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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. Today I tried one of the Saturday specials, the Philly cheesesteak at 199 baht. Here's the pic from RH's Facebook page: It looked very similar to what I got on my plate, although maybe the portion was somewhat smaller. It was even the waitress in the pic who served me. According to the RH Facebook page, the sandwich consists of "Slow roasted topside of beef, sautéed green peppers and onions, melted cheddar cheese, garlic mayo, toasted baguette," with a side of "French fries or sweet potato fries." A Philadelphia-born cheesesteak purist wouldn't approve, but the
  2. The Beyond Burger is now on the menu at Dicey Reilly's on 2nd Road. Evil
  3. Christmas Eve costs 999 baht and Christmas Day is 1,199 baht, but early birds who book by Dec. 20 with get a discount (850 b on Xmas Eve, 999 baht on Xmas Day). Children under 5 eat free.
  4. The Robin Hood Tavern has a Christmas Eve carvery as well as Christmas lunch and dinner.
  5. Time for a badly needed update. The Robin Hood Tavern went through a major crisis in 2019 but seems to have gotten back on track under new management. I don't know who owns it now, but a young Belgian chef named Max is involved on the food side and he has totally revamped the menu and food service. According to a lot of reports, the dishes there are consistently good now. I haven't tried it yet and the info below comes from RH's Facebook page. For those who favor traditional UK pub fare, the Ploughman's Lunch looks good at 199 baht: There's also a larger "Bi
  6. @frostfire and @BeerBelly Here's the clip I was telling you about. And to all other members- it's worth watching, funny as hell, but American-style humor. Evil
  7. More suggestions for Christmas dinner 2019. The restaurants listed for 2018 will, of course, be offering a similar dinner this year. ,,,,, The Sportsman (name on menu is in really small print): .... The Hard Rock has two Christmas buffets, a giant one in Starz Diner and a much more limited carvery in the Hard Rock Cafe. If you just want turkey and all the trimmings plus Christmas desserts (plum pudding, etc), then the Hard Rock Cafe's carvery is enough. I haven
  8. I can confirm that the Chik N Coop buffet is sold out. Evil
  9. I'm a bit late with this one, but so is Thanksgiving this year. In case you haven't made plans for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday: .... The Golf Club on LK Metro: Chik N Coop also has a Thanksgiving buffet that's the best value-for-money deal, but it is probably sold out by now. You could always check with Coop in case people haven't picked up tickets they had reserved. Some other suggestions I shamelessly lifted from another board. I can't vouch for their accuracy. - Blue Moose sports bar ("Dark Side" - 595 baht) - Sportsman (Soi 13 - 795 baht) -
  10. It makes sense that it would have been removed. Evil
  11. I read on another board that the full story of what happened with Pattaya Meals, including the name of the farang scammer, has appeared on the Breakfast Club Pattaya Facebook group. I'm not a member there, so I can't check it out. But if any BM who is a member would care to PM me the info, I would appreciate it much. I know Frosty is also interested in this case, so you could message him if you prefer. Thanks in advance. Evil
  12. I have ordered dozens of times from Pattaya Meals since MM's post back in 2016. However, I noticed this post on Pattaya Meal's Facebook page when I tried to order recently: "Pattaya Meals November 10 at 1:49 PM · Due to gross misconduct, theft, scams and a variety of other scumbag actions Pattaya Meals is done. It's a real shame that the hard work of the original owners (who gave the business to this individual on a payment plan) has gone to waste and they've been left owed a large sum of money by the individual in question. It's also abhorrent the manner in which this individual t
  13. Which WU booth is most convenient depends on your starting point in Jomtien. You might want to check the WU Website for Pattaya, as not all booths are open on weekends. Make sure you take the confirmation email with you or at least copy all the information on it, as the WU clerk will ask about the sender, exact amount transferred, etc. Your passport is also necessary. Evil
  14. I'm in the U.S. now and I have tried the Impossible Whopper. I wasn't impressed. I don't think the plant-based burger tasted like a beef burger. Without the toppings, the Impossible Burger didn't have any taste at all aside from the grill char marks. The regular beef Whopper tasted like it always does- not great, but definitely an acceptable beef burger. I had taken advantage of a Burger King special promotion called a Tasting Bundle. You got an Impossible Whopper and a regular beef Whopper with cheese for $7.00, including free home delivery through DoorDash. That's a really low price
  15. Burger King has rolled out a meatless, plant-based vegan hamburger in all 7,000 of it outlets in the U.S. McDonald's is experimenting with a meatless, plant-based burger in 28 restaurants in Ontario, Canada. McD's already has a "McVegan"in Finland and Sweden and its proved bery popular. However, the vegan patty is made by a local Swedish company and isn't the same as the "Beyond Meat" patty used in the P.L.T. The McVegan is fairly recent, but McDonald's has had vegetarian burgers in India, Sweden, Israel and some other countries for a number of years.
  16. Depending on how much luggage you have, you could just cross Thappraya and jump aboard a regular songthaew for 10 baht. It's usually no problem with one small suitcase. Evil
  17. The Hungry Hippo is the most recent of the "big three" budget restaurants to open on a short stretch of Soi Buakhao, the other two being the Chunky Monkey and Cheap Charlie's. It's also the latest project of an experienced restaurateur who had started and flipped the Chunkey Monkey. In fact, he almost replicated the CHunky Monkey (but in smaller premises) a couple of hundred metters down the street from the original. The Hubgry Hippo uses the same menu and the bargain-priced food tastes the same as it did at the CM. If you liked the CM under Robin's ownership, you won't encounter a
  18. Thank God, Buddha, Allah, Shiva, Zeus, Odin, Tezcatlipoca and all other deities known and unknown for that! Evil
  19. I think you'd do better at Kilkenny, Golf Club, Harry's or the Buakhao Bistro on Soi Buakhao across from Serenity A Go Go (former Oasis). Smokin' Joe's on Lengkee is also good for U.S.-style farang food. Kilkenny revamped its restaurant menu about three weeks ago. Here's an excerpt from the new menu: Kilkenny also has great value-for-money daily specials. Today's three specials: and yesterday's two: I've tried and reviewed the beef stew, pork chop and Ozzie burger. All were very good. Most noteworthy is probably the Sunday roa
  20. Prime Burger has taken over the premises of the venerable but now defunct Butchers Arms across Soi Buakhao from the southern edge of Tree Town. As the name makes clear, Prime Burger is narrowly focused on premium burgers. In addition to hamburgers made from 100% imported Australian beef (70% chuck, 30% brisket) ground daily in the restaurant, the menu includes chicken, fish and vegetarian burgers as well as some traditional side dishes and salads. Prime Burger is a good option if you're in the mood for an upscale burger, but not if you want anything else. The interior f
  21. Cheap Charlie's is one of three low-price restaurants evenly spaced along a half-kilometer stretch of Soi Buakhao in the heart of the LK Metro area. The Chunky Monkey and Hungry Hippo are the other two bastions of budget bites on Buakhao, although several restaurants in that area have daily specials that put them in or slightly above the same price level. Competition for bargain baht is fierce around LK Metro! CC's is located about 150 meters south of Soi Lengkee on the east side of the road. I visited on a Sunday at about 2.30 p.m. It had about 25 customers at that time, which wa
  22. The Food Park on the lower level of Central Festival shopping mall on 2nd Road has been redone. Whether it is an addition to the old Food Park or a replacement for it remains to be seen. The new version is slicker, more comfortable and has a better layout than its hugely popular predecessor. I took these photos at about 8.30 p.m. on Sunday, July 14. The Food Park was busy, but there were plenty of seats available. The old Food Park was often rammed, even in low season. It's also more expensive. I couldn't see any Thai dishes for 45
  23. I remember during my most recent trip to the U.S. I got five Haas avocados for $3.00. Must have been a bumper harvest. Now the price is about $1.00 each. I guess these guys weren't happy with the avocados on sale.
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