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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. If my recollections are correct, 2 sensors isn't so great. You probably see similar in your work. hard to pick what number to use when 2 sensors give different numbers and there is a multitude of choices. I saw 3 where you can make more logical decisions based on only expecting one to 'fail'. Wasn't it some sensors icing up (airspeed) caused a lot of problems before.
  2. they go up tiddly up up, they go down tiddly down down. This afternoon's rates.
  3. I may have got my facts mixed up but I heard 2 'solutions'. One was a little MCAS switch somewhere , another was killing the power to the tail horizontal stabilizers (although if that left them in an unsuitable position it would not be a perfect result). Imagine an aircraft not responding to pilot's input during climb and going nose down at a still low altitude, and a pilot has to remember about a little switch as he hurtles to the ground responsible for near 200 people. Ethiopian Airlines crash: Pilot did not receive training on Boeing 737 Max 8 simulator, sources say. Boeing has said that experienced 737 pilots needed little training for the new Max 8, an assertion that has now come under close scrutiny by regulatory officials and pilots at other airlines. Yahoo News. It is hard trying to read the latest on this, most USA press outfits (like the Seattle Times) are blocked unless you subscribe or at least let them bombard you with adverts. It's a form of News embargo!
  4. Bloody annoying overlay window that I can't get rid of, anyone got a spray for that?
  5. A little surprising to hear they will check headlight lens clarity, mine are quite opaque after many years of use. It is caused more by abrasion , but my car is kept under shade so no discoloration. The vehicles in Saudi suffered from it badly with the sand, a drive in a sandstorm would have quite an effect. I have often wondered if I attacked it with the wax-polish, or scratch remover you get for bodywork would help or not. Sounds like they sandblasted yours, although maybe something finer than sand. They should be checking number plates for clarity too, most are illigible.
  6. You may not be familiar with the standards on The poon! Soap is a maybe, as is hot water or a towel that can actually do the job and is not of a similar consistency to tissue paper. Only Nightwish seems to be investing. Even had a place recently where the water heater had been gone many months, and even the shower head was missing. I was told, it had been like that some weeks.
  7. As the Lion Air crew fought to control their diving Boeing 737 Max 8, they got help from an unexpected source: an off-duty pilot who happened to be riding in the cockpit. That extra pilot, who was seated in the cockpit jumpseat, correctly diagnosed the problem and told the crew how to disable a malfunctioning flight-control system and save the plane, two people familiar with Indonesia’s investigation told Bloomberg. The next day, under command of a different crew facing what investigators said was an identical malfunction, the jetliner crashed into the Java Sea killing all 189 aboard. The previously undisclosed detail on the earlier Lion Air flight represents a new clue in the mystery of how some 737 Max pilots faced with the malfunction have been able to avert disaster while the others lost control of their planes and crashed. The presence of a third pilot in the cockpit wasn’t contained in Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee’s November 28 report on the crash and hasn’t previously been reported. Yahoo News.
  8. So the domestic has been 20Kg limit for a long time already? Also I guess you are not going directly from the International Thai flight as the old 30Kg limit I thought carried over to domestic transfers? Anyhow, I fly on Thai Sunday, 30Kg limit, although more than I need.
  9. But as you bought the tickets pre April 1st I believe you get the 30Kg?
  10. The old swamp that is soi Buakhao all ends up under water during heavy rain. I seem to recall medium rain will cause a flood at the 3rd Rd/ Chaiyapoom junction, a little more and Buakhao is under 6-12 inches and it is pretty much all of it. 3rd is worst at the Klang end, or rather just before there at the Alley 11 junction. I have spent a few hours of my life sitting under the awning there at the cafe watching the water lap up my bike's wheels.
  11. I always appreciate this type of feedback. Is the problem all Austrian, or the inability of that shit-hole LHR to get an aircraft up on time? I don't remember Vienna airport very well, other than it being a bit basic. Last time I flew via there I started in Manchester , I treated myself to Biz Class on Lauda Air, it was actually a class act!
  12. As per their website..domestic. Economy Class 30 kg (66 pounds) * Except RBD RBD L/ V/ W: 20 kg (44 pounds) Checked Baggage Policy by Weight Concept applicable to International Sectors within TC3 (Asia, Australia, New Zealand) , between TC2 (Europe, Africa, Middle East) and TC3 (Asia, Australia, New Zealand) Economy Class 30 kg (66 pounds) * Except RBD L/ V/ W: 20 kg ( 44 pounds) for Ticketing/ Travelling effective on/ after 01 APR 19
  13. Boeing executives and technical experts briefed pilots at U.S. airlines that fly the Max in November about the plane, less than a month after the Lion Air crash. They mentioned changes in the flight-control software, indicating that Boeing was already at work on a solution. Boeing aimed to finish the work in April. Boeing has declined to say whether the Ethiopian Airlines crash gave new urgency to finish the work, but experts have said that is a safe bet. Engineers had to find out what the system was doing on the Lion Air flight, how the system's commands appeared to pilots, what changes needed to be made to software, manuals and training, and the best way to make those changes. Then they had to write new software code, test it — first in the lab, then on a 737 Max simulator, finally in a flying plane. And they had to be sure that the modifications didn't affect other flying characteristics of the plane. lawyers say the second crash strengthens their argument that Boeing knew the plane was defective and let it fly anyway. From Yahoo News I don't know how you guys feel, but letting the aircraft fly, while they knew there was a problem to fix stinks. It has cost the lives of a further 157 people. It worries me as to the ethics and competency of Boeing. This is going to hurt them bad. Are the repercussions muted because it happened in Ethiopia rather than the USA?
  14. Well, maybe not for all of us living in Thailand. Got mine back a bit 'sloppy' a few times.
  15. jacko


    Line seems very common.
  16. My concern in Thailand is that getting refunded for fraudulent charges would be a struggle, they aren't very agreeable to that! It also seems extremely easy to use a CC fraudulently here in Thailand. I just paid for cinema tickets and it was simply a matter of putting the card in and out of a slot, and larger purchases may simply require a signature that isn't compared to anything. A UK card in the name of Angus McTavish could well be used by a Thai katoey without the slightest concern.... ie my Mrs could likely take mine on a shopping spree, and before Atlas suggests it, no my Mrs isn't a Katoey! That said, so far so good.
  17. Sounds to me like using them in Thailand would be safer than using them in the USA!
  18. They seem to like to get the passengers to use their always late shuttles to and from Manchester.
  19. Someone doesn't seem to agree otherwise they would not be grounded in the USA too.
  20. This morning's rates. The article 50 is affecting the £, but it isn't ever going to be 50!
  21. These types of corrections that effectively override pilot control make me concerned... software has it's limits. Was it NASA who failed to change units correctly on Climate Orbiter ? Oops, that was in metric?
  22. I saw a comment on one site where the fact that the Ethiopian Airlines black box and CVR being given to Airbus was likely to produce biased and inaccurate results as it would be worth billions to Airbus. How that did not apply to Boeing I am unsure.
  23. They are near all grounded! US joins EU in grounding all flights on Boeing 737 MAX planes. https://www.euronews.com/2019/03/12/boeing-737-max-aircraft-involved-in-two-fatal-crashes-banned-from-uk-airspace https://edition.cnn.com/world/live-news/boeing-737-max-8-ethiopia-airlines-crash/index.html
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