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    Movie Quiz #11

    That Mook fellow threw me......let us stick with it. Steve Berkoff
  2. Last time I was that way, Lake Maprachan looked like marshland. Quite a nice looking green area actually.... but not much of a lake.
  3. She will certainly want one after.......😀
  4. This morning the rate is 41.09... but for £1k, with charges, it is still 40.8. I am sitting around for 41 including charges.
  5. How about Brussels Sprouts... the only place I see those is Villa and quite a price they are too? What can I say, they are my favourite veg, always bring back memories of my mum's Christmas dinner after getting back from the pub with my dad and brother! I should stop buying them... makes me sad!!!!
  6. You probably can't get a Visa from a consulate, but for sure the required CofE will be from the Embassy in London. Haven't read many reports of the process for a non-Thai to get one, but they should start soon as those with Thai wives can apply now.
  7. Isn't there some benefit to farming on ones land and not having to pay taxes? Saw an example of it in Jomtien Beach.
  8. It has only been around since the late 60s in the USA, Darlington... well likely still unknown! there That particular use like;ly came much later too.
  9. You can see the protective cling film that is used after a real Tat is done, so I suspect they are real. Rather an ugly show of 'their bodies are mine to use as I see fit' I thought.
  10. Just as a matter of interest......
  11. I expect the Red Bull Heir was there looking for a new car!
  12. I rode down there yesterday on the bike having my teeth chipped.... why does Arunothia need so many 7-11s? I presume that truck is stuck being rear wheel drive?
  13. I agree a flight into Thailand for all but Thais and maybe those with wives here and work permits is unlikely, they seem more intent on getting foreigners who have been stuck here out by then.
  14. People on 1 year extensions should do their 90 day reporting as normal in my mind, in reality the requirement has been suspended. It would be logical that it should be included in this latest move too if indeed they want to keep the offices from becoming too busy. Have to see how this pans out, those looking to extend beyond Sept. 26th are going to have to show valid proof as to why.... will it be achieved with just 1900 baht and a few photocopies or what?
  15. The amnesty sems to have been extended to Sept 26th. but if anyone wants to stay beyond that they need to move. This is likely been done to prevent a July 31st mad dash to immigration by the rumoured 300,000 to 400,000 foreigners 'stuck' here. Foreigners can apply for visa extensions after July 31 Applications considered on case-by-case basis until Sept 26 https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1953220/ Don't take my word on this as it is fresh news, and usually the dust needs to settle to see the reality. As it reads, if you plan to fly out of Thailand before Sept 26th, no need to extend if you previously qualified for amnesty.
  16. I think a lot of us have our own method and as such different approaches are alien to us, I would be confused by, as I never use, Whatsapp. nor Line and am likely as much a Luddite as you because of it. I also only visit the forum when at home on a laptop or pad. It has become my habit to move or copy any pics, which I do wish to post, onto my Onedrive, and this is then accessible to me from my laptop, That step is of course on the phone..... where the pics initially are created. Then I open the Onedrive folder on the laptop and drag and drop into the lower area of the posting box, next to the paperclip. Every now and again I cannot find pics I thought I had moved to Onedrive, and I need to sign out of it and back in again on the Laptop, to get it to refresh. I really could not imagine doing this on my little phone screen.....with my fat fingers.
  17. It is all about re-work here, makes me think of the R-Con corner.
  18. Never had a problem to get to get a M/C Taxi homeward and it is not far. During the Covid lockdown it was dark and dodgy everywhere.
  19. Me too. Is the bar area going to be open too...? I have yet to see the latest on the relaxation of restrictions.
  20. If it rained in town like it did at my place last night it got a good testing.
  21. A cheap place to stay occasionally for those normally out of town, who like a night out and unable to drive home.
  22. Except my bank which offers free transfers.... TW is preferred simply because they offer far better exchange rates. If anything their transfer costs are high for the type I do.
  23. I had one done 14 months back at BHP.... bloody horrible.
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