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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hands up who has "Thai Baggage".....
  2. Vienna airport is pretty new. There is a security check on leaving the EU which was the hold-up the OP experienced. When we flew a few years ago Austrian via Vienna, you could order business-class meals online in economy for a few euros extra which were pretty good. I'm not sure what I would have answered if asked whether I was flying to Bangkok for "business or pleasure"..... does that make me a snowflake?
  3. Or if Idlewild will then be renamed DJT after The Donut puts back the golf course in between the runways, like at Don Muang! 🤣 (Intrusive apostrophe alert - it's "its" in this case POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES - it's stronger than I am, sorry....)
  4. Priceless..... better value than the restaurant it seems....
  5. That's really handy for a fill-up before the "gauntlet" - can you take us there in August, Uncle Evil? If so, I'll PM when we get there. We can write down transliterations of the food as I assume the menu is in Chinese or Pinyin. Andy & Flo
  6. Sometimes it's nice to just be walking by a place and make an impulse buy....... there seem to be so many new eateries!!! Looking forward to sampling! Thanks again Evil.
  7. I haven't tried it but we will..... this thread will be our go-to guide for new food destinations on our hols! Presentation and the cooking method of the chicken and Yorkshire seem to be the problem above. We can't eat massive portions in the heat of Thailand so lower prices and smaller servings suit us just fine. And all-you-can-eat is definitely off the list. Thanks for the above Evil! Andy & Flo
  8. I love your story. It takes two to make peace between them. What about the Russian version of "beer-goggles"? Bloody marvellous. I know you are Bill - I aspire to your lifestyle and Weltanschauung. Yujin's story is pretty inspirational. Like your Greek version of "a pub with no beer" too. At the risk of sounding like BigDUSA, I was part of the British student delegation to Austria in 1980 (aged 19) to celebrate 25 years since the Austrian State Treaty and the withdrawal of the 4 occupying powers - student groups from UK, France, USA and USSR. In 2 weeks I got laid once by an Austrian girl in Vienna - I said "Wollen wir bumsen?" and we did, then an American girl in Vienna (she said she was "going to give me the best BJ I would ever have" inside McDonalds next to St Stephan's cathedral - and she was right) and Linz (in front of the wardrobe mirrors) and a French girl from Nancy called Cathy in a hotel in a village near Salzburg (we used up all the hot water in the hotel, shagging in the shower) then again at Schloss Dürnstein, but I digress . The Soviet Russians only sent 5 blokes with limitless cases of vodka and, from time to time some rather good caviar. No doubt they were all KGB (told us they were Majors and Captains - no perfume on offer) but with no secrets or future parliamentary career in sight for me, we had a hazy crazy 2 weeks on the road, when there was no other cementing of international relations going on that is !!!! Peace and Love and Nazdrovje, tovaritchi! Andy Cap-with-a-red-star-on-the-front
  9. Some major supposition going on there.............. maybe you have 'been told'? And the other way around????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? So funny.... If you're telling me that Americans are a soft touch, easily led and generally gullible, I'll be forced to believe you, you are American. I wouldn't have thought that to be true of Americans that have a passport. But that's not what you're saying, right? 😉
  10. I saw this vid too butch! Interesting. Hi Bill Try saying "Dob-ray U-tro gas-par-DIIN" - Good day, sir. "Kak shii vi-YOT-yeu?" How are you? "Chu-ra-SHO, spa-SII-ba" I'm well, thanks. People love it when others make an effort! Even if you don't get it quite right. He's only a Russian not a McCarthy bogeyman. Just my experience and humble opinion. A bientôt Bon vent! Andy
  11. Are they going back to the same ticket prices (really expensive I imagine) and inflight food (lobster or Irish stew, not sure if it was good or bad in the 60s)? I wonder if Gatwick Airport will be renamed Croydon aka London Terminal Aerodrome (EGCR) and Heathrow, The Great West Aerodrome? Great if they could these 4 together again too.
  12. Notts County (founded in 1862) are looking prime candidates for a trip downwards out of the old Fourth Division. It's like Everton not being in the top flight, or Darlo being relegated 5 divisions for nowt when they were top of Div 4, then being disqualified from the playoffs in whatever division because the eedjits had moved to a stadium with not enough covered seating. I was so looking forward to meeting the monkey hangers of Hartlepool on the way down as we were going up. And people wonder why I prefer the nude beaches of the Mediterranean. The world's going to "hell in a handbasket" whatever the fcuk that means..... Rant "lite" over! Andy Cap From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search The Hartlepool Monkey monument on Hartlepool Headland. "Monkey hanger" is a colloquial nickname by which people from the town of Hartlepool in north eastern England are sometimes known.[1] According to local folklore, the term originates from an incident in which a monkey was hanged in Hartlepool, England. During the Napoleonic Wars, a French ship of the type chasse marée was wrecked in a storm off the coast of Hartlepool. The only survivor from the ship was a monkey, allegedly dressed in a French army uniform to provide amusement for the crew. On finding the monkey on the beach, some locals decided to hold an impromptu trial; since the monkey was unable to answer their questions and because they had seen neither a monkey nor a Frenchman before, they concluded that the monkey must be a French spy.[2] Being found guilty, the animal was duly sentenced to death and was summarily hanged on the beach. An alternative theory is that it was a young boy who was hanged (the term "powder-monkey" was commonly used at the time for children employed on naval warships to prime the cannon with gunpowder).[3] The earliest evidenced mention of the hanging is from the popular song, written and performed by 19th century comic performer, Ned Corvan, "The Monkey Song". Given that "only after Corvan's appearances in Hartlepool is there any strong evidence for the development of the Monkey story", the song itself seems the most plausible origin for the myth.[4] An earlier and remarkably similar monkey-hanging legend with a similar associated song refers to the inhabitants of Boddam, Aberdeenshire.[5] With similar lyrics and scansion ("And the Boddamers hung the Monkey, O") it is plausible that Ned Corvan heard and adapted the song while travelling the Scottish Lowlands with Blind Willie Purvis. The story may also have its origins in the rivalry between Hartlepool (the small coastal village) and West Hartlepool (the growing industrial town based around the docks). The comic song may have been popular in one of the West Hartlepool’s music halls, where the audience would have enjoyed poking fun at the Hartlepool ‘yokels’ who hanged the monkey. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkey_hanger Yes, Andy Capp is from Hartlepool, but Andy Cap is from Darlington where we use American spelling.......... No extra letters EVER EVER EVER, save ink, not the planet!
  13. It's Pattaya's Sagrada Familia, but with firm boobs everywhere (taxi back to soi 6?). The workshops are really interesting too. Worth every baht imho. Looks like they need a bit of sponsorship from Ronseal mind!
  14. Our method worked well - taxi there and get the taxi driver's number to come and pick you up. Call him as you're walking back to the entrance. BE THERE FOR OPENING (8 or 8.30?) as the coaches arrive later on. If it's raining when you wake up. Do it tomorrow. Great pics firth, thanks for the memory. Andy Cap
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