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  1. Hi guys ;D Thanx 4 all your advice! I never expected to receive so many responses, and its nice to know that Im not alone in being 'nervous'. I feel more comfortable already I arrive on 10th Nov. erm... do u really want me 2 post my experiences???? Oh well... if u really want me too... Iwan 8)
  2. Hi guys (n gals), i visited Pattaya as part of a holiday with my wife a couple of yrs ago, thinking Pattaya was just a seaside resort. (Oops!) Of course i soon found it had other attractions as well I will never forget walking thro the streets and being approached by all those gorgeous gals, but at the time all I could do was look (and dream) and be a goodie husband. However, wifey decided 2 leave home since then and now Im thinking of going back there on my lonesome to fulfill some of my dreams! CAN'T WAIT!! but.... im a coward. I am going to go in November but its all new 2 me, and if Im honest with myself, pretty scary! i know that when i walk out the first night Im gona look like a virginal newbie, and I dont want 2 just be dragged into the first bar I walk past and eaten alive or relieved of my cash b4 i have even sussed the place out. Is there a nice, respectable, quiet club or bar where I can go nervously and take my time and not be approached until Ive got pissed and plucked up the courage to approach a girl? I know I probably sound like a nurd saying this but hell... this is wot forums r for isnt it? Be gentle with me... Iwan ;D
  3. Hi Jim I stayed in the 'old' part in 2002. The new part was just being constructed and looked very nice. While i was there the food was good and staff friendly. No hassles at all. In my 'old-style' room the aircon was crap and the room was in need of renovation, but otherwise I enjoyed staying there. Just make sure stay in the new part. (Maybe its ALL new by now?!) Iwan
  4. Torrenova and Emil... Thanx 4 that. I didnt think I cud fly driect from KL (shit!), so u confirmed that 4 me, and thanx 4 the tip about the taxi! Iwan [smiley=cheers.gif]
  5. Hi [smiley=1luvu.gif] New Q 4u... Im hoping 2 visit Pattaya in Nov, coming from KL. Can u fly direct to Pattay from KL or do I have 2 fly into BKK first???
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