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  1. Thanks for your help Pete & Gammonplayer. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi Folks, I'm coming to Pattaya in January for a month. The first week I want to (must) rest-up and get some early nights. I've been offered a great deal for a Jomtien hotel (jomtien grand palace) but I read somewhere else on the forum that bhat busses didn't run to Jomtien late in the evening. (sorry, I can't find that post anymore thats why I am making a new one) My question is, a) as I don't want late nights that week anyway, can I assume that I will still get baht busses back to Jomtien around 10-11pm? anyone have a rough idea of the price of a taxi from Pattaya to Jomtien.
  3. I'm flying to BKK in January out of Amsterdam. KLM was by far NOT the best deal for me. KLM came in at €800 return, and the cheapest deal I could find was China Airlines for €650 (two nights in BKK hotel thrown in for free). €650 = 405 British Pounds. Add onto that a cheap "easy-jet" return flight Amsterdam-Glasgow (approx 33 uk pounds return). Wouldn't that be cheaper than what KLM are asking for Gla->BKK ??? oh btw, hello to everyone on the forum. ;D.. been reading here for a few days but this is my first post. Great forum, very informative!
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