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  1. I've seen this guitar.......It's a beauty .....Quite a rare opportunity. I hardly play anymore myself otherwise......!!! Good luck.
  2. 5 years ago I was last in line to take the depth perception test......having earlier reluctantly agreed that 'orange' (the worn out battered and faded 'red' disc that was the easiest for the tester to repeatedly bash over the years), was the same as the pristine red discs below that he pointed to every time I said 'Orange' to the knackered colours above...... My normal confidence was shaken and I was very nervous when it came to the 'depth perception test'. Being last for this test the nervousness just continued to build......But, 'as cunning as a fox who was the professor of cunning at Oxford university,' I managed to move myself behind the seated test takers and that way got plenty of free goes .....My confidence was completely restored until........The guy 2nd from last whispered from his chair that he was, 'as blind as a bat' and for me to nudge him when I thought they were aligned. 'Gulp'............Frightened of letting the guy down and being thrown out for cheating, all my nerves returned........... If anyone asks me that again Im pretending I'm deaf.
  3. Yes I'd heard series 3 was to be the last..........I held back from watching because I thought that would be it. A bad cough that's lasted two weeks up to today, (nearly gone...the girl that shared it with me had it for a month).....has meant me being confined to quarters so I've clocked up quite a bit of TV. Last Kingdom was a hi-light. Glad it's returning. Ploughed on through 'Punisher', 'Manifest', 'The Good Dr', (which is great).......'Orville' which is a quirky cross between family Guy and Star Trek...."What's a relationship dad?' ......"It the bit before the end" .....Even the awful, Strike Back.......Which has deteriorated over the last two seasons from what was a powerful shoot 'em up action thriller. Oh yes I had some DVDs of 'Are You being Served' which I throughly enjoyed seeing again. But the best two films I've seen in a long time were, 'Forrest Gump' which I'd somehow missed out on and the fantastic, 'Green Book' hope it gets an Oscar
  4. Really? i thought it was done just checked you’re right... i think the male lead would make a good Bond when Craig hangs up his Walther
  5. Last Kingdom....Shame it's over.
  6. Not seen it yet but I hear is a 'must'
  7. What happens if you get sick and need to dip into the 400,000 for a short time in the period before you deposit your 800,000 for seasoning?
  8. Let the info' season a while......... I'd still rather transfer one SWIFT a year. 12 months of the swings and roundabouts of exchange rates! I'm neurotic enough as it is.........Plus regular bank charges for comparatively small amounts all add up my boy. Now i'm over 65 I more or less have to self-insure and I currently keep in a separate account 400,000. My plan was to add 50,000 from time-to-time........up to about 700,000. Now it seems we can't go below 400,000 in our main account.....I don't see point of keeping things separate. So I'll carry on saving for the coming calamity..............Understanding that 'birth is a death sentence'........ keep calm and drink my Yorkshire Gold.
  9. Thanks Jacko........I got this info sent to me by an, 'I told you so' friend who'd had the conniptions over the first reports of changes and when I said it doesn't mention any difference to the seasoned sum.....Well it didn't then.....Well it does now so I expect he'll be happy. We don't have to like ........just have to lump (sum) it. Edit. Be good if we could keep the sum in an account that bares reasonable interest.
  10. I said this before ......(But that's never stopped me).....I asked a Chinese man if he called them plats or pony-tails He spat on the floor in disgust and replied, "PONEEE TAIL!! A plat is what I put my plick in every Flyday night!!!"
  11. 'Yes Bashy........be nice to see a picture of you suited and sober' Said from a safe distance.
  12. Yes she was keeping an eye out for you........!! You should try getting her to 'wink you off' .......That made me laugh!!
  13. I'd like to believe that too.......But probably a serious case of tdar fang......Did you recommend her going to 'spec Savers'?
  14. Bushcraft is up at the altar again tomorrow...He might be able to help. He went to Oxford you know? Good luck and best wishes Bashy.....A lovely girl.
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