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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Yes, places like Beergarden or Le Pub would be great.
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    Sorry, i didn't realize it was a private conversation we were 'interjecting' ourselves. I'll stay out of it then....
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    Yes, one-on-one tennis matches and thread fucks seem to be common... Ageing is inevitable, so we got older reading this... "Why so serious?" Agree to disagree
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    Since my early school years, i began thinking of careers and retirement. Each day i'd enjoy, but each night i'd make plans. Yes, i saw some friends die while we were in school, some early in their careers, some in the peak of their professions and some as they neared retirement; but i also saw many senior citizens (including my parents) who seemed to have insufficient funds to enjoy their aged years. I partially agree with 'You Only Live Once,' so i have enjoyed a very active life of experiences, things and travel; but also partially agree one needs to save for the future. Fortunately, my ex- had the same philosophy though she was more biased towards the future even now when we ARE both senior citizens . At some point, we determine when the pendulum swings towards enjoying and spending with less regards to the future. In Pattaya, i see many expats who are enjoying a fantasy life at a relatively bargain rate compared to what we could afford in the West. However, i also find it interesting that some guys who never married, no kids have only minimal retirement funds. As with many things in life, it's not all black and white, but "shades of gray." Caveat Lector.... Yes, since aging is inevitable and savings 'tend' to grow. On aging... time doesn't necessarily have to deteriorate one's health. i am healthier now than i was 20 years ago, e.g. Benjamin Buttons . Twenty years ago in my mid-40's my health was horrible - obese, multiple mini-strokes, high blood pressure, stressed to the max with family (teenagers :) and work (mid-career), etc... My ex- and i continued to save towards the future even when i began to doubt if i had a future. At the peak of my final career and my kids completing their undergraduate education, we divorced and i retired early to take care of myself. My health has improved tremendously although some joints seem worn. i know i'll slow down, but without prescription drugs, only a bin of vitamin supplements . We can't stop the aging process, but we can enjoy the resources and wisdom accumulated over the years. P.S. I asked a few of my retired expat friends, if they would exchange being 25 again, retaining the knowledge they have now, but giving up all of their financial resources; would they exchange? Most said, YES!? i, however would not as i don't want to go back to night school, working two jobs, raising kids, saving, etc..and not sure i would have done things any differently as I completed my "Bucket List" and more..., i.e. no regrets! How would you answer this question? 25 AGAIN? Just for fun, here's a trailer from the movie, "17 Again."
  5. Jacko, Sorry to hear about your significant loss. A faster surge protector or quality UPS may have helped, or sometimes a disconnection; otherwise sometimes, "Shit Happens!" That was a BIG lightening storm and sounded very close to us and we're near Big C Extra.. Thanks for the report. Now, I'll look into quality surge protectors and UPSes for my electronic stuff. .
  6. Thank you for this article. I found it interesting and got quotes from the top 2 companies recommended. Since my needs are a little different the quote indicates I need to call and talk with them as my travel dates are 364 days or 90-100 days 3 times a year. Allianz, the 3rd Company was the only one with an Annual plan which is what I have been using. It's also referred by California AAA Auto club which is my Auto and home insurance. I pay for USA health insurance coverage for my wife and I for our regular and sometimes extended visits to the USA as a hospital visit in the USA could really break the bank. What concerns me is coverage overseas in Thailand and other countries we visit and emergency medical transport, so the Travel insurance covers those concerns. Hmm, but in regards to the OP, it won't help if I jump or am pushed from a high floor balcony :)
  7. Yes, for your next visit, please have "Travel Insurance" unless you have a significant balance attached to your ATM card. Some expats (a few in my condo building) have left Thailand due to "Health Care" costs. For visitors, Travel Insurance will at least take care of you for most medical issues until you get home. Health Care insurance is somewhat expensive here, especially for us senior citizens, but Travel Insurance is a relative bargain assuming you have some kind of coverage in your home country. P.S. My wife thinks it's better to get hospital care from the top private hospitals, but once the 'procedure' is done, to transfer to a government hospital where the nightly rates are much cheaper. I haven't tested this yet, but hopefully i never have the opportunity.
  8. Yes, a few years ago, it was 'affordable' within many westerner's credit card limits or savings (median US savings account balance of $5,200 in 2013), but in the last 5 years we have seen significant increases in hospital costs. Outpatient still seems to be a good deal, but Inpatient prices are approaching Western countries insurance reimbursement rates. As Thailand became promoted for medical tourism, they took advantage. I know one expat who had to sell one of his two Thai condos to pay his hospital bills after a 2nd motorcycle accident. It's more important than ever to be prepared with health and/or travel insurance or if you self-insure to really put that big money aside...unless you just want to call it quits anyway. Some of each for sure. Years ago, I installed a higher railing in my condo because the original owner who had never lived in the unit raised the balcony floor tile work making the original railing low enough for a midget to lean over. Luckily, my condo association is less strict than others (or they just haven't noticed) that probably wouldn't permit any noticeable visual exterior modifications. I told my Thai wife she'd need a couple of strong guys to push my 90 kgs over the higher railing :). Yes, i also know of at least one guy who had a terminal illness and in lieu of deteriorating in a hospital purposely took a dive. Not a balcony per se, but in the last few years there have been reports of guys jumping over the higher floor railings at BKK airport after being dropped off for their flights home. In regards to other ways to die here, yes, being a walker requires you to be careful of the pavement while also watching for speeding baht buses and motorbikes (aka "Death Race 2000"). Is it just me or do baht buses and motorbikes seem to actually speed up when they see us cross Beach, 2nd or 3rd Roads? The Indians walking 3-4 abreast now make it a little safer for other pedestrians as they slow traffic, but yeah, when i'm riding my bicycle, motorbike or driving my car WTF are they doing? Yes, i would assume statistically our local Pattaya population would not be 'normal' in many surveys. Well, be extra careful approaching your high balcony, avoid touching live electrical wires, crossing streets while intoxicated and generally being worth more dead than alive :) or deciding to living happily in the ever after... Hmm, another reference to Pattaya's "Happy Endings."
  9. After a hiatus, last night i decided to skip Windmill or Bacarra as my first gogo stop and dropped in at "Sugarbaby," where some of the servers still remember me :). Although there were other customers, i was happy to have my 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th choices all join me for a drink :). It was good to meet you 'Patna.' You're a very cordial fellow and when i left you were again caught in the cashier's booth :). Take care and i'll be dropping by regularly.
  10. Yes, I had that condition for a few years and eventually kicked the addiction after some painful days and nights of headaches. A month later I started drinking coffee again, but have kept to small dosages so now when I miss a day or two, no problems.
  11. Yes, in moderation I think a little caffeine and the trace elements in coffee is healthy. Yes, agree it is the quantity of caffeine consumed (instant has less caffeine as do some cheaper coffees) and now that I consume less it's also more a habit than an addiction. Be aware and careful with all we do. Let's be around for awhile!!
  12. I also remember trying the Lek buffet breakfast about 10 years ago and Evil's report brought back the memory.... Earlier this year, i was In Beijing at a 4 star hotel (at least the rooms), where the food displayed in their buffet looked perfect. The deserts must have been made with a 3-D color printer using paper and cardboard, the fruits freshly painted in bright colors, the meats made of textured cotton or something. Anyway, the appearance of the foods were exceptionally deceiving. As many things in life, it's not always as they look. Enjoy.
  13. The original is off Soi Lengkee with large rooms. I've not used the newer one off Soi Buakow, but heard it's better.
  14. Happy 75th!! When in Hawaii, in the mornings after my gym workout, i love getting Spam Musubi wrapped in Nori (seaweed) from the nearby 7-11. Of course, the best ones are sold in the specialty shops where there is a line out the door. Not the healthiest, but moderation in all tasty things (donuts, frappes, steaks, fried fish, etc..). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spam_musubi#/media/File:Homemade_Spam_Musubi.jpg P.S. To make them a little healthier, I now prefer those made with brown rice .
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