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  1. Most those girls have had so much plastic surgery they don't look Thai anymore.
  2. Results for the Rideher cup? I assume the americans won since the results weren't posted that night.
  3. There is no contract after you broke the contract. I wouldn't let you back in either after you tried to screw me the first time. Best thing to do is have the boys in brown collect the funds due and hopefully that will teach the culprit from trying to scam a landlord again.
  4. Flood update - Panic spreads as news have come that both phuket and kho samui are now completely surrounded by water. No news from kho phi phi and kho chang but it seems the situation there is similar. More updates later
  5. I lift up my belly and put a small wallet that has a clip on my belt and lay my belly belly back over it.
  6. After they faked an HiV test I had my lady take I will never use them again
  7. Not sure how to embed youtube videos but here is my video from couple years ago with 17,000 views to date. And before you ask I don't have a point either. Just sharing an old video. *edit* thank you for the embeding help
  8. Thanks for the reply kaiser but that wasn't the question. If you swing and miss is the ball in play? Can you reach down and adjust the tee position before your next swing or is it just a penalty stroke for the intended swing but not in play yet? fyi I was not the whiffer for this and there was no controversy as he just hung his head in shame and roped the next one down the middle but he was wondering if he was allowed to adjust the tee height before his second attempt. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- After reading the quiz you linked I see the ball is indeed inplay. How would order of play work for this then since you took your turn? Leave the ball there on the tee until the other competitors tee off then take your second shot? Thanks for the link
  9. If the intent was to hit the ball and it was a miss I know it counts as a stroke but does that mean the ball is now in play? Could you then reach down and adjust the position of the ball or height of the tee before your next swing?
  10. Would you know what rule applies? I always thought it was kept on the tee but I can't seem to find the applicable ruling with USGA or R&A.
  11. If you swing and miss a tee'd ball do you get to use the tee for the second shot?
  12. Treat a non bargirl like a bargirl and you could get burned Would you reach into a pocket of a caddie at home?
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