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  1. atlas2

    Merry Christmas from immigration.

    I said this before ......(But that's never stopped me).....I asked a Chinese man if he called them plats or pony-tails He spat on the floor in disgust and replied, "PONEEE TAIL!! A plat is what I put my plick in every Flyday night!!!"
  2. 'Yes Bashy........be nice to see a picture of you suited and sober' Said from a safe distance.
  3. atlas2

    Merry Christmas from immigration.

    Yes she was keeping an eye out for you........!! You should try getting her to 'wink you off' .......That made me laugh!!
  4. atlas2

    Merry Christmas from immigration.

    I'd like to believe that too.......But probably a serious case of tdar fang......Did you recommend her going to 'spec Savers'?
  5. Bushcraft is up at the altar again tomorrow...He might be able to help. He went to Oxford you know? Good luck and best wishes Bashy.....A lovely girl.
  6. atlas2

    Merry Christmas from immigration.

    Yes...........Tallguy might bump into you today. We have met before so I'll look out for you. Also the girl at SCB told me it had to be on the day of application. I insisted I could go within 24 hours and she sighed and shook her head. Also she said I should make a transaction while I was there. I'd never hear that before. So as advised I took out a couple of thousand and then worried that her letter and my bank-book totals didn't match exactly. Didn't seem to matter. Jacko only one guy had snowy white hair.......However, if he's eighty he's looking good on it. Seemed in his 70s to me. Mind you everyone looks young to me.....Even you.
  7. atlas2

    Merry Christmas from immigration.

    No, Mr Nonchalance was a Scot......He was a number that had been skipped over earlier......and he'd re-appeared with lots of last minute photocopies. His glasses on and off, pen in hand furiously scribbling info'... handing over papers, having them quickly handed back by a patient Immigration Officer pointing out where he needed gaps completed. In fact of the 8 in front of me I have a good memory....And one of the first up fits your description......Though he had his white hair tied back into a fetching little pony tail. His processing took quite a while when compared to slick and efficient yours truly. Today I've got to go and collect my passport today at two if I see him I'll pass on your comments here!.............. (Joking) Another character was paper thin......wispy dyed Elvis hair........Another was a black bloke with an enormous head the size of a bar-stool seat, trouble walking.....He took the longest, very polite for the help he'd needed and the time he'd been given. A couple of retirees had Thai woman partners with them. Both treating their men like helpless children. One of these couples stood out. She was all business, and dressed for the board-room........He.....was a skinny, aged punk.... Mohican hair...chains hanging from his jeans and a walking stick. One wrinkle I'll mention...(with the caveat that I ain't testing it myself).......I overheard one of the staff telling an applicant that the bank letter is valid for 3 days...(perhaps to allow for week-ends I'm thinking?) I'd got mine on Christmas Eve......The day before is not a problem. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable 45 mins of people watching.......Especially the gay mincing reindeer who was keeping the other staff laughing. I noticed though that all the women called upon his expertise when it came the important business of positioning their 'Santa caps' Lots of smiles........On Christmas Day even the otherwise dour, hard-pressed Immigration Officers who have to deal with some of the worst of falang-land's jetsam live up to Thailand's reputation. Lovely
  8. atlas2

    Merry Christmas from immigration.

    I was 9th in a queue having arrived about 8:15.......Went quickly . I had all my ducks in a row...the only glitch being I'd stapled my photo.....Next year glue. I was done in about a minute. The guy in front of me was filling his forms in at the desk holding everyone up but had to admire his nonchalance......
  9. atlas2

    Premier League 18-19

    Maurinho always given the best 'cloth'........but can't cut it. ..........Always ends up as sack-cloth
  10. atlas2

    Literary Finds for Christmas

    I found both...... 'Exploring Wagner's Ring'.......And my, 'Life in Crime' by Superintendent Bent of Scotland Yard, interesting reads.
  11. atlas2

    New content

    Merry Christmas my 'Beast Fiend'.......(get your hair-cut)! You'll have noticed circling my desk with your ruler raised that I've almost completely eschewed Politics and Religion since a New Year's resolution I made this year and I'm the happier for it. I'm not sure why, P&R was originally disabled......But when I see the notifications jumping out now, at first I recoil like a salted snail......but then thoughts of all I'm missing: the circular arguments, the bile, phlegm....the verbal vomit....and I'm temped back like a drunk given the keys to a brewery. So if it can be sent to purgatory again I might last the year out.
  12. atlas2

    Congratulations on the Upgrade

    I've had a little wander round..........Very good job. How anyone can do this sort of thing is beyond me. You have a brilliant mind. Respect.
  13. atlas2

    Good Movies / TV Shows

    I’m into the ‘Good Doctor ‘....... finished the first season and teared up last nite. Been binge watching 3 episodes at a time. I’ll have a look at. Counterpart tonight noticed on my box aready.... saving the 2nd season of gd dr for lean viewing times.
  14. atlas2

    Post your favorite music

    You've done it again Sam....you must be 'septic'.....This song was one I often skipped....Only recently I've truly listened properly and now love it. My new deluxe White Album copy was promised by Amazon US on the 30th........Then absolutely for this morning....Still not arrived.......I hope it comes before Christmas.