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  1. Just Sent 2,000 Pounds from UK account to Thai account Yesterday Morning, In Thailand Yesterday Afternoon, 99,751 Bhat
  2. Flown with them twice, both times from Singapore to Bangkok, their business class was very good and nice staff, but not used them over the last 3 years
  3. Well I get a massage every day when I am in town but will have to give this a miss as I pay up and leave any bar or gogo that brings out a shisha when I am there and will not go into any place thats got them going
  4. Just looked on Booking.com and there are a few vacancies for 18 Dec - 15 Jan http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?src=index&nflt=&ss_raw=patta&error_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.booking.com%2Findex.en-gb.html%3Fsid%3D98df0125bd245b11826ffac5017aca4c%3Bdcid%3D1%3B&dcid=1&lang=en-gb&sid=98df0125bd245b11826ffac5017aca4c&si=ai%2Cco%2Cci%2Cre%2Cdi&ss=Pattaya+Central%2C+Chon+Buri%2C+Thailand&checkin_monthday=18&checkin_year_month=2013-12&checkout_monthday=15&checkout_year_month=2014-1&interval_of_time=any&flex_checkin_year_month=any&org_nr_rooms=1&org_nr_adults=2&org_nr_children=0&group_adults=2&group_children=0&search_button_clicked=1&dest_type=city&dest_id=-3242432&ac_pageview_id=16da256809b2004d
  5. Mosaic will rent by the day just send an e-mail to them @ info@mosaikpattaya.net I have been staying there for 2 - 4 weeks at a time 3 or 4 times a year for the last 4 years, and have had some friends book for a few nights no problem. Drop them a line and ask, they have always been very quick to answer my e-mails. I will be starting a 4 week stay there next Friday Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. Just a bit of info about the deposit, it is taken by CC only, and is taken, not just blocked, it also can take up to 6 weeks after you return the car for the deposit to be paid back to the CC, in my opinion it is not a good deal if you have to pay this.
  7. Funny thing is i downloaded both series of Space 1999 only last week, and am slowly working my way though them
  8. Yes no problem, but please remember I am a big slob so nothing looks good on me
  9. ok, i am just going though the getting things made trail now, look around a lot of places, but did not get good vib from any until i went into shop just at entrance to walking street. i am not interested in how cheap i can get it done for, i want very good quality material and good job, ( this place had also been recommended to me but left it until last to compare). Went in yesterday morning ( wed ) picked out the material i wanted, mohair / wool mix for pants and Egyptian cotton for shirts, had lots of material to pick from but wanted the best stuff ( will have to pay for it though). Price is 1100 per shirt and 1500 each pair of pants, not the cheapest but you try to buy Egyptian cotton shirts of the rack ad see how much thy are, and i do like the feel of it. The wife is also having a suit made, this is costing 4500 again using the very good material. we are going back Friday afternoon for the first of up to 4 fittings according to Jack, the guy in the shop, i will need 2 or 3 for shirts and min 3 for pants ( i am a big fat guy ) and wife will require 3 or 4 fittings for suit ( she is neither Big of fat ) will let you now the outcome of this.
  10. Just seen this report about bangkok airport Wopps Radar problem causes flight delay at Suvarnabhumi airport BANGKOK, June 22 – The power supply from an uninterruptible power source (UPS) caused problems for radar controlling flights landing at Suvarnabhumi airport, forcing some aircraft to land at U-Tapao Airport in Rayong-Chon Buri provinces, according to Deputy Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt. U-Tapao is 115 kilometres (about 70 miles) from Suvarnabhumi airport. Mr Chadchart said that the UPS supplying electricity for the radar system experienced problem on Thursday evening, and the back-up power supply was not working. Engineers took around 40 minutes to repair. During the time that there was no radar system functioning, some flights were waiting, queuing to land at Suvarnabhumi airport, but six flights were running out of fuel and opted to land at U-Tapao without any safety problems. The aircraft re-fueled at U-Tapao before returning to land at Suvarnabhumi Airport. He said that radar at Don Mueang airport was also not working given that it was under the single aircraft navigation system covering both Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi. Each airport facilitates incoming flights with its own control tower's navigation system only when aircraft enter a 10km radius of the airport. A back-up radar system that could cover both airports together is at Thung Maha Mek and could operate effectively, but there was no staff manning the system at the time when it was needed, when there was power supply problem. Mr Chadchart said the incident caused delays of 40 minutes for incoming flights while the longest delay for departing flights was three hours. (MCOT online news)
  11. Oh dear i don't get there until the 24th so will miss all this
  12. Well you know what I think about you having partys when I am not there, see you in 7 weeks
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