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  1. I'd never heard of this airline until ex-wife booked it for my son in June........for the BKK London section of his Summer flight On the treadmill at the gym a few weeks back and see some of it's financial problems. I doubt I forget my phone more than twice a year...That was one of the days!! Rushed home quickly, sent her an urgent message to re-consider and a news report. She cancelled got her money back and about a week later books with Thai. I said I'd pay half the extra......She said don't worry it was only 40 pounds.......??????? Hope she's learned a lesson....... Don't use shit cheapo airlines for our son that she wouldn't travel on to save 40 pounds...Which would only mean 20 pounds for her part. I'm going to send her Gee Gee's link to Skytrax which seems a sensible precaution before any future booking. Though that assumes another cheap flight with a little known airline is being considered. PS GEE GEE......sad for you over that loss last night. Great game, fair but rotten way to lose. But come on Spurs in the Semi.
  2. A guy goes to the optician....... 'Can you check my eyes?' The optician covers one eye and the patient reads.....A C D 5 U B and continues without hesitation reading to the bottom. The Optician covers the other eye and the patient repeats reading perfectly to the bottom of the card and adds Made in Hong Kong for good measure. The Opticians says, 'Your eyesight is perfect...What's your problem?" The patient open the lid of a shoe box he was holding. Inside there was an enormous turd...And says whenever I do one of these my eyes star watering.
  3. One day I'll explain why that's not as outlandish as it sounds.......Cue Twilight Zone music.
  4. OK....Quasimodo goes into a bar and somehow picks up this drunken sexy saloon gal....... He shags her rotten and in the morning she wakes up.....She sees what she's been shagging all night......And staring at the hairy hump on his back she throws up all over it!! Quasi wakes, puts a hand in the sick on his hump.......and gasps in horror!! She says I "Gee....I'm mighty sorry mister....I couldn't help throwing-up." 'Ahhhh......Thaaank Gorrrd'. Says Quasi, "I thought my hunch had burst"
  5. Funny I've always read VPI78 and thought it stood for VPL.......Visible pantie line Cue.. Twilight Zone music.......(The new series of which is shit by-the-way).
  6. I hadn't thought of that........Perhaps it's compelling evidence of a cover-up.....??
  7. Prince Charles is visiting the US.....He's walking down a New York alley wearing a Savile Row double breasted suit and a white stetson ....to fit in. A prostitute calls out an invitation and a price '$500.' Charles tips his hat politely like he'd seen the cowboys do and jokes, '$5' Next day same thing happens......She asks $500 Charles tips his hat and mumbles '$5.' The next day he's walking with Camilla and sees the same prostitute......He thinks, 'Oh my word! What will she say?' The prostitute calls out......'D'ya get change from the $5?'
  8. I think we are stuck in the murky world of belief here. undisputed facts are still rare.
  9. 'Such reports'? Helpful but not really the same. That the BBC get things wrong yes. ......But as we can see they were quickly called out on the mistake in the report you provide. Are there any explanations for the discrepancy in the apparently live footage I posted. It could be simply explained if the 'live' footage wasn't live. Has anyone heard that or any other explanation? I'll have a look myself now. This came out 2007....A comfortable gap.....I'm sorry but it does still seem fishy......Just that there was understandable confusion...We've lost the tapes. Anyone have them? and a poo poo for the conspiracy theorists. The comments below are perhaps more interesting. https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theeditors/2007/02/part_of_the_conspiracy.html A little more here which I need to read through properly. https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theeditors/2007/03/part_of_the_conspiracy_2.html This from responder 34 contradicts the BBC policy as stated by Richard Porter. Who'd said they only have to keep a 'representative sample for 90 days which we take to be a third of the report' and destroy the rest. Responder 34 At 09:10 PM on 02 Mar 2007, Daniel wrote: MEDIA MANAGEMENT POLICY Reference: https://www.bbc.co.uk/foi/docs/historical_information/archive_policies/media_management_policy_overview.htm "01-01 The following components to be retained:- · Two broadcast standard copies of all transmitted/published TV, Radio and BBCi output – one to be stored on a separate site as a master · One browse-quality version for research purposes, to protect the broadcast material · All supporting metadata to enable research and re-use · A selection of original (i.e. unedited) material for re-use/re-versioning purposes · Hardware/software/equipment to enable replay/transfer of the media" How can you possibly loose (at least) three copies from this historic day? It's even stored at two separate sites! If the case that it wasn't archived at all; what about the Broadcasting Act? "03-01 All media and metadata must be stored securely in the correct conditions to minimise damage and degradation, following industry best practice" Has this been done in this case, and if not, why? If has been done, how come you made a 'cock-up'? What can be learned from this incident to prevent this from happening again in the future? "04-01 All transmitted/published media content will be kept for at least five years to fulfil legal requirements and to enable re-versioning and re-use" You say that "the BBC policy is to keep every minute of news channel output for 90 days" Why doesn't 04-01 apply to this? This should be simple to refute/explain. As one person said 'The BBC was at the end of other news stations chinese whispers' It's not a case of 'nothing will satisfy the conspiracy theorist'.....Not in my case. This is probably a simple cock-up. That's what I'd tend to believe. I'd have thought it would be relatively easy for the BeeB to demonstrate if that were the case. I can't believe the BBC were in on this in any way.....But I find I can't go along with the explanation so far given. These questions from Michael seem pertinent Michael wrote: Please stop invoking the "BBC is not part of any conspiracy" line in response to reader complaints. Nobody is suggesting for a moment that you are part of some larger conspiracy and to imply such a thing is at best disingenuous and at worst deliberately misleading. While you seem to have provided sufficient evidence that BBC World's premature report of WTC7's collapse was a simple matter of gross incompetence and nothing more, you have yet to provide answers to some very important questions: 1. Who is responsible for the 'cock-up' which led to the loss of BBC World News' 9/11 footage? "I don't know whether they were destroyed or mislaid." just doesn't cut it! 2. What are the circumstances surrounding the 'cock-up' which led to the loss of BBC World News' 9/11 footage? 3. Who cut reporter Jane Standley's live feed from NYC at 5:18pm (EST) on 11/09/01? 4. What are the circumstances surrounding the disruption of Jane Standley's live feed from NYC at 5:18pm (EST) on 11/09/01? Sorry, Richard, there IS a story here!
  10. I take on board all you say A4...Especially the lack of leaks in all this time. But explain the video.....And the tiny hole in the Pentagon....And the absence of camera footage at America's intelligence and defence hub??? Some things don't add up like they should.
  11. Has that video above ever been explained?
  12. Have to agree regarding The Pentagon......As a girl said to me a few days ago...... 'Too much to swallow'..(It had been a while!) A good friend of mine who was in New York for the US Open tennis Championship at the time of the attack has a friend in US air-traffic control that he was in live contact with after all flights were grounded. His friend said guardedly that the last plane that supposedly crashed into a field disappeared from radar ...his friend assumed it was shot down. If true it doesn't confirm a conspiracy as such.....But it would confirm an understandable cover-up of an unpalatable truth. There's a lot about 9/11 that is consistent with a conspiracy and a lot that isn't........I doubt I'll ever know.
  13. Next day another cowboy comes into the saloon........... His hat is made of brown wrapping paper, his shirt and vest are made of waxed paper, and his chaps, pants, and boots are made of tissue paper. He got arrested for rustling.
  14. I heard about these two cowboys walking into the saloon......One was called 'Past'.......The other 'Present'. ...........it was tense.
  15. Lately on my Android box....Highwaymen....with Kevin Costner as TX Ranger Hamer tracking down Bonnie and Clyde was good. Better than the other Bonnie&Clyde films. Hamer gets the respect he deserves...(what a life he had).... And enjoyed a film called 'Polar' lots of blood and violence. Ditto 'Message Man' though the male lead is as wooden as they come.
  16. An old squash team mate has for as long as I've known him..35 years....gained a reputation for forgetting things.... Skiing......All the 'lads' gathered outside the chalet, booted and suited ready for the first lift. Where's Willy? I'm 'ere. 'Got everything/' Pats himself down.....'Yep.' Off we go in a clatter of skis, boots and poles ......50 metres later. "Ang on lads,' laughs 'forgot me gloves' We wait....... gloves collected..... "Ang on lads left me poles now...... Well I was rushing for me gloves!! Ha ha' OK.... that gives you an idea about Willy..... A few years back we got into a discussion about hypnotism. Another mate Mick, clever bloke but surprisingly for me was dead against it, said it was all bollocks. I put the point that there's a moment between being awake and being asleep that's neither. If the hypnotist can get you to that point then he can make suggestions...etc etc. The argument carried on with no resolution until Willy pipes-up, 'I know it works..It ain't bollocks Mick.' .We all look at him. He had the floor. 'A couple of months back I went to one-a-them E'ypnotist shows.......The bloke called for volunteers. My wife got me to go up....He did something that sorted out who was sus-cep-tible. About a doz' of us were. One-by-one he went along the line putting us in a state and whispering in our ears. You can see him doing all this, until he starts whispering stuff in people's ears...Everyone was acting normal...... Then he clicked his fingers.....And two blokes start dancing with each other, really smooching.....Annuver's squawking like a chicken. Annuver's on all fours barking like a dog...' 'And what did you do Willy?' 'I didn't do anything.' 'Why?' Laughing....'I forgot what it was 'e told me!'
  17. When i looked for the method used on my headlamps I came across loads of vids.......I'd check out Youtube for almost any car query.
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