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  1. Hello! I am a 60 years young, recently retired Canadian small business owner whose landed here since September. I'm trying to find some sort of community or just buddies that like to do things aside from beer bars,....... I hike , go to the gym, travel, like a drink, am intelligent and enjoy debate on most everything. I'm independent, and have mobility. I guess I'm saying I'm looking for friends who enjoy moderation. Anyone out there who wants to expand their circles, and social interests. Get to know an interesting Canuck let me know, as its hard to find like minded people in this "transient-type" of town. Thanks for the time. David line id: ready2bme
  2. Please someone direct me to a decent dimsum restaurant.......
  3. Try reducing your time restriction to 3-6months..I believe there is a untouched market. Im presently finishing alease for 5months at 57k/mnth and am looking for a 3month....
  4. Canadians like Americans, we have a problem with corporate america.........
  5. Thats what separates us from the Americans. That and we tend not to bully our point of view ;-)
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