin? My permanent base I live and work is Cambodia: My Country of Origin is UK. I haven't been outside SEA for four years and have no plans to venture any closer to home than the Middle East. Do they classify Cambodia as my permanent residence or do they really expect me to fly half way around the globe to get one piece of paper? I need to know this as I am looking at renewing my Non-B to be able to come to BKK on business (I'm possibly bringing a project into Thailand for completion, we
  10. I have a photocopy of my last work permit - this negates the required letter ... you just need to show you worked legally here. The letter requirement is to check you have not been working illegally in Thailand. Now if you have been living here on savings and not working, just how you prove that is anyones guess, for the DOE will interpret that as illegal working. Why can't they just fix the problem - it's not illegal working, it's the impossible application process, beuracy gone mad. Why change the visa system and cause an 10% reduction of tourists as the means of "fixing" the non-issuin
  11. This is one of those words you really don't want to know the long answer too: Wikipedia malfeasance is the doing of an act which an officer had no legal right to do at all and that when an officer, through ignorance, inattention, or malice, does that which he has no legal right to do at all, or acts without any authority whatsoever, or exceeds, ignores, or abuses his powers, he is guilty of malfeasance. Basically, and for the convenience of sex-tourists, the West Virginia Supreme Court have conveniently summarized the definitions as: Malfeasance has been defined by appellate c
  12. Does Don now gets a warning for suggesting the Admin is on the take ... will he have to pay a penance next time he's in FLB ;-)
  13. Yes. direct access from JI net is blocked - I tried the Cloak route and it works a treat - useful for some porn sites the authorities have taken a dislike too. Rhoel
  14. Works fine now. Thanks MM BTW, might be in FLB sometime in the next week or so - I'll try met up and say hi. Rhoel Edit ----- I'm using Firefox 2, just in case this is some Mozilla specific bug Edited by MM to remove real name in open section!
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