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  1. Glasses here cost a lot more then in the uk, i had to get a pair here cost me 6000b when in uk few month ago i got 3 pair for same cost
  2. I live in jomtien and only go to the beach at night time with my better half she only likes to go at night time and sit and watch the sea thai woman are very strange lol
  3. It was with thaiair , if i remember right could of got it £10 less with other but went direct to thaiair
  4. Just keep looking on skyscanner the cost of a flight can change the same day , for some reason i always found tuesday and thursday had best deals once i was looking at flights i the morning was over £700 i looked again at 11pm same day it dropped to £556 so like i said just keep looking
  5. Flight payment and ticket 526.22 GBP Total for all travellers Payment 526.22 GBP (payment provider confirmation. that is what it cost me on skyscanner just over a week ago but my return is may 2020, just looked now same flight today is at £600 I see someone said about BA yes price is good but its just for the seat not bags then its this
  6. When i fly for me its about cost most, i only fly 2 times a year as live here , i go back uk 10 oct for 2 weeks , just booked thai air come back 27 oct cost £526 return
  7. I miss turning on the tap and drinking the water or making a cup of tea with tap water , i know some parts of the uk water not that great but where i lived was good thats my number one thing i miss doing other thing is proper fresh cream cakes
  8. I found Harbor Mall on Klang to be very good plus better price there unlike such as tukcom
  9. I must of walked past there 1000s of times and never thought of going in might have to give it a try
  10. Wheels up 2 May

  11. What are Cathay Pacific like to fly with cos just seen a flight from heathrow to bangkok for 22nd man till 7th june for £374, i have never used them before
  12. Its funny all my common sense seems to leave me the moment i step out of my taxt in pattaya ha ha
  13. I do all the Do,s but i do break some of the Dont,s cos thats why i go there to drink and get drunk and other things ha ha
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