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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hilarious video, good lyrics, excuse for a jolly - Ed Sheeran https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj0XInqZMHY You Tube won't allow the link..... We are, we are, we are L.A. on a Saturday night in the summer Sundown and they all come out Lamborghinis and their rented Hummers The party's on, so they're headin' downtown ('Round here) everybody's lookin' for a come up And they wanna know what you're about Me in the middle with the one I love and We're just tryna figure everything out We don't fit in well 'Cause we are just ourselves I could use some help Get
  2. I'm going to have some REAL guacamole at a restaurant tonight. Not that I'm a massive fan of avocado , but Pattaya Talk is very influential...... I'm just checking the jar of EL TEQUITO (Lidl) that I have at home.... 0.7% avocado powder.... that should do it for the taste! This is a label of El Tequito for Belgium, found on the internet. 3.7%, an improvement - I double checked and mine (France) has ONLY the powder.... Could be different ingredients for each country. NUTELLA is different depending on where you buy it... (true). Other dips not "Guacamole STYLE"
  3. Wow... I'm on a par with Aussie politicians (the people that the Aussies vote for).... is that good or bad? They must know that a quality egotistical EU tourist is arriving in a few weeks and have rolled out the grimy red carpet. If the EUR gets above 40 by then I will expect it to have been dry cleaned - the carpet or the Euro. UP TO YOUUUUUUUUU! (Seriously - look at the spreads in posts #404 and #408 - no questions inciting a tangent, so no more of a TF [ThaiFriendly] than any other post not containing a photo full of numbers....... imhfo) Brain on #404 is at the airp
  4. Cake or Death (again)! Change the name or use something other than Aspartame in the fuel.... If they called it Zero would it remind Murcans of Pearl Harbo(u)r? Too soon? Maybe Zero Zen to with a Zanax in every Zeat? Mitsubishi Zero Zen........ "chillax to the max pax"! Andy "We're DOOMED" Cap
  5. These folks have concealed microphones - EVERYWHERE - highly ept and absolutely fit for purpose.... if you don't find it funny..... you should ?(get a life). "You couldn't make a starfish any quieter......."
  6. Lessons to be learned? "What I learned from this is......" Don't give your effing bank card details to your kids and DON'T leave your wallet lying around... Four children spent nearly £550 in three weeks buying player packs to play the Fifa football video game online on the family's Nintendo Switch console. In Fifa, special players can be bought in packs, but the contents are only revealed after payment is completed. The children's father, Thomas Carter, had bought them a single pack for around £8, and had not realised they had seen how he made the purchase. The Switch ha
  7. "I like a good beer buzz, early in the morning....", having a non-alcoholic Jever Fun (Google...) just before breakfast - no harm.....
  8. Penguins are known to form closely bonded same-sex pairs..... from http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20190702-are-we-set-for-a-new-sexual-revolution
  9. GOD INVENTED LESBIANISM AS A MASTURBATION AID FOR MEN God is a man and knew before he rested that Woman 1.0 Beta was equivalent to Man 2.0..... God is a woman and wanted to make sex more fun, less messy and without any nasty side effects.... Not funny? Inspired by http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20190702-are-we-set-for-a-new-sexual-revolution
  10. Roflmfao - "bet nae comment"...... Ah go on....The accent is dumbed down for English speakers..... "Alexa, how big is Mount Everest?" "Phhh....eut's beug, ma man. No'euz beugeus ma cock tho"
  11. A new band for me (like all their original stuff and cover arrangements so far) - 2019 track.
  12. I thought I'd post this before somebody else did - cool and funny - Let's see if this passes the gaoler muster!
  13. Interesting that the Editorial Director thought it necessary to give "hee's sel" subtitles... (dandruff again).
  14. I thought it was funny - please move Mods if the sensitive-souled BMs whinge complain about it.
  15. Has somebody higher up noticed that the USD, the GBP and the EUR were all on the slippery slope, not to mention the Thai Visa's thread Pattaya business leaders bemoan strong baht https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1110013-pattaya-business-leaders-bemoan-strong-baht/#comments
  16. Thank you for taking my post "at the first degree" - it was meant "at the second degree", but who, in all reality, is going to want to get in a 737 Max - THE NAME NEEDS TO BE CHANGED. I believe continuing to have a Thread Title ANOTHER ONE DOWN - suggests (inadvertently) that there will be a post every now and again announcing another crash. I follow the news (although NOT in the redtops) but I might not have seen the news on TV on any given day and I DO think every day when I see the thread bumped "Has there been another crash - test flight or other reason?" The power of words and
  17. I'm sitting in the stupid section (there you are - said it again). Here was I thinking the only exchange rate that mattered to me was Euro/Baht. Please tell me why I'm wrong..... Thank you in advance. For all I know it could be you who sets the rates....
  18. 'Twas I, sir! The Euro is ALSO an International Reserve Currency (although at 20% against 62% for the USD) only a little brother. And the little little baby brother is the GBP at 4%. The Euro is not tied to the USD in any way - hence my giggling at the back of the class where all the stupid people are. You will be distressed to know that I not only possess a passport, I HAVE TWO, one from the WTO UK and one from EU trade-bloc France. Exchange rates are QUITE CLEARLY calculated by the girl in the MAIN TT booth on Second Road (not THAT one, the other one) depending on which side
  19. Few once on it - last return from LOS. Such a big plane, so little room. Whispers.... BTW Stop TFing. This thread is about Boeing.....
  20. Whispers..... I know A, but I see the headline every day, gerrit?.
  21. Everytime I see this thread title - almost every day - I think WTF? ANOTHER ONE? Without having to read the whole thread..... How many is it now? Andy Cap
  22. Please keep the low season going in Pattaya for another 2 months - those of you with influence over such matters.....
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