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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I just renewed mine (4 wheel and motorcycle) in Rayong. They're absolutely swamped here. I went in a few weeks before my current licenses expired and they said the first date I could start the process was a month later - after my licenses expired. I came back on that date, they processed my paperwork and told me the first opening for the video and eye tests was in several weeks, or I could do them at a driving school. I went to a driving school that evening and did it there. 200 Baht for each license. The film was 45 minutes and the reaction time/eye tests another fifteen. They scan your thumb print and said I had to be scanned out after two hours as I was doing two licenses, but I could leave and come back. I had my kindle so I just hung around and read. The next day to immigration for residence certs then finished up at the transport office. All three visits there the place was packed. My previous renewal was upcountry and only took a couple hours total. Oh well, as I got them after my previous licenses expired they're effectively good for six years. 860 Baht + 400 for the school + 500 for the residence certificates.
  2. That's the way Buriram did it. When we moved to Rayong, they said as long as I come back to the previously listed address it isn't necessary.
  3. I have fiber at home but when we visit the country house (like now) I have to use an AIS phone as a hotspot. At our usage level we run through their data cap in no time flat. We use about 5G/day. Up until last April their unlimited plans really were unlimited, now they're a joke. I've checked Dtac and they're the same. If I was going to sign up for a year I'd just go hardwired.
  4. They do ask about pre-existing conditions, and in my case - a daily pill for high blood pressure for nearly 30 years - they told me that they wouldn't cover any heart or circulatory issues. In addition they wouldn't discount the insurance premium for the reduced coverage, so I chose to self insure. I keep enough to cover a severe health event in a Thai savings account that doesn't have an ATM card attached. That also makes annual retirement extensions easy, as I always have more than enough seasoned funds in that account to satisfy immigration. For banks I've only used Kasikornbank, and have accounts in Pattaya, upcountry where I used to live, and Rayong where I live now. Very convenient online banking and always helpful staff when I need to visit a branch.
  5. Is it possible to get into soi MiT through those bars from Tree Town?
  6. I'm using AIS 6Mbps. Unlimited data at that speed. 550 Baht +vat 30 days *777*7211# or 7 days *777*7210# for 150 Baht +vat. Upcountry we could only get TOT ADSL 10M and actual measured performance was 7M down 500K up. Also any time there was a slight power outage it took over 5 minutes for the internet to reconnect, and in 3 years I had two routers destroyed during thunder storms even though connected through a surge protector. We switched to AIS 6M and it measures 6M down 6M up all the time. I run it as a hot spot on a phone I was no longer using with a range extender elsewhere in the house. We're able to stream videos on two devices and do any browsing/etc we need. We have computers, mobiles, tablets, smart tvs, and a printer connected with no problems, other than needing to periodically reset the mobile running the hot spot. Later we moved to Rayong and just took it with us and kept going. If we buy a place down here we'll probably put in a fiber line, but for now this is acceptable.
  7. Last two times I didn't need photos. They take their own.
  8. I'd have to go to BKK or try to make one of the outreach visits in Patts or Khon Kaen to do the income affidavit. None of those options are ideal, so I just go the 800K/3mo route by only sending money to my Thai accounts twice a year. That also cuts down on per transaction transfer costs and ensures we always have a good buffer of funds locally should a medical or other emergency come up. Interest on cash accounts in the US are so low now, I don't lose much by leaving the funds in Thai savings accounts.
  9. I did it a few days back. Very generic so no need to be concerned about identity issues. Good luck to the OP and I hope to see the thesis.
  10. There are several in the Houston area. I use USGlobalMail, but I considered USA2Me. Add .com to either of those. Texas also has no income tax.
  11. Question on the 800K. If there is more than 800K and I've been making withdrawals from the account for living expenses, is that still okay if there is still at least 800K that arrived at least 90 days prior to applying for the retirement extension? Thanks.
  12. I use a re-mailer service that gives me a US street address for $200/year and lets me see what's in the box online. I can tell them to throw items away, pack them up and send them to me, or open and scan them. The last two are at an additional charge. I use this address for brokerage accounts, etc. I'll use my Thai address for taxes so I don't get fined for not buying an Obamacare policy. I'm a member of a credit union that doesn't charge for outgoing foreign wire transfers.
  13. May all your tomorrows be better than all your yesterdays. Sawadee Pee Mai!
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