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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. GeeGee

    Movie Quiz #11

    Stuart Little (If you're allowed voice overs)
  2. GeeGee

    Premier League 18-19

    It was tongue in cheek, and following today's game I'm currently trying to get all this egg off my face. Bookies still think we're favorites though, so might be worth a punt on Liverpool before they are odds-on.
  3. GeeGee

    Premier League 18-19

    Yes, MCFC have to wait until Jan 3rd, when we will claim our rightful place at the top by beating the scousers. We would have done it at Anfield if anyone other than Mahrez had taken the penalty we missed (maybe not let Stirling take a penalty as well)
  4. GeeGee

    Increasing Indian presence

    'This is one of the many reasons why Indian hotels are on surge' Is it also because they let you share one meal among 10 people, the same way you like your drinks and ladies !
  5. GeeGee

    Jet airways

    I always read the Skytrax reviews before booking with an airline I've never flown with; https://www.airlinequality.com/review-pages/a-z-airline-reviews/
  6. Probably aimed at passengers who want to visit European destinations via the Emirates UK stops. I just did a similar trip the other way when I traveled with Emirates to Chiang Mai from Manchester.. Flew Emirates to BKK, then connection to Chiang Mai with Bangkok Air. All codeshare, and bags straight through.
  7. Don't see the point. Why not join the Emirates flight in the UK, you're always going to end up in Dubai regardless.
  8. GeeGee

    Qatar upgrading Manchester

    Don't forget all the European Airlines as well, that offer direct services to BKK from their home hubs (Lufthansa, AF, SAS, Finnair etc). In fact the SAS service uses codeshare with Thai resulting in a direct flight with Thai (Copenhagen to BKK). Used it once, whole journey only about 14.5 hours.
  9. I don't live there, but I think accidental death must occur often with the combination of slippery floors, low balcony walls and alcohol
  10. In an additional blow to air travellers, passengers flying long-haul with a stop off in an EU airport may have to go through security screening again when changing flights, including having bags re-scanned. Strange, whenever I go via Frankfurt, I've always had to go through another security check. In fact nearly got arrested last time, because I forgot I had a bottle of water in my hand luggage.
  11. GeeGee

    Post your favorite music

    Found this to be a regular listen whilst lazing by the pool on my last trip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAkd8AmVrew
  12. Yes my flight was from Manchester. I had only traveled with Emirates on one previous occasion, and was at the lowest status level (Blue) I also have basic status with Lufthansa & Etihad, however I think the key is to book direct through the airline rather than a bucket shop
  13. If VAR was in play, we'd still be at the top of the league. My theory to the upgrades were; 1. Single Traveler 2. Smartly Dressed 3. Full Economy Class / Not so full Business Class 4. Member of Airlines Rewards Scheme 5. Handsum Man The trouble with the upgrades is I don't think I can ever go back to Economy .I've had my head turned.
  14. On my recent trip, I booked direct with Emirates, and to my delight was upgraded to Business Class on all 4 legs. Not sure how I wangled that, but it was the first time I booked direct through the Airline.