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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Still happening, I am on Safari, I tried blocking that site but it still keeps happening
  2. DaveB


    I flew with Etihad last week, Business class, was exceptional, the service was great, chauffeur from my home to Heathrow and return and flight superb, flat beds etc. Cannot fault them, will definitely fly with them again, only just over 1 hour transit at Abu Dhabi and 2 hours return but it was nice to get off, have a shower and walk about for a bit.
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me if Lipitor (Atorvastatin) 80mg and Bisoprolol 1.25gm is readily available in Pattaya? I am now retired and wondered if this medication was available over the counter or would I need to go to the hospital to be prescribed them.
  4. I am on the Classic Pension, with reserve rights to retire at 55, with full 40/80 pension. I can do an extra 2 and a half years which will be "doubled up" to 5 years pension which again is my terms and conditions with reserved rights. After 20 years service my pension "doubled up" so for every year i do after that i get double pension, up to a max of 40/80 at 55, but doing the extra 2 and a half years it will give the maximum pension of 45/80. I joined my present job in 1985, but was a civil servant prior to that for 8 years. You are correct in saying that i will get a lump sum, but its 3 x my pension not annual salary, but can also enhance the lump sum with the new scheme that became available in Oct 07, but this will reduce my pension. It is the only reason I stay in the job, as I have now only 7 and half years to go, or 10 if I do the extra 2 and a half years. Looking forward to my retirement with a strong possibility that it will be in Thailand.
  5. Might be worth you reading the original question again, David does NOT want to stay at the Nova Lodge.
  6. I stayed there a few years ago, they were girl friendly and the apartments were nice. It cost then 10,000 bht for the month plus electricity, watch the electricity as the aircon uses a hell of a lot, if i remember right it cost me just over 2,000bht for the electricity alone for the month. They had no swimming pool either.
  7. This is also a good one, it has free calls now to Thailand fixed and only 4.5p per minute to mobiles Voipcheap
  8. What does DNA stand for? National Dyslexic Association
  9. I received the same upgrade vouchers and went to use them and it is only available on the full economy fare, which as I always buy from companies that sell cheaper flights (£350-£600) depending on time of year, the voucher is not worth the paper it is written on. But the lounge voucher was useful to have :)
  10. Just booked at the Flipper House and got a double room in the new wing for 880bht per night, I booked by fax as internet rates are different.
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