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  1. Agoda thinks they are taking reservations.
  2. Drove past a T-T booth today. Believe they were showing 36.22 to the USD. 36.29 on a credit card purchase.
  3. A few years now but they had wanted to see a long stay visa/extension. Minor hiccup this year. Got my statement of deposits from the big office near Soi 6. Document checker at immigration says where is your certification letter from Bangkok Bank? No idea what he was talking about. He gives me a note and says go to the branch on Jomtien 2nd road. They knew what to do and produced the required letter in a few minutes for 100 baht. As far as I could tell it certified that I had an open account on that date.
  4. 33.43 today on an online credit card purchase.
  5. Only flown business class a few times cashing in frequent flyer miles. First time, on a Delta 767, was so uncomfortable I was glad to get back into an economy seat on the Narita-BKK leg. I was a big fan of Eva premium economy but it still looks problematic to transit Taiwan.
  6. Looking at Singapore for round trip BKK-US and seeing good fares. It would be a long routing but figure they would be as good as anyone for refunds if the world flips over again.
  7. Having your government check deposited to a Thai account does facilitate your retirement extension. On the other hand the day will probably come that I still need the money but can't make it to the bank.
  8. Partial answer, high limit credit card as part of your out the door kit.
  9. Possibly 6/1. I know you have to walk a little bit further north to get to Soi 6.
  10. The good folks at the Bangkok Bank main office opposite Soi 7 knew what I needed for immigration and generated the required document.
  11. My eyes glaze over every time I read discussions about the requirements for the 800K in the bank. The 65K+ a month hasn't been a problem. My one concern is the US imposed requirement that my monthly check go to a direct deposit account which I can't access electronically. The day will come, hopefully later than sooner, that I can't make it to the bank but will not yet have made the final visa run.
  12. Probably not the best source. I haven't seen this elsewhere including groups and pages where the vaccine mandate is a live bone of contention.
  13. They were giving sinopharm at the indoor sports stadium last week. GF said at least it wasn't Sinovac.
  14. I saw a FB post saying you can get an international certificate with (I think) the hospital certificate, passport and air tickets. It listed where to get the certificate in Bangkok and said it would be someplace in the provinces. That's about how nonspecific it was.
  15. Made the trip to MedPark in Bangkok for the second Pfizer jab. Got this letter size certificate of vaccination.
  16. Beginning to contemplate SIA for a trip back to the US next year as they are currently offering a decent price for premium economy. If that still looks like a possibility will then look for a transit hotel at Changi.
  17. I would say not. Had a few massage girls in the distant past who included that in their repertoire. Seems like it should be erotic but it wasn’t.
  18. Just got an SMS for Pfizer from BPH on 23 Aug at Central Festival. Nothing about being over 60. Don’t even know where that one came from.
  19. The 10th was the first day Pfizer was offered at MedPark. I selected that rather than the 9th solely on the general principle of don't go on the first day/Monday. Sometimes lucky is better than good.
  20. Got this SMS at 5pm. Your appointment to have vaccination at building D, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is on 19/08/2021 at 13:00 - 14:00. The choice of vaccines are Astra Zeneca or Pfizer. Please confirm your vaccine preference by clicking the link https://bit.ly/3maDgio. If you're under 60 years old, you need to present Medical Certificate as proof that you have the underlying 7 medical conditions. Please bring your passport and show this SMS to our staff. Thank you. Got the Pfizer vaccine last week so won't be completing the link. It was the date/time I requested.
  21. Pattaya had been a popular holiday destination for young Koreans. There is also a significant expat community for business. Occasionally could spot Korean girls by looks but always assumed there was a husband or boyfriend nearby.
  22. GF spent most of the day at the local vaccine location for the general population (indoor sports stadium?). She did get the jab but definitely no reservations/appointments.
  23. Within a few minutes had two phone calls from hospitals about Covid vaccinations. The first I didn't really catch which hospital, but I thought was Bangkok Pattaya. The second was in Sri Racha which asked how close I was to the the hospital. Told them both thanks but I had gotten Pfizer in Bangkok. Things are beginning to break loose.
  24. BTW Thais know Sinovac is not the preferred option.
  25. Having got the first dose of Pfizer and an appointment for the second, relatively certain I won't need this one. Sent an email requesting refund of the 1,200 baht. Not holding my breath but it would be a good hourly rate for a couple of minutes to compose and send the email.
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