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  1. A coupla mates posted on TV topic about old age pension, they said they did not need the OAP as they had worked and saved enough to do without it, their posts were deleted. The mods must all be bums and , I will bet, collecting the OAP while working at Thai Visa. Im going to get them investigated by centrelink. P.S. The former mod I know says that Rimmer posts topics under 4 different names.
  2. There are plenty of adds. They get them by "bumping" their readership figures. Every mod has to post new topics under several different names. Been banned a few times, no probs, just use a different email account, take ipad or iphone to a bar with wifi and join again.Not denying they are a great source of info, its the fairy mods that get my goat. I Guess If I was earning less than an english teacher, I would become bitter and twisted too.
  3. You wouldn't be a moderator there, would you!
  4. If you call a Pom a Pom , as Australian newspapers do, you get banned. If you call someone Dumb, you get banned. Bunch of bloody fairies.
  5. How do i contact you , other than on here.
  6. I have a small, one off, photoshop job needs doing, who can help?
  7. Internet probs, kept opening previous thaivisas .
  8. More likely on strike over their slave labour rates of pay.
  9. They must be all asleep today, not one new topic. Their boss wont be happy as they generate the most topics, and replies.
  10. The topic was closed by the mods, now they opened the ridiculous topic again, so if you have 10 baht to spare and want to take a trip somewhere, you know where to findout the places to go.
  11. The mods at thaivisa allowed him to advertise a certain curry house for weeks, so, guess he is a "privileged " member.
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