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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. A couple of other things that reflect favorably on BHP. The room was a bit warmer than ideal for me but not enough to complain. The GF noticed and told the nurses, hey, he likes it like a meat locker (loose translation). Repair guy showed up, fiddled with the thermostat and it was cooler. Dr. Attaporn told me to sleep on my side after the surgery. Said I couldn't, the bed was too hard. They rolled in a bed with a thicker mattress.
  2. Okay, it is 2020. Get up on Sunday, May 17 and there is a noticeable problem with the vision in the left eye. It was a shadow on the field of vision on the right side, couldn't see the tip of my nose. Detached retina came to mind, so I googled it. Yes, that's what it appeared to be and it's an emergency. Probably should have just headed for the hospital and presented myself, but didn't do that. Checked the BHP website looking for a doctor specializing in that area who had Sunday office hours. Picked Dr. Attaporn Suwannik, who is a woman. It was a good pick and the fact that she was
  3. At the age of 34 (long time ago), I had no idea I had a hernia until the doctor said cough. There was no doubt as his finger was sticking in a gap where there shouldn't have been one.
  4. There are some outbound flights. The aircraft have to get to Thailand but I very much doubt you are going to get on one of them inbound without very special dispensation or at all.
  5. The answer should probably be that the airline would not allow you to board.
  6. I've looked before and I believe Bangkok Bank codes transferwise the same as my OPM check. However, the last extension in March, I had the distinct impression they preferred a monthly pension/annuity.
  7. Went to the Outback Restaurant (no longer Retox) the other night. Rather than a laminated menu, the waitress presented an I-pad or some other tablet with menu headings on the screen. I did have to touch the heading I was looking for. Obviously they should be cleaning the screen after each use and I can't speak to that.
  8. Eva is showing Bangkok-Taipei flights from 1 June on. Still no transit through TPE and severe restrictions on entry. Obviously subject to change.
  9. I wonder where the Chinese with money go other than the west coast of North America.
  10. I doubt the PRC would have intentionally incurred the economic costs.
  11. Went back to check. I made my reservations for an early June trip to the US on 29 February. That sure went to hell in short order.
  12. We've had water continuously on the dark side for a couple of days.
  13. I don't read Thai and the English translation is a bit wobbly but this FB post seems to indicate the eastside bypass will open on 22 November.
  14. Came across this from the International Air Transport Association showing air travel restrictions worldwide. Of interest to some of us, Taiwan is listed as Chinese Taipei (no transit).
  15. Back in the 70s, tribal lore was that they didn't feed you in the monkey house as free food would negate the deterent effect of being locked up.
  16. That's how much of the world gets its fresh water. Don't know how much it would cost to dig the wells and install the pumps for a major city's water supply or how long it would take.
  17. A nicely fitted out one bedroom condo is okay. A studio, even a larger one, would be oppressive for an extended stay.
  18. Planes would have to fly and there would have to be some confidence I could get back into Thailand on a reentry permit. Then there would be the flight itself. No, it's not just recirculated air but it still wouldn't be great for social distancing. Couple that with the likelihood of having to wear a mask for a couple of 10-12 hour flights. Yeah verily, this may be the long tour.
  19. No tourist visas, no entry without visa, no visa on arrival? I suppose it could be done but with just returning Thais and business travelers, doubt there would be many flights. We're in unknown territory.
  20. Have a reservation with Eva for 4 June which I have not cancelled so far. Out of curiosity, checked the seating for the Taipei-Seattle leg. Of 64 seats in Premium Economy, only 6 are filled at this point. No, I'm don't really expect to be making the trip.
  21. Rain right now, forecast for this week looks promising. If we can get into the pattern of an afternoon shower, that will be a start.
  22. nkped

    Lost ???

    Copied from a US Embassy email:
  23. Made a Korean Air connection that tight a few years ago. My bag didn't but got it the next day.
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