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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. The Shack is the abbreviated sucessor to the former Richman Poorman Restaurant on Jomtien Beach Road. It is a street stall located in the Jomtien Complex, with the entrance to the Complex about two-thirds down the dog-leg section of Thrappaya Rd to Jomtien Beach Road. The Shack is diagonally across the sub-soi from Tinnie's Pie Shop. The Shack keeps alive the BBQ and TexMex dishes that were the signature of Richman Poorman. I would assume most of its business is takeaway, but there is counter dining and one table for four. On Thursday I took the baht bus t
  2. For nearly three decades, the Sailor Bar & Restaurant on Soi 8 has been dishing out low-priced food and drink to chea-, uh, thrifty charlies. Everyone agrees the Sailor's 60-baht cocktails are probably the cheapest buzz in central Pattaya, but opinions have always been sharply mixed regarding the food. Some loved it, others were, shall we say, less enthusiastic. I belonged to the latter category and wrote a very negative review back in 2013. I've quoted it at the end of this post by way of comparison with this review. I thought I would take one for the team , so I
  3. This reminds me of what happened during the 1986 U.S. air strike against terrorist targets in Libya. The Libyan air defenses included very sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles which had been supplied by the then Soviet Union. Unfortunately, the Libyan crews didn't fully understand how to operate them. Some of the crews panicked and fired the missiles straight up in the air. Those missiles fell on Tripoli and caused damage to civilian areas, including some embassies. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a Russian journalist told me he had interviewed ex-Soviet military guys who had
  4. The Siam Lounge is a German bar and restaurant on Pattaya Klang Soi 12 around the corner from the Siam View hotel and across the street from the KTK Royal Residence. It's close to Nova Gold and Nova Park hotels and Jameson's Irish Pub. I In addition to German dishes with a Bavarian accent, the Siam Lounge has standard international dishes like hamburgers, sandwiches, pasta and pizza as well as Thai dishes. Prices are moderate. It has an extensive breakfast menu with German and English variations. It's an open-front restaurant that's a pleasant plac
  5. It had been months since I tried the 100-baht Sunday roast dinner at the Marquee, so I went back last week. Very little had changed; I could almost repeat the review I wrote in February (LINK post #304). That's both positive and negative. It means the Marquee's popular Sunday roasts are holding a decent standard for the low, low price of 100 baht. I had been worried that if the chicken dinner slipped further in quality it would cross the low into the mediocre category. That didn't happen. The slide appears to have been checked. The chicken brea
  6. Here's one for North Americans: homemade pork corn dogs from Tigglebitties Tavern. I ordered them (100 baht each) for delivery and added a slice of apple pie for 80 baht to clear the free-delivery threshold at 250 baht. A corn dog is a hot dog sausage on a stick that has been dipped in a cornmeal batter and deep fried. It's a relatively new entry into the U.S. fast-food pantheon, having been invented in the late 1930s or early1940s. One story credits a hot dog vendor who had missed the delivery of buns and decided to coat them with batter used for frying fish. The stick was add
  7. I don't have any distain for tomato paste. It's a great ingredient and I use it a lot myself. However, I don't think the flavor of tomato paste should dominate the taste of any pasta sauce. Tomato paste needs herbs and spices to offset and balance the tomato taste. Evil
  8. Meatloaf is an iconic U.S. comfort food that's a lot like the girl in the nursery rhyme who had a curl in the middle of her forehead. When meatloaf is good, it's very, very good, but when it's bad, it's horrid. It's seldom you find good meatloaf in Pattaya, which is doubly unfortunate for me as it's a personal favorite of mine. A few days ago I had the meatloaf daily special from Tigglebitties for 200 baht. I added a slice of carrot cake for 50 baht so my order would qualify for free delivery. I really enjoy the food from Tigglebitties, but its location on Soi R
  9. Here's a note on Mastercard's methodology (my bold highlight): "The Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index ranks 200 cities based on third-party research and proprietary analysis in terms of the number of their total international overnight visitor arrivals and the cross-border spending by these same visitors in the destination cities in 2018, and gives visitor and expenditure growth forecasts. "Public data is used in deriving the international overnight visitor arrivals and their cross-border spending in each of the 200 destination cities. Forecasts are based upon the weighted
  10. Pattaya is the 15th most popular travel destination in the world, according to Mastercard's Global Destination Cities Index for 2019. For the fourth straight year, Bangkok ranked as number one with 22.78 million international overnight visitors in 2018. Phuket placed 14th with 9.89 million, one notch above Pattaya with 9.44 million. Thailand is the only country to have three destinations among the top 20. The Mastercard Index covers 200 destinations worldwide. Whatever Thai authorities are doing to promote tourism to Thailand, it seems to be working. There's a lot of really inter
  11. Scottie's Restaurant & Minimart on the ground floor of the Centre Condo has been serving moderately priced farang food for nearly 20 years. The Centre Condo is located just off Pattaya Tai on Soi 24, about 150 meters west (towards the beach) from TukCom. I tried one of the weekly specials, the spaghetti bolognese for 169 baht. It included two slices of garlic bread and a small serving of fresh salad. A large portion of spaghetti was topped with a generous amount of U.K.-style bolognese sauce. It was more spaghetti than I usually eat in one sitting when I make it myself at h
  12. Another low-price option, this time from Scottie's Restaurant & Minimart in the Center Condo complex off Pattaya Tai near TukCom: And an expensive one:
  13. The food area of the basement level of Central Festival is now divided into three distinct components, plus new and old restaurants. The three components are: 1) Food Park, the heir of the original food court: Food Park has been in operation since July and I described it in the OP. 2) A more upscale area called Beach Eats that been open a couple of weeks: 3) A counter-service area that appears to be an extension of the supermarket, the Central Festival Food Hall: In addition, there are several restaurants on the basement level: Beach
  14. Ramen Ippudo is a chain of Japanese ramen (noodle) restaurants with 207 outlets in 13 countries on four continents. It's regarded as Japan's foremost ramen chain, noted for keeping traditional flavors in some dishes while experimenting with new flavors in others. I tried the recently opened Ippudo branch in the basement level of Central Festival. It joins the 17 Ippudo restaurants in Bangkok where Ippudo's approach to ramen has proved very popular. Ippudo has also been a hit in New York City. At 4.30 p.m., I was the only customer. I had walked past it at 4.00 p.m., and t
  15. I had the Robin Hood's Sunday roast tonight. The food at the RH has improved a lot under new management, so I decided try the roast beef dinner, Normally I order chicken or lamb as the roast beef and roast pork have seldom been good in Pattaya. But since the RH has been on a winning streak, I went all in and had the roast beef. I wasn't disappointed. I had the small plate at 199 baht, which was more than enough for me. There's also a large fixed plate dinner for 299 baht and the "all-you-can-eat" cavery buffet that includes soup and dessert for 395 baht. Each dinner has a choice
  16. The menus and prices are the same this year as last, so I'll use the quote function. Evil
  17. The Pullman Pattaya has an out-of-the-way location on Wong AmartBeach in Naklua. The price for the Christmas brunch is reasonable, considering what you get. It also fearures roast goose instead of turkey. More details from the Hard Rock. It ain't Cheap Charlie's, but its Christmas meals are decent value-for-money for what you're getting. The prices are net, not ++. At the Royal Cliff, it's elegant and expensive. Since the price is ++, add 17.5% to the prices before. The Amari Pattaya is also ++, so add 17.5% to
  18. This one is going to be sold out for sure, so jump on it fast if you're interested. A lot of expats have a Cheap Charlie's Rewards Card and the discount price of 475 baht is the lowest I've seen for a turkey dinner. The one downside is that Christmas pudding isn't offered, but mince pie will be good enough for many.
  19. Casa Pascal on 2nd Road near The Avenue. It's another expensive one, but top-rate food. The price is in tiny print: 1,590 baht for Christmas lunch and 1,890 baht for dinner on Dec. 24th and Dec. 25th. EDIT IN: The price is ++, so add another 17.5%.
  20. Two in Jomtien: And one on the Darkside, but only if you're not looking for a traditional English or American Christmas dinner: Evil
  21. The best value-for-money Christmas dinner in town is the all-you-can-eat buffet at Chik-N-Coop bar in the beer bar complex diagonally across the street from Mike's Mall on 2nd Road. It costs 500 baht. It's a U.S.-style dinner with American touches like different kinds of stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and green bean casserole as well as roast turkey and ham, mashed potatoes, veggies, etc. All the food is in the best tradition of home cooking. Thai dishes are on offer for wives and girl friends who aren't fans of farang meals. Coop has a very loyal following fo
  22. When I worked in NYC, we had about 20 people (out of 3,000) who were orthodox Jews or Muslims as well as a few Hindus and Jains who had religious reservations about meat eating. They wouldn't even use the microwaves and fridges the other employees used. They had their own fridge, microwave and eating area in a locked room to which only they had keys. It was also used as a Muslim prayer room. However, the strictest Jews and Muslims wouldn't even use that room. They only ate food they brought with them or bought in a halal or kosher restaurant. Burger King has an option for v
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