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    Visa stamp

    There is a form but it is only a couple of entries, name and maybe address. Bring a pen.
  2. To expand slightly, if you leave and come back on a reentry permit, you will need to do the first report in person 90 days after the reentry. Also, if you get a new passport, the next report will need to be in person. After that, the online link works like a charm.
  3. Many of us would have to make a taxable withdrawal from a retirement savings account.
  4. I think it's two. One showing the deposits for at least 12 months and one certifying you have the account open and balance on the date of the letter. Published information says the one certifying the open account has to be the date you file the TM.7. Don't know if that is rigidly enforced but went to the bank in the morning and Immigration in the afternoon just in case.
  5. My biggest problem with the 800K was that it would have required me to make a taxable transaction. As to having a monthly annuity check deposited to Bangkok Bank, sometimes it will catch the exchange rate up, sometimes down. I believe the term is income averaging. I get through most months without additional Wise transfers.
  6. At immigration this morning at about 10am, second day after Songkran, to submit my retirement extension. It no longer looks like the waiting room for day passes from Hades. They're well into the process of adding permanent overhead covers on the west side. Tents still up on the east side. Most people were seated. There was a sign for retirements. They took a quick look to see that I had a TM.7 and some supporting documents and gave me a slip to get in the front door. Couple people in front of me at the front counter and then got traditional printed number. Young guy, polite and wit
  7. Had been doing my own O retirement extensions based on 65K+ a month since whenever the US Embassy quit certifying income letters. Got the documentation from Bangkok Bank. This year thought about using an agent. One said clearly that I had to have something from my embassy. When I said that wasn't possible, it was immediately "We can help you with the 800K" Bye Made preliminary contact with another agent by DM and said I had the 65K+ a month. First response was do you have something in writing from your embassy? Didn't see any need to pursue that one further. After a hiccup abo
  8. Doctor at BHP waived me off my multivitamin as one of the vitamins might contribute to peripheral neuropathy (numb toes). Whether its that or some other stuff he prescribed, the situation is better.
  9. Speculation but I assumed it was due to the holiday weekend.
  10. Okay, indulging my inner troll but seems like that would take more time, words out of my mouth and 200 baht as opposed to walking up to the 90 day tent and handing over my passport.
  11. Probably won't work, currently (recently?) not doing the TM.6 at entry in order to simplify things ?
  12. They have improved. All you need, at least for a timely report, is yourself and your passport. Don’t go on Monday morning or Friday afternoon. Should be in and out in 20 minutes.
  13. There is now professional rugby in the US, no opinion about the quality. Should note that it is https://www.majorleague.rugby/, although they play union.
  14. I got to see murder ball live once. Only time I observed up-armored wheel chairs.
  15. One of the visual differences watching on TV is that in League the scrums appear to be mostly ceremonial.
  16. Agoda thinks they are taking reservations.
  17. Drove past a T-T booth today. Believe they were showing 36.22 to the USD. 36.29 on a credit card purchase.
  18. A few years now but they had wanted to see a long stay visa/extension. Minor hiccup this year. Got my statement of deposits from the big office near Soi 6. Document checker at immigration says where is your certification letter from Bangkok Bank? No idea what he was talking about. He gives me a note and says go to the branch on Jomtien 2nd road. They knew what to do and produced the required letter in a few minutes for 100 baht. As far as I could tell it certified that I had an open account on that date.
  19. 33.43 today on an online credit card purchase.
  20. Only flown business class a few times cashing in frequent flyer miles. First time, on a Delta 767, was so uncomfortable I was glad to get back into an economy seat on the Narita-BKK leg. I was a big fan of Eva premium economy but it still looks problematic to transit Taiwan.
  21. Looking at Singapore for round trip BKK-US and seeing good fares. It would be a long routing but figure they would be as good as anyone for refunds if the world flips over again.
  22. Having your government check deposited to a Thai account does facilitate your retirement extension. On the other hand the day will probably come that I still need the money but can't make it to the bank.
  23. Partial answer, high limit credit card as part of your out the door kit.
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