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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I agree! Feel sorry for the kids, but why can't Dad or another relative take them to Disneyland? From everything I've read, following this story, she got what she deserved! I wonder how many others countries will now refuse her entry based on the theft?
  2. Don't wear them anymore, Joe. Had surgery and worked wonders! Now, I much more handsum than you! Anyway, the ad wasn't there when OP first posted but has now been corrected. Some pretty funny subsequent comments, guy's! See what happened? Beer special was mentioned by board members, and Voila! It happened.
  3. Is it just me, or does anyone else NOT see a advertisment, just a blank screen?
  4. Bob: Sounds Good! I love your food! See you on my next trip. Keep up the good work!
  5. Scam? I don't think so! Anyone that bought in a few days after a glance or two deserves what they get.
  6. Pete: Thanks for the update and photos! Some definitely doable FL's in that mix! Continued success!
  7. Why is it that some blokes are looking for a "free ride," when the overall prices at the PBG are good and that the freelancer concept in itself is not enough to for us to participate? Why should Pete hand out a 1000 baht note to any of the mongers who attend? Why not include free drinks all evening a a meal too?
  8. Alf: Have been in many times since you have been involved as an owner, and I have found what you say to be true about TQ2. I enjoy the club! On the other hand, before you became involved I had a frined that was a night time Manager and I would stop in now and then when he was on duty. At that time I found it to be mostly a "clique" and found the ladies generally lacking in appeal. But, as I've stated, when you became involved there was a total turnaround that all in all was very postive. Keep up the good work!
  9. WOW! 100 Freelancers! Great idea! Great promotion, Pete! Maybe the idea of a daily drawing has merit too? Could expose a lot of additonal Freelancer's to the PBG. Stands to reason that ALL can't make it on a Friday. Personally, 100 ladies present would overwhelm me-the shear numbers, but it would be fun trying to pick one from the gathering! IMO, it would be more comfortable if there would be half that number nightly. I give you credit with continuing to come up with good promotions! All those early years in radio is paying off?
  10. That's not what they TOLD me! They said that it was a pleasure to fuck you as you had a dick so small and little that they could hardly feel it! And, that you "cum quick" like a bunny rabbit! I wasn't going to ever reveal this to you but your reference to my dick size, - I just couldn't help myself and the Devil made me do it! Back on topic: Paul, any pictures of the party?
  11. As much as you enjoy yours, Arno/Cousin, or whatever new handle you decide to use!
  12. For sure he wore out the name Arno and has now reinvented himself as Cousin. I wonder if he will ever be able to come to Pattaya, or is itjust a dream of a young boy? Meanwhile, he picks a target such as Misty's and jumps on the nayslayer bandwagon. Pretty easy to do from a basement computer at his mom's house in Amsterdam, as with all the other negative bandwagons he jumps on. Curious, Arno as to why you changed your handle to Cousin? Care to tell us?
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