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  1. Welcome 2 the forum - you will find us a friendly bunch here - no flaming allowed Most of the interesting stuff is contained in the protected forum, so it's worth applying for full membership.
  2. Well if the rooms have new carpets + decor, then I might be tempted 2 give it another go in low season. The rooms are very large for 700/850 baht - although the price may well rise next year. I love the location - baht buses, Big C and the quiet area of Beach Rd. Although no balcony, I forgot 2 mention the excellent patio/terrace area outside the hotel, has tables and chairs - you feel like Lord of the Manor, looking down at the passing traffic - they also have a full size snooker table near reception.
  3. Below are just a few examples - most have been reviewed in this section - if you see something you like, do a search, using the search function at the bottom of the hotel section page. All the below in different areas - it's very difficult 2 advise, as we all have varying needs + different things get on our nerves + some newbies want a quiet life - others don't mind hustle and bustle. soi bukhow/soi diana/lk metro are very different from soi 2/3 - as is soi 7/8 - soi 13 - Walking St..........all with good and bad points. http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/index.ph...mp;hl=rockhouse http://tropicalberts.com/index.htm http://www.jasminemansion.com/site/ http://www.metro-apartments-pattaya.com/ http://www.jasminehotel-pattaya.com/booking/rezeasy.html http://www.arecalodge.com/ http://robinsnestpattaya.googlepages.com/r...elandrestaurant http://www.whitehousecondotel.com/ http://www.lkpattayahotel.com/mansion/index.html http://www.bluemoonpattaya.com/index.html http://pattayabayresort.com/default.aspx http://www.theresidencegarden.com/index.html
  4. Now I remember another big problem with this hotel The water rarely gets hot enough and often is downright cold + the toilet flush is shite, on my first day (late afternoon, it got blocked with only a little loo paper and I had 2 ask the cleaner 2 unblock it - nearly caused a flood - after this I just used the hose. These problems may or may not have been fixed In order for us 2 assist you further, we need 2 know your preference. Do you want 2 be right in the heart of the action OR somewhere more peaceful, sedate, but still with easy access?? If it's the latter, then I'd definately go for the Sabai Resort, not 2 be confused with the Sabai Lodge (opposite Sabia Inn) which is older than Sabai Resort and not as good - but as you can see it's quite expensive. http://www.sabailodge.com/roomrates.htm Photo's of my Paradise Pool - Deluxe Ruen Thai, Sabai Resort http://www.flickr.com/photos/67802745@N00/ It's in an excellent location - the security is FIRST CLASS - one night this really saved my bacon grin - the complex is huge, extending backwards a long way. Indeed, the area at the back, will not be open until the New Year. I viewed all the room types available and all offer excellent accomodation. The rooms are kept spotlessly clean - one night they even spayed the whole complex with mosquito repellant and huge clouds of white powder, hung in the air, making me choke - the cleaners and staff are very friendly and the guards will often escort you to your door at night. Fantastic reception area. During low season all prices are up for bartering - I stayed at the Paradise Pool - Deluxe Ruen Thai, advertised rate 2850 a night, but I got it for 2000. A guy I made friends with for a week, managed 1850, but that was rock bottom and the reception lady had to seek authorisation from the manager. I do not begrudge paying 2000 baht, as all the staff must be paid for and I regulary observed the paved areas getting swept, during windy days etc: If you can stretch to 2000 baht a night - why not e.mail the manager at Sabai Resort and ask for a Paradise Pool - Deluxe Ruen Thai?? Everything else in the area cannot compare at that price - unfortunately, because it's high season they may want 3000 baht - maybe pay 2500 baht, meet halfway?
  5. Sabai Inn has an Elevator. So many good hotels with balcony - but we need 2 know your max hotel price, before suggesting rooms/hotels. Honestly - if your not bothered about a balcony (and mean it) then as a newbie, I'd stay at the Sabai Inn, but e.mail the manager and INSIST on a room with outside window. Hotel is only 2 mins from Big C - a good way 2 start the day is be out of the hotel at 11am, then walk down 2 Beach Rd - 10 mins, you will be passing soi 6 - 25 mins will see you at soi 7/8 - this is a lovely walk and wil help you gain your bearings. If you spend more money - then I'd recommend the Sabai Resort (same chain) across Second Rd, next 2 Big C - but more expensive. I have some photos of my room, but can't upload them in this thread, as the hotel section does not seem 2 accept attachments. If you supply me with any yahoo e.mail address, then I can send you a few photo's of the room - so you have a better idea. How much are you paying?? I paid 850 baht (superior) but that was low season.
  6. Stayed for three weeks 2006. 1. Get a room with an outside window - half the rooms face inwards, with the window facing the corridor - these rooms are very dark, making you depressed. 2. No problem with location - step outside, loads of baht busses streaming down soi 2, turning left into Beach Rd, up towards Walking St - same coming back on Second Rd - buzz baht bus 2 stop when approaching Big C. 3. Decor now tired but rooms clean and VERY big for money - try getting room on top floor. I would NOT stay here again - but only because the rooms have no balcony - for me, even a small balcony makes a huge difference when you don't feel like going out just yet, relax with a couple of beers on the balcony.
  7. Hope you get a good turn out Alex - Happy Birthday
  8. Coyboy That's a tough break - I'm sorry. Hope you manage another trip 2 Patts - somehow? Just a thought - if your going 2 start treatment very soon, why not have one more week in Patts - 7 days, 7 nights It would make one amazing trip report, you could write in between your treatments. I know time is critical - but if I were in your position, I'd be thinking just one more time
  9. Food poisoning/disgestive help. http://www.questvitamins.co.uk/xcart/produ...at=9&page=1 Buy it - you will be amazed - must be this brand though- not the cheaper crap. Take one a day while in your home country and 4 a day in LOS. Don't ignore this post. Have fun
  10. What a silly statement - have you been on the Sherry? The title of the thread states: go on then , make me an offer It does not say: go on then Sybarite , make me an offer Newsflash - the world does not revolve around Sybarite - there are others Sort it out
  11. Rambo Is that blond haired dude really you? Your a very handsome man - you must get loads of attention in JSB?
  12. I loved this part of the menu - has anybody ever ordered one? It would feed a Go Go bar, girls and customers. http://www.bobs-bbq.com/Bob's%20new%20...0oct%202007.pdf 317. Big Bob’s Belt Buster 15500.- (35.6 Kg/78.5 lb) Officially certified by Guinness World Records as the Worlds Largest Commercially Available Hamburger July 2006 This burger requires advance notice of at least 12 hours for cooking and preparation time. 15500 baht for a 78.5lb burger - Also - like the Wagon Wheel challenge on the burger menu - finsh in 45 mins and get the meal half price It's gotta be done. Looks like the Pig and Whistle may be getting the chop
  13. That's some fantastic party you've got lined up. If I were there, even a grumpy git like me would attend and run up a massive check bin Hope the guys respect your hospitality and buy loads of LD's. I'd probably end up ordering 20 B52's and pay for 10 What happens 2 the guys who get so drunk they can't even walk out unaided? That would be my concern for myself
  14. Supermarket staff refused to sell alcohol to a white-haired 72-year-old man - because he would not confirm he was over 21 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/merseyside/7003325.stm
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