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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. We've been doing this for 8 years and not lost a baht yet. Everybodys entitled to their own opinion but I feel they are mostly uneducated guesses at the current property market in Pattaya.
  2. Its just the way it is with land nearer the beach, Its a lot more expensive. Especially in Pattaya where theres hardly any beachfront property left. I could also show you houses that are bigger and better and cheaper becuase they are further inland. How about you try and find one like this and much cheaper? FYI the house is looking like its sold anyway, It is currently under negotiation :)
  3. Just a quick update Here's a pic of the site last year, the plot is on the left behind the big house (its the same width plot) near the sea Also an updated site plan, It's plot 5. And a view of the islands and sunset opposite the site, can't remember the name of them. All 2 mins from Pattaya centre but nicely out of the way when you need a rest.
  4. If your dialing the uk from a Thai sim put a 9 inbetween the 00 and 44. It makes it a lot cheaper but i dont know why?
  5. Yes ok, erm whatever........ Have a nice day, I'm sure it will get better
  6. I emailed Pattayapete and he said it would be ok to post it in the expat section. That ok with u?!
  7. Very interesting, thanks Gabor
  8. Mine are too high for you but you will easily find property in the area for that price. Try this website for some ideas http://www.fairproperties.com/ BTW, website has nothing to do with me so its not a plug!
  9. Wouldnt it be easier to open a thai bank account and transfer the money into that each month?
  10. Theres a Boots in Royal Garden shopiping ctr on the beach rd that will sell you inhalers, just bring in your old one. Also there's chemists bloody everywhere that will prob do the same
  11. In the last 5 years my father has made over a 30% return in buying property in and around Pattaya. Its not just somewhere to live its an investment. Cant complain about that. Thats 30% on 480k sterling by the way. not bad at all.
  12. Its in Jomtien for starters, most of them are sold allready
  13. Its my fathers land, he specced the house etc. I just said i'd do him a favour and put it on here and the other board to see if I could get any interest. Yeah we could do a deal if you find a buyer
  14. Pattaya pete said it would be ok to use this forum, I checked with him first as i didnt want to piss anybody off. Thanks for the comments about my dads place, it is lovely and hopefully one day i'll have something similar. By the way 90% of the plots are now sold on this development, so the prices cant be that crazy. Cheers guys, Dean
  15. Plot pictures and floor plans Building 3 Condo 610 Building 4 Condo 501 Condo 502
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