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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Not necessarily. I believe some Europeans (eg Scandinavians and yes Americans) can sometimes have some worldwide cover from their home countries, worth it's weight in gold if it provides comprehensive cover. Maybe these are all courtesy of their former employment. Other that that I would expect that you are correct.... go see an insurance broker when you get here. Over 75 years you can have cover, but that cover will usually be with a company you were with prior... they limit new customers to a certain age. But it is an expensive item some forego. Many 'self insure', ie keep a healthy bank balance to cover eventualities. Certain Visa types actually require this too, a healthy maintained bank balance, that actually you are not meant to spend on anything oddly enough. There is also a visa class that requires medical insurance... both of these associated with what is called a retirement extension, how many live here. Another topic.......
  2. The annual costs of insurance policies go up with age.... so no real advantage of getting in early than the cover, BUT you need to get in before the cut off age for new customers... mostly around 75 yo. Some policies include cover for trips overseas from Thailand, but beware the USA is often excluded due to the high costs there. There are some care facilities in Thailand these days.... and one could rent a nurse to come to your own place. (http://www.rentanurse.asia/) Generally, I would say Thailand is not a place to be with poor health.... I do not think much of the available insurance, and the better hospitals, may well be cheap by USA levels, but can cost a lot.
  3. Now is not the time but I still expect them to bump their prices. Bolt did here, and although Uber is no longer here, I know what was a good thing in the UK went away there.... I was sat on the train from the airport, using Uber trying to get a ride from the station and the App would not let me. I had always paid cash previously and now it had to have a Paypal account. Another level of commission.....
  4. I don't know what the impact would be, but a cheaper price and a few more takers would improve demand. When the price has reached the level of deterrent it is too high. Probably over-supply too.... anyone living there able to comment on that.
  5. It seems to be a Thai way to hold out for a price .... they will leave a property unsold and empty for years.
  6. Same with them in Phuket except more baht needed. They obviously set the price amongst themselves and perhaps breaking ranks is fraught with danger.
  7. Of course the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is offering them if you are asymptomatic, from 8am-8pm daily. It was about 6000 baht but may have gone up with demand of late. https://www.bangkokpattayahospital.com/en/ Similar at the International. https://www.pattayainterhospital.com/promotion-detail.php?id=20 I thought I heard of a cheaper test at a clinic but I am afraid my searches did not yield anything. The Phyathai Hospital Sriracha is a place that is often competitive but be aware most Chonburi infections seem to be in that area. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1200025-pattaya-covid-hospitalization/?do=findComment&comment=16142521 I recall seeing a post that claimed at government facilities cost was about 3,500.
  8. Well I have also been hit with a sense of deep guilt in Pattaya seeing someone 'on the street'....and if that person is alone, or a couple, I have produced a small banknote for them.... I always check there are not many people around as I fear numbers in those circumstances.... but I tell you what, if one day the guy jumps up, leaves his tin cup behind and rushes straight to the nearest lottery ticket seller.... it will stop!
  9. I am ambivalent about this, and as I am generally too tight to send my hard earned off to Pattaya bar-girls, it really does not apply to me. But in these times for Pattaya, if I did send a packet, I think I would be aggravated if it was spent frivolously. Both your comment and one from Mr Egg recently suggest that is quite likely. I have donated to a few causes over the years, Winston's desperate attempt to get home, Larry's temporary disability, and one or two more. That is possible because I did make sacrifices in my younger times, and still keep tight purse strings even now. Like the GGB that has been running for 30 years and now needs a Gofundme page, or a Pattaya GGG, BG, MPG going through her contacts list in hard times, who is worthier?
  10. About the topic of putting money aside for a rainy day?
  11. Sadly, that will signal the end of an established suitable venue. And although there might be quite a few to choose from, I hate having to start that search again. So many places seem to lack facilities, never mind a good masseuse, that broken hot shower, that lack of privacy as the curtains are falling. I recall one place that did not even have a shower head and I was expected to be hosed down like the family pet. A few times I have taken showers apart to clean the filter for them. Might be the busy guy on the phone tips better than I do......
  12. One particular lady, who I thought gave the best massage often received a call during.... I let it fly as it seemed she managed the shop and likely got calls about staff not turning up, or do you want some som tam etc. And if there are any other customers there is a good chance they at least will take a call. or respond to a ding-dong Those getting foot massages downstairs often have their phones out. But more generally it is simply talking, I too am looking for complete and utter silence, or the gentle low volume elevator music..... I would be so lucky, there is always someone with a drill or hammer somewhere nearby.
  13. No new rules for arrivals from the UK. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2046035/no-new-rules-for-arrivals-from-the-uk
  14. I see some airlines are stopping Brits travelling to Spain, but that is more to do with Brexit and required paperwork. This is the open part of the board accessed by non-Members, so I simply wanted to keep 'speculation' down. It has now been posted on Thai Visa (they don't permit links to The Bangkok Post) and this phrase got my attention and is the obvious reason. On Sunday, Dr Yong Poovorawan, from the Centre of Excellence in Clinical Virology at Chulalongkorn University, revealed that four British nationals - all from the same family - had tested positive for the new strain in quarantine after arriving in Thailand on 21st December. With pre-flight Covid test these people got through... but quarantine and multiple tests during it, one would hope that would be safe.
  15. Let us not start any fear mongering. Quite serious for those making plans.
  16. Heads up as you may have to see how this unfolds. British visitors to be barred from entry. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2044975/british-visitors-to-be-barred-from-entry
  17. This resource shows 29 Chanthaburi cases for Jan 1st......15 for 31st December.... Chanthaburi The rate on disease occurrence within 14 days = 44 (out of 47 https://covid19.ddc.moph.go.th/en
  18. I skipped on the screens as I grew to hate them at my prior house... always full of dust. I have a large open area at the back where dogs congregate sometimes, they can really make a racket. I tried a few times ceiling fan only, it works sometimes but only exceptional cool nights. Bit of a light sleeper..... a clicking gecko on the outside would be an issue and the security lights attract them. The bedrooms stay sealed 24 hrs..... to be honest it is only cool enough for me for one month a year......
  19. Many, mainly noise and mosquitoes and to keep the dammed geckos out. And it seem like a waste of electricity with the AC running.
  20. I like to keep mine below 3000, so AC automatically goes off at 5am!
  21. No, I actually do have 2 of those (really old) but not in the main bedroom. The reason is, if I leave the AC off, it seems to warm up during the night and I wake hot, and have to turn it on. Even if it is quite cool at bedtime....it is well insulated bedroom and perhaps body heat does it... not that we get up to much.
  22. I still run the AC all night!
  23. Where do you call home these days, I have an idea you had relocated to Pattaya? Saw some of these at Ekamai Bus terminal and was thinking how useful they could be. The BTS better still. Thanks for the tour around Bangkok, enjoyed it immensely.
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