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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. A man from (insert whatever country you like- or dislike) was living in the U.S. and married to an American woman. The couple takes a trip back to his homeland so he can show her where he comes from, a tiny farming village deep in the countryside. It doesn't take many minutes for him to show her everything. They come to a large tree on the outskirts of the village and he says, "I had my first sexual experience under that tree." "Wow," responds his wife. "It seems very open. Didn't anyone see you?" Yes," said the husband. "Her mother watched the whole time." "Oh my god,"
  2. I'll start with this golden oldie: A man on a transcontinental flight from New York to San Francisco finds much to his delight that he is seated next to a very beautiful young woman. As soon as he fastens his seatbelt, he asks her politely," Are you traveling for business or leisure?" "Business," she answers with a bright smile. "I'm attending the National Convention of Sexologists." "Wow! That's interesting," says the man. "Are you a delegate to the convention?" "No, I'm a lecturer," she responded. "I use my research to debunk some of the popular myths about sexuality..
  3. Most members of Pattaya Talk will already have made arrangements for Christmas Dinner, but in case you haven't, what follows are menus from the Web sites of various Pattaya restaurants. I'll start with some old reliable favorites, which also happen to be among the less expensive. The all-you-can-eat buffet at Chik-N-Coop bar is probably the best value-for-money Christmas dinner in town. Coop's buffet always tastes just like your Mom made, assuming you had an American mom. Tigglebitties Tavern is usually sold out before Christmas, so best to jump now if you're interested.
  4. According to its Facebook page, the Marquee Bar has raised the price of its Sunday roast dinners to 120 baht from 100 baht. Roast dinners are available on Wednesdays as well as Sundays. . PreCovid the Marquee was doing about 200 roast dinner covers every Sunday and and they were always sold out by early evening. I had the roast chicken dinner quite a few times and was always happy with it. I didn't much care for the beef or pork variations- industrial block meat- but you can't expect too much for what was then 100 baht. Chicken was fine, though, and a big enough portion for me
  5. I got this email from Kinnaree: I don't know if it's the same offer as pre-Covid, but it used to be the Sunday roast was free if you had a high-enough tab. Evil
  6. A couple of "walk-through" videos on YouTube. The BTS link looks like a decent option if you only have light carry-on luggage, but I wonder how much time you save considering all the walking involved, especially from international arrivals at DMK. The big problem I found with the AirLink from Swampy was buying the tokens at the Phaya Thai station to connect with the other BTS lines. AirLink was popular with the Russian, Indian and Chinese groups, so there was a big crush of people (no real queues) at the machines which sold tokens. Often the foreign tourists didn't know how the kiosks
  7. Authorities say the building is likely to collapse. UPDATE: Gas leak believed to be cause of massive explosion at restaurant in the center of Pattaya Evil
  8. Massive explosion obliterates Thai restaurants and buildings in the center of Pattaya, one Laotian worker seriously injuried I've eaten in Govindam, the Indian restaurant said to have sustained minor damage. It's located on Pattaya Klang near 2nd Road. The explosion appears to have occurred in a subsoi off Klang. Lucky it occurred at 5.30 a.m. and not 5.30 p.m. Evil
  9. Friends who stayed at the Nana in the past few months have mixed opinions. Some say it's a dump to be avoided, others say it's at least acceptable. I believe the difference is whether you get a refurbished room. It's been 10 years since I stayed at the Nana and that was only for one night. I got one of the (then) recently refurbished rooms and it was OK. The hotel itself was quite shabby, with dark and dingy corridors. The Nana was built quickly and cheaply in 1963 and very little money has been spent on maintaining it. The Nana needs a massive renovation, but that's not likely to ha
  10. I haven't been in Pattaya for 30 months, but I try to contribute to the board by re-posting FB and Web site menus and specials for inexpensive food. To my knowledge, Cheap Charlie's is still on Buakhao, but I don't know about the discount card. Maybe someone with boots on the ground can ask or you could send a message via CC's FB page? Evil
  11. The Queen Victoria Inn is a venerable and popular restaurant and guest house that's been serving visitors to Pattaya for more than two decades. I always found it a reliable and inexpensive place to have a meal or an ale while taking a break from the bustle of Soi 6. My standard disclaimer: I haven't been in Pattaya since late January 2020, so I can't know what's happened ass Pattaya emerges from the Covid restrictions. I'm posted the Queen Vic menu for informative purposes. Those with boots on the ground will have to write the reviews. The queen Vic has plenty of specials and ord
  12. I saw the Wombat & Kiwi Bar (corner of Soi 9, Jomtien Beach Road) mentioned on another board, so I went to their Facebook page. The prices are very low: This is their Monday special: 291797913_571124234489915_3028528327563502842_n.mp4 They also have "all-you-can-eat" specials for 99 baht! I don't like to link directly to Facebook, but it's easy to find the details for anyone who's interested. They also have a Sunday roast for 99 or 150 baht. Since I've been in the U.S. for the past 30 months, I can't vouch for the quality of the food. But at least o
  13. This week's specials at Cheap Charlie's, taken from its Facebook page. Very low prices on the specials and only 99 baht with Cheap Charlie's Reward Card.
  14. This is an oldie, but one of the best Western series ever made. the acting is very strong with a lot of character development and a strong plot.
  15. My friend isn't exactly effervescent with praise, but he has only good things to say about Tik. On the few occasions there has been a problem with his booking or his stay, she has always resolved it quickly and to his satisfaction. He's impressed by her professionalism and he is not easily impressed. Unlike some farang with similar operations, DW has always remained within the boundaries of Thai law. Farang can rent out condos they own without a work permit, but a Thai subject has to manage the rental. Farang are only allowed to be passive owners; they can't handle bookings or main
  16. According to the Web site, Dancewatcher has condos in VT1A, VT2A, VT5C and VT6. According to my friend who has used Dancewatcher's services numerous times over the years, Tik (DW's girlfriend) also acts as an agent for several condos and villas in other locations in Jomtien. Evil
  17. It sounds as if it could be Dancewatchers Condo & Apartment Rentals, which is still in operation. A friend of mine booked a condo through Dancewatchers for a visit in May. The email address is dancewatchers@gmail.com and there's a contact form on the Web site. Evil
  18. That was my suggestion, too, but I sent it privately to the Mods. It's definitely misleading to have a headline reading "RIP." Evil
  19. I'm kicking this thread alive again. There's always a need for information about inexpensive restaurants which serve good food. I'm trapped in the U.S. due to Covid, so I can't offer dining experiences more recent than two years ago, but I can help out by posting menus and info on specials from restaurants' Facebook pages and Web sites. I would advise everyone to check the restaurants' social media sites to be sure the information below is still accurate. Things change fast in these strange times! I'll start with the LK Metro area. The Rockhouse has a new menu. Whenever I ate there, the
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