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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Magy,, there are 2 penthouse suites, and the biggest differnce in the rooms are one is on third floor and the other is on the fourth floor and the jaccuzi on the fourth floor is bigger, and there is only stairs to the room no elevator, the penthouse rooms is the only ones with jaccuzi, but all other rooms have a big shower, i would say go for the room on the third floor, i know some board members swear to that room. kdc1899, you should look to your right, its right across the street from bayyoke hotel.
  2. what about the bed, is it still rockhard
  3. on my last trip to Thailand i hooked up with a guy from Mumbai (former bombay), and we went out to see some gogos on walking street and he had no problem getting in..
  4. And perfect location right between soi 6/7 and walkingstreet, and not alot of noice from the street, and there is not alot of bars on soi 13, so you dont have to deal with all the hello girls everytime you go out the door..
  5. Hej latour,, jeg tror ikke at det er noget problem at bo 2 voksne og 2 børn i værelsener på sandy, i soveværelset vil jeg skyde på at der er plads til 2 dobbeltsenge, og der er også 2 altaner, jeg vil anbefale dig at bestille der, men sengene er altså meget hårde.. Hils i Kolding nce Thomas
  6. Hi robert, great hotel, the room i stayed in 515 on the 5. floor had two bathrooms both with tubs, and a living room and a sleeping area, nice, big and good room and they are very guest friendly, on the downside the bed is rock hard
  7. no problem Rob, right it is gonna rain but it´s maby for an hour or two a day and you can always seek schelter in a bar
  8. Hi 777 yes you have a prebooked seat and just have to confirm it, but you can sweet talk the lady to get another seat
  9. Last time i was flying to bangkok i was supose to mr he-tet when we landed, we where on the same flight, so we could share a cab to pattaya but i messed up big time and missed him totally, and this time it seems like 777 and i are gonna share the plane cos im flying out of Amsterdam the 30. with ci... 777 you can´t check in the whole flight in stockholm, the bags are no problem they will arrive in bangkok, but you have to go to one of the transfer desks and confirm the ticket, no problem at all and it will take 5 min. see you nce Thomas Denmark
  10. nce

    The net

    bit weird but funny http://www.video.google.com/videoplay?doci...981554735098778
  11. Yes i stayed at the long room on the 3. floor and it´s great, nice big room and a balcony overlooking pratamnak road im gonna stay there again
  12. hi there, don´t look at anything but the exit sign, there is alot of peeople in the exit area trying to sell you a taxi ride to pattaya, just say no and walk by, as soon you get outside there should be a taxibooth, so just stand in line and tell the person in the booth where you wanna go and they will do the rest....the price i paid last october was 1300 including toll los stands for land of smiles have a nice trip
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