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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Looks like he's getting a great bit of "frottage" in, like he does at home on the Tube, but in riskier circumstances perhaps? That give him extra "frisson". I wouldn't want to be the person in front of him..... I stayed at the Golf Club before it became Queen, don't remember seeing the Base - distracted no doubt..... Good thread. Thanks.
  2. It's not a good joke..... but did the stallholders understand "See Food"? Did it get busier Baz??
  3. Hi Uncle Evil A bit like frogs' legs and land snails... think we'll have the latter for lunch tomorrow, with garlic, parsley, salted butter and black pepper. The Lidl croc steaks were marinated in the same as I remember.
  4. And very nice too. Lidl had some crocodile steaks a few years ago, along with ostrich and kangaroo, from Australia I imagine, sold out quickly, but the French are quite adventurous, and will eat anything if it doesn't involve travel...... .
  5. Al - stop the "sporting activity" - unless it was particularly enjoyable (nudge-nudge)! Is "This America" the name of an insurance company? If it's US$350 go for it - pay cash (i.e. bank card) and complain to your insurance company after. All the best.
  6. Told off by teacher...... so post deleted.
  7. Pedantic me thinks it was Welkom Inn - in Flemish/Dutch. Great thread. That flooding looks horrendous.
  8. Thanks Gottsy - "Baggage" meaning "mind-numbing regrets"...... more BMs than admitted it. Pretty sure we ALL have some..... sorry for the TF. BTW - I, notoriously, always get out of the bed on the same side. People count on it in Purgatory. Welcome to the board.
  9. Sorry if I ruffled your feathers, ducky. I thought it was funny - silly me!
  10. I have partaken on The Poon with she descended from an Egyptian god - a living deity if there ever was one. I just imagined the place knee deep in water and whether the business model could change. On second thoughts, bearing in mind what would be floating and swimming in the water, soap might not do the deal. The rumour of about 10 years ago that LK and beyond would become the new Soi 6/Beach Road is gaining traction - as are the cars and motos on the new surface.
  11. Hands up who has "Thai Baggage".....
  12. Vienna airport is pretty new. There is a security check on leaving the EU which was the hold-up the OP experienced. When we flew a few years ago Austrian via Vienna, you could order business-class meals online in economy for a few euros extra which were pretty good. I'm not sure what I would have answered if asked whether I was flying to Bangkok for "business or pleasure"..... does that make me a snowflake?
  13. Or if Idlewild will then be renamed DJT after The Donut puts back the golf course in between the runways, like at Don Muang! 🤣 (Intrusive apostrophe alert - it's "its" in this case POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES - it's stronger than I am, sorry....)
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