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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Water was on overnight, off sometime after sunrise.
  2. Two weeks on from the mass gaggle at immigration and I seem to be okay. Well, I knew the odds were in my favor. I went when I did on the theory that the situation wasn't going to improve. There are times I would prefer not to be right.
  3. JUST IN!! The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand has announced the extension of temporary ban on all international flights to Thailand. 1. According to the latest Notification of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, the ban on international passenger flights to Thailand will be extended from 6 April 2020 at 17.00 UTC to 18 April 2020 at 17.00 UTC. All flight permits granted for such period will be canceled. 2. The ban does not apply to state or military aircraft, emergency landing, technical landing without disembarkation, humanitarian, medical or relief flights, repatriation
  4. I don't do the C to F conversion that well but if a couple of them where the guy showed it to me were accurate, I suspect I would have been curled up shivering.
  5. Picked up the passport with a new extension just after 3pm. They had a table under an awning just to the right of the street entrance so quite quick and easy to keep my distance. I should add that yesterday, I also submitted a copy of my bank book for proof of income. Now, just hoping I didn't draw the short straw standing in line yesterday.
  6. Yesterday, the Bangkok Bank ATM at the Soi 7 office went tilt. Thirty minutes later at Central, my card worked in another bank's ATM.
  7. Retirement extension of my in country non-immigrant O due by 28 April so decided to go today as the best of the various suboptimal alternatives. You queue outside the building to get a number. It is covered and there are a couple of fans. Arrived about 9:30 and it took about an hour to get in the door. They let perhaps ten in at a time. Guy takes your temperature before letting you in and you get a number. Good news is that it is not completely jammed inside. They were processing the number before mine when I got in. Young guy checking the documents at counter 8. I had a photo
  8. No, but at least it will be one on one rather than 30 people in a bar.
  9. I was quite impressed. I waited until 11am. I park at Central and take the baht bus as I have no confidence in my ability to park a Toyota Hilux in the bank's rather small car park.
  10. I'm coming up for renewal of the retirement extension next month and it is the first year I can't use an embassy affidavit. So I headed for the Bangkok Bank office at Soi 7. I figured things are as likely to get more restrictive in town than less. They knew exactly what I was asking for. No surprise, you need your passport and bank book. It took about 30 minutes and 700 baht. I got a letter showing dates, USD received, and baht credited. They attached the computerized transaction records for each deposit. I should note I have a direct deposit account for my government annuity.
  11. EVA notice saying Taiwan has suspended international transit March 24-April 7.
  12. While I feel in good health, the DOB on my driver's license says I am at risk. 20 hours on airplanes to eat frozen dinners at home doesn't seem like it would be worth the effort.
  13. Had forgotten what day my 90 day report was due so had to do it in person. At 1030, a minute or so to get the queue number. It was called almost immediately. The key appears to be to have the receipt from the last report with the bar code. Nothing else required, in and out in five minutes.
  14. I didn't look that closely for amounts but my EVA reservation allowed changes and cancellations with a penalty.
  15. The reservation for my trip to the US with EVA is early June so still a ways from a decision point. It could be worse. I had briefly considered splurging and going business class with Korean.
  16. I haven't researched the actual language but the thought occurs that this may do wonders for airlines flying between Europe and Canada. I believe he said travel from rather than travel by citizens of.
  17. Getting a refund is not particularly my concern.
  18. Booked my annual trip to the US on EVA in June, still almost three months out. Having the flight cancelled would be a hassle, but being taken captive by the state of Washington when I transit Seattle would be a lot worse.
  19. I won't say that stretch of pavement had been in great shape but no idea what possessed them to tear it up now.
  20. From the stoplight on Sukhumvit at Khao Talo north of Thepprasit.
  21. Perhaps, but having had a business class seat on Delta once which was god awful, I would wait and see.
  22. A few years back, I found myself visiting the good people at Bangkok Hospital Rayong quite unexpectedly. Unlike BHP, they couldn't bill my insurance directly. Having a high limit credit card certainly made things simpler.
  23. Lots of flights from Portland to Seattle. It would allow you to avoid having to clear TSA at Seatac outbound.
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