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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Been closed and gone a long time in Pattaya.
  2. A good day to die hard......
  3. That change of Second Rd was a long time ago! Tourist buses/coaches one way on Buakhao..... it will be worse than before!
  4. Isn't the new departure tax 300 baht!
  5. If it is the one I am thinking of it has been there a while and a frequent cut through for the WIN bikes..... a way to Central Festival from Big-CX area.
  6. Yes, I suppose, but road markings are usually a waste of time here, all ignored. Like old soldiers, they fade away.......in this case they may be under water part of the time too.
  7. I haven't a clue what is going on here... I too seem to get some old notifications just today.
  8. Well, mine came back in hours and I might have known sooner had I looked in my spam folder.
  9. It absolutely poured it down yesterday in the afternoon in my Nong Plalai area, probably a good cm or 2 fell. I did check the radar map and it looked to be very localized. Strong winds and lightening too.
  10. Furthermore, I learn yesterday that electrical work will occur in the village Friday, and hence the power is warned to be off 9am to 5pm. Not sure whether to be glad they do the work... or ponder the wisdom of doing this in the middle of the worst heatwave I recall. It is reaching 39 predicted, and could kill older and disabled folks. Yet again I regret never having bought a little generator set. (Or the more popular solution of my own solar panels, because you can bet the sun will be shining).
  11. I was hiding from the mid afternoon heat in AC when I went in the bathroom and the water pressure seemed low..... when I went out I noticed the pool boy had the hose pipe in my pool and the valve fully open... my storage tank was halfway empty so this had been going on a while. I turned it off and asked him why, as the level had been fine earlier. He had pumped a lot out doing a backwash... I had done that too and it was not necessary. (It is apparent on a pressure valve on the sand filter). I thought of this, and how my Mrs seems to think you have to flush a toilet once before you use it,
  12. I think I get a few more degrees where I am inland a bit. Nevertheless when I go into town I feel the heat..... probably a bit more humid there, and all that concrete radiates it early evenings. Not sure I have felt worse Pattaya heat all the time I have been in this country. Worst heat I recall in Thailand was when I was visiting Phrae once, and a trip to Chiang Mai.
  13. Not sure how you get 5 degrees different.....the forecast on my phone for my area is 39 degC every day for the next week. Saw a report the heat wave is not expected to break until mid-May. It's brutal.
  14. I saw enough water trucks going around during songkran delivering water..... most home utility supplies in town are often very low pressure, and filling a couple of those big blue buckets in a day might be optimistic. Those water tankers look like the ones that often empty septic tanks...... I recall when I was refilling my pool...... I wanted pretty clean water obviously...it was not cheap, bought per tanker delivered.
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