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  1. "Il Peccatore" deserves several stars just for the name (Of course I thought it was a misprint at first - and not much fish on the menu).
  2. Thanks for that info Evil. I'll get some 500bht-ish of stuff delivered to our rented flat. (Thailand holidays are no-cooking periods for Flo!!!!)
  3. I'm seeing lower down Neung's Pies Facebook page that her products are available at Tequila Sunrise (Jomtien) and McDoners (Soi LK). I think I need to plan a solo Darkside MBT only-for-crusty-food takeaway shopping trip at the start of our holiday!
  4. That's a damned shame - I reckoned top word of mouth and a smidgen of lying low to avoid any beardy unpleasantness could have made a happy medium in this case. You're the man to let us know the next destination! These are something else that we miss in Frogland (we make our own hummus btw). Anyone know an outlet in town where her pies and other products are available (I'll have a look at the Facebook page)? The farang bloke just off the scooter looks like he's trying to eat them all. I'm a bit worried the sweet versions might be a bit dry however... Scotch Eggs are a culinary triumph and not that easy to make. Oh my lord! She has SCOTCH PIES!!!!!
  5. MOON - looks interesting, (especially the calamari) onto the list it goes! I saw one of those Marilyn Monroe statues outside a 2nd hand shop in Bootle on Sunday morning (we went to number one son's wedding). Music was "discrete", or "discreet"? HUMMUS LABORATORY - that is our type of place, hummus with everything! Signage too discreet and resto sadly discrete from the passing footfall. The Special Bourekas sound nice and the grilled chicken will be good if spiced right. We'd better try it this year. Do those upstairs restaurants usually last? Keep it up Uncle Evil! (Greetings from Flo)
  6. Ditto from us Frosty. What would we do without you?
  7. capdagde

    Bike Paths & Routes Around Pattaya

    Absolutely. Spot on.
  8. Thanks Frosty.... PT is a lifeline for some (me included)
  9. capdagde

    Post your favorite music

    Love the slide guitar intro (probably Eric) - ah Wiki says it's George...
  10. capdagde

    Taco Taco Tex Mex (Updated Nov. 25, 2018)

    And where is Dave's Cantina, Evil?
  11. Methinks you need to make some space in the camera bag for a "mini spice, herbs and condiments kit"! At least that would render the "mediocre" "edible"!
  12. capdagde

    Post your favorite music

    What's not to like.... hmmmm.
  13. capdagde

    Where's my omelette?

    As the septics would say "Make sure they don't go all humpty-dumpty on yo' ass!" As the Irish would say "Not the kind of craic we're into".
  14. capdagde

    Dining at Terminal21

    To be honest Chip, I'm not a great seeker-out of the extraordinary in Pattaya - the ordinary is already extraordinary! Flo and I will definitely have a mooch-aboot but only in August Waiting for atlas2's (aka Lord Whore Whore of Chonburi) deliberations (and other in-situ BMs'). Slowly emptying the freezer at home - wish we wuz there. Andy Cap (aka The Europhile Grammarnazi)