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  1. How about doing a gig at FLB? I think that would be fair!
  2. I've stayed here in July 2006,its a new hotel & will be staying here again in jan 2007. The hotel calls itself a 5 star hotel @ 4 star prices! Thats exactly what you get! The food is excellent & 24 hours a day, the room is very spacious, nice bed, bathroom is great, it has a tub & walk in shower, a large swimming pool, free in room internet, gym & GF. 2280 baht per night. I cannot fault this hotel Its location is a 5 min walk from nana plaza! Dynasty Website
  3. yeah Azzey art of smile weldone mate! A lovely place, clean & tidy! But don't think it won't hurt but worth it.
  4. I had it done in late August this year at the place just before soi 6 on 2nd road, sorry forgot the name(something like smile) but was very good. They advertise in most of the free tourist info books, it cost me 10,000 baht. The process took about 2 hours to do & is not completly painless! At times the laser would trigger a nerve & it went shooting through my head. It was a female dentist, extremly pleasant as were her helpers! I went back & had a liitle more work done a few days later, when you smile as much as I do it helps if your nashers are in order
  5. you look a lot better looking in that outfit Adam
  6. I hope the beds are nice staying there 20th-27th Jan
  7. Nice pics Chris I'll come & give you a look in the new year sexy
  8. Steve has ballooned in the last couple of years, he needs a break from the sexy
  9. Hi Colin welcome to the board, firstly I'd advice you to become a member, its free all you have to do is apply, its a whole new ball game inside with trip reports, open talking members forum etc. There is also previous reports on the places you want to visit, one posted by board member shuggy who has already posted in this thread. my name is sexy beast but my friends call me sexy
  10. 200 bar fine sounds good but I'd be surprised if I'm not seriously loved up by 2 a.m.
  11. It was set up quickly, it was intermitant & lost conection a lot....but it is Thailand isn't it
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