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  1. GeeGee


    I too, like Jacko fly out of MAN, and have tried the connecting European Flights, of which the best is the SAS/Thai connection via Copenhagen, but also the most expensive. Used Emirates many times, but I don't like changing at Dubai after 6-7 hours, just when I'm half-asleep. This November I'm trying a new tack, using Singapore Airlines, with a connection in Changi to BKK. I like the idea of being almost there in 1 flight, and managed to get Economy tickets for around £650, which is good for Singapore Airlines
  2. An Emirates B777-300 has just landed at Manchester ? (Sat. 12th June) ? I know as it flew over my house
  3. The beach / sea are looking a lot healthier for not having their regular dose of sewage flushed into it
  4. I've tried most routes from MAN - BKK, and my favorite although pricier was via Copenhagen with SAS which then code-shares with THAI Airways. I liked the short flight to start, and CPH Airport is way less busy / large than the other EU/Middle East hubs. The connection from my SAS flight to the Thai flight took minutes. It's the next best thing to flying direct IMO.
  5. It would have been untypical for Citeh not to give their fans cause for concern by going behind at Brighton, but we got there in the end. Excellent season, and looking forward to winning again next year.
  6. In the CL Final, whoever is 3-0 down at half-time will probably win.
  7. It looks like nothing is going to be decided until the final day. 3rd & 4th places included. It's been a great season for lovers of football. Still gutted Citeh are out of the CL for the sake of an away goal
  8. I'd spray them all with piss, and sentence those that got arrested to conduct community service by cleaning up the mess they've made.
  9. Good luck with that. Hope it all go's well for you.
  10. Citeh could have been clear in the Premier League, but missed a penalty against Luckypool We could have been in the Semi-Finals of the CL, but missed a penalty against Spurs in the 1st Leg. As a fan of 50+ years I have come to expect this annual demonstration of grasping defeat from the jaws of victory, and fully expect us to both lose to Watford in the FA Cup, and lose the title following defeat to ManUre this Wednesday. That VAR is a killjoy as well. I was halfway down the street (topless) celebrating with my son, after Sterling scored, when the missus had to call us back
  11. I don't understand why BA don't fly direct from MAN. Surely the demand is there, and they would make a fortune.
  12. Isn't the whole point of retiring to Pattaya being able to monger ? If not I suspect B65,000 wouldn't leave you much disposable income once you've paid your overheads, unless you were happy to live out in the sticks. I don't think I could budget a retirement in Pattaya for less than B100,000 / month, and would probably need to stay in a few nights as well. It's probably been asked before, but is anyone willing to share their monthly costs in order to get a more realistic understanding of required budgets.
  13. My understanding was that you can combine both sources of income eg. if you proved a monthly income of say B30,000 (Amounts to B360,000 / year), then it would only be necessary to keep B800,000 - B360,000 in the bank ie. B440,000. That's what the KeyVisa Retirement Calculator suggests.
  14. It's the non-stop direct aspect that appeals to me. I hate the transit / security checks mid journey. I'd suffer in silence given the chance.
  15. Never seems to happen when leaving LOS. SOD's Law I spose.
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