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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Did anyone stop to think maybe it was the foam that got the kids sick and not the water? seems to me it would be more likely the foam.
  2. I stayed at the Flipper Lodge 2 years and it was nice and clean, there breakfast was okay for me but other's said the breakfast was good
  3. Olded


    A 17-year-old boy who works part-time at Pizza Hut drives up to park in front of the house in a beautiful Porsche. Naturally, his parents know that there’s no way he earned enough with his after-school job to buy such a car. “Where did you get that car?” his mom and dad screamed in shock. “I bought it today,” replied the teen calmly. “With what money young man?” his mom demands. “We know how much a Porsche costs and you cannot afford it!” “Well, it’s used and I got a good deal” says the boy, “This on
  4. Sorry why so many photos of the same time, this tipic is not a tourist site. just in IMO
  5. I'm on a retirement Visa and haven't been out of the country, and as far as I know if you stay at a hotel in Thailand and return to the same address you don't need a TM30 ( unless they changed it again )
  6. I had a TM30 in my passport years ago, a few years ago I went to Pattaya for few days and when I came home I stop at the immigration office to check in and he said if you come back to the same address you don't have to check in any more. Never used the TM30 again, so when I got my new passport I never put it in
  7. I just got my years visa renewed a few weeks ago and they put in the passport a new TM30 and I didn't even ask for it.
  8. How do Agoda get there star rating for a hotel?? I put in I'm looking for a 4 star hotel for family coming to Thailand. The first hotel that came up was Sawasdee Siam Hotel I stayed there before, OK clean but old and the hotel is not kept up well. Maybe a 2-3 star hotel. The third hotel was Charles Place, I never stayed there but when I looked at there room photos, small rooms, old furniture and the TV was not even a flat screen but a 15 year old 20" TV. How can that be a 4 star hotel?? You can't count on the star ratings.
  9. update---There are GOOD people working at immigration too, I went to pick up my passport today and got there early 12:25, they were close for lunch till 1, A man that works in the immigration seen me sitting and he asked me if I was here to pick up my passport and I said yes. He asked where I'm from and turned around and went in the office, he came out with my passport. This man did it on his lunch break !!!
  10. My bank letter was dated on the 5th and this was the 11th, In Chiang Rai if you go to one stop visa on Mon or Tues you mostly get your visa same day unless you come in too late.
  11. BAD DAY at the Immigration office today, went to get my visa renewed today and thought I had everything in order but the lady ( I should say BITCH) looked at my paper work and started to shake he head no. I used both sides of the paper to copy my bank book and she said why did you do this, all i could is say sorry, she snapped don't do it again, just use one side of the paper . She just kept shaking her head no as she went threw my papers, took my 1900 baht told me sit down, I sat there for about 5 minutes and then she calls me back up. She said your bank letter isn't dated today and has to b
  12. I always use CheapOair, never had a problem with them and if you have a question and you call them you allows get someone that you can understand what there saying.
  13. I heard about all the taxi scams at the Phuket airport, does anyone know what a fair price is for a taxi from the airport to the Best Western Patong Beach Hotel?
  14. I have TOT internet package for my computer, fiber fast, I bough a wifi box (from TOT) for 1000 baht so I could use my phone and table. I only pay 525 baht a month.
  15. Beware don't trust the star reviews, read them yourself. I was booking a taxi service for friends coming over and the taxi service had a 3.5 rating, I looked at their reviews and they had 13 5-stars and 3 4-star, 2 poor and 11 terrible, 9 out of the 11 was for taxi no shows and 2 was for taxi drivers who wanted more money when they came. Who would book a taxi service like this but they have a 3.5 rating??
  16. It might help the trash in the drain problem if they would put some trash cans around on the sidewalks so people don't have to throw trash on street. I know many people won't use them anyway but many would.
  17. Before I was pestered a lot by DVD sellers when I was eating and I didn't like it and one day a guy told me, you have to remember that these people are just trying to make a living, it's better if they sell something than them out robbing people.
  18. I think that is going take a little more than duck tape!
  19. Did anyone recently stay at Nana Hotel? Years ago it was turning into a dump, Did a new owner take it over? The internet has it as a 3.5 star hotel now?
  20. Not to get off topic but a few years ago a few Taxi services came out and said under the new Taxi rules they no longer can service Don Mueang airport. Did they change the rules?
  21. Olded

    Visa stamp

    That just shows that there is no set rules for immigration offices, but I didn't mind paying the 300 baht because I gave the lady the 2 passports and in 5 minutes she gave them back done.
  22. Olded

    Visa stamp

    I just got a new passport, I had to do my 90 day check in today so I asked them to put the Visa stamps into my new passport, no problem they did it and charged me 300baht for doing it.
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