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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Have to applaud you BD for recommending 'Bosch'. Well written.....slowly evolving cases. Bosch puts a lid on his inner emotions and deals phlegmatically with everything thrown at him. Even as a subordinate he's always in charge. Just finished 4 seasons. Cheers.
  2. Agree...Let's hope Boeing put a fix in that's 100% or they scrap the variation.
  3. I was watching a Bob Monkhouse special last night.........And although this isn't a joke per se I found it funny. He was talking to an audience of comedians about comedians being heckled and he told the story of Roy Castle struggling gamely through his act to about 40 people in a 600 seat theatre....... Someone high up on one wing of the empty seats shouts out......"Can yer turn light owt....I fancy a snooze......' And from the other wing someone shouts out. 'Don't do that I'm reading'
  4. Honestly Jacko have a look on youtube and decide for yourself.
  5. Got this sent to me on what apps ages ago but didn't post........ Please delete if too graphic........... Shit I deleted myself.....You can find it if you look on Youtube........The scene from outside is bad enough but the video from someone's phone inside a bit too much.
  6. GREAT.....My son's a fan. Liverpool under Klopp are a team........If they play another 'English' team....even though it's my my usual policy in PL games to simply count the Englishmen on each team and root for the one with the most, if Liverpool meet another PL team in the final.......I think Ill be rooting for the 'Pool'
  7. Roads busy yesterday.............My area of Jomtien packed with parked cars this morning.... I'll be indoors mostly watching 'Thrones' of one sort or another on TV all day today..........G.O.T dayyyyyy.
  8. Though I feel your pain...as you say a 'zip-trapped foreskin' is a rite of passage for the average gentile teen....... Consider for a moment being a poor sod born into this Aboriginal tribe!!!!!!! (I BET THIS WAS THOUGHT UP BY SOME ABORIGINAL FEMINIST) "Circumcision and Subincision The rite of passage from boyhood to manhood of the Australian Mardudjara Aborigines consists of two parts: circumcision and sub-incision. Don’t know what sub-incision is? Read on. You’ll be wincing in pain. When an Aborigine boy comes of age, usually around 15 or 16, the tribal elders will lead the boy to a fire and have him lie down next to it. Tribal members surround the boy while singing and dancing. Another group of men, called the Mourners, wail and cry while the circumcision is performed. The tribal elder in charge of the circumcision sits on top of the boy’s chest facing his penis. He pulls up the foreskin and twists it so it can be cut off. Two men take turns cutting away the foreskin with knives that they’ve imbued with magical qualities. The boy bites down on a boomerang as the operation takes place. When the circumcision is complete, the boy kneels on a shield that’s placed over the fire so the smoke can rise up and purify his wound. While the boy sits there dazed and in pain, the tribal elders tell him to open his mouth and swallow some “good meat” without chewing it. The “good meat” is actually the boy’s freshly removed foreskin. After he’s swallowed a piece of his own wiener, the boy is told that he has eaten “his own boy” and that it will now grow inside him and make him strong. Now comes the second part of the initiation — the sub-incision. A few months after the circumcision, the tribal elders take the young man again to a fire. An elder sits on the boy’s chest and takes ahold of the boy’s penis. Again, there are singers and men mourning at the ceremony. A small wooden rod is inserted into the urethra to act as a backing for the knife. The operator then takes a knife and makes a split on the underside of the penis from the frenulum (underneath the head of the penis) to near the scrotum. After the sub-incision, the boy stands above the fire and allows his blood to drip into it. From now on the boy will have to squat when he urinates, just like a woman. In fact, some anthropologists posit that the sub-incision ceremony is done to simulate menstruation, allowing men to sympathize with the females of the tribe.
  9. A friend of mine says he lives next door to some guy with Alzheimers He says every morning the guy knocks on his door and ask if he's seen his wife? So every morning he has to explain to his neighbour that his wife died 2 years ago..... He's thought about not answering the door, or lying to the guy...But he says he loves seeing the big smile on the guy's face when he tells him.
  10. US Jewish couple visit Jerusalem. Wife dies...... "Vot do you vant to do Manny? Ve can bury her here for $100 but to fly her home .eeeee...its gonna be about $20,000. "Fly her home." "I respect your love Manny, but Vy go for such expense?" Manny shrugs his shoulders...."Jesus was buried here....And after 3 days he rose again....Why take the chance?"
  11. Great recommendation for Bosch...there’s football on tonight but I’ll give it a go
  12. Went on Wednesday to see Avengers Endgame.........First Class at Central is now 1000 baht, so made a pig of myself with the food. I'm glad I've recently re-watched most of the films worked into this 11 year cycle. Fully clued up I probably got the most from it. Exciting, very funny on occasions, dramatic, sad......fulfilling. Best cinematic (nearly 3 hours) experience for me personally since the Godfather. First time since I was a kid that I considered going straight back inside and watching it again. Six ****** out of 5 from me.
  13. Downstairs. get a ticket from the machine... it gives a price I believe of 1500 maybe it’s gone up to Pattaya and a number on the ticket walk straight to the taxi under that number. Nam is good if you’re booking ahead. And Mr T The normal rank guys are always delighted they haven’t queued for a drop off on Sukhumvit 100 baht tip job done. i usually drive myself to the airport if I’m going and drive back but for mates I always recommend Nam.
  14. I'm not looking thru......But it's probably been pointed out that you can't pop upstairs and get a taxi that's just dropped someone off.......Not anymore. One way revolving gates stop you and the airport security discourage you from climbing over them.
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