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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I suspect Thai passengers, if you have read otherwise educate me. At that time non-Thais had to obtain a health certificate which needed a Covid test, these are not easily available, and insurance. Thais had to get a 'fit to fly' note, which I believe the Thai Embassy were issuing.
  2. OP has been answered and we have gone off that topic.
  3. Actually I always thought the 9 karat had a worse rep than the Nirun.... didn't somebody get heave-hoed off the roof a while back for challenging the Juristic committee?
  4. And to a degree Butch, people had the same failings as the carriers did! I would like to know when some of the stranded people started to make some effort. And how many people were rescheduling outward journeys, when common sense tells them that no journey should be made at all, for the foreseeable future. In my case, I think the carrier was to blame. Their software did not even allow me to cancel the booking ( I was not seeking a re-booking nor even a refund, I knew that was not available). Their website didn't give me that option and I became a no-show, when that seat may have been of use to someone.
  5. Kinda wonder whether a lot of drainage and sewage lines that used to come down the Beach Rd sois from soi Pattayaland 2 (13/4) to Soi 1 are still connected to something, and where do they go?
  6. When Apple bring production of the Iphone back to the USA, I say progress has been made.
  7. I think you are expecting a lot from these carriers in these times. Quite possible they have staffing problems themselves and likely a shit load of complaints, refund requests and stuff to deal with. All the while looking bankruptcy in the face themselves. Somebody in lock down at home with too much time on their hands sending email after email about a refund of a few hundred quid they haven't got, or to cancel and move a booking for the 12th time, seems petty, when looking at what is happening around the world. They deliberately have an MO that deters complainants to the point of exhaustion and are continuing the process.
  8. I have found myself counting from events where I put myself at risk.... every day is a plus if I wake up without a fever! I think my trip to immigration March 10th is no longer an issue... that would have been ironic as it was for a Re-Entry Permit I ended up not needing. I still have concerns over an Expats Club meeting and a visit to the dentists ..what a way to live life!
  9. Agreed, I have missed a few emails but not needed anyhow.
  10. I was unable to make an on-line payment in the morning and the phone lines were all busy, so something wrong on their network. later in the day it worked.
  11. Or do what you are doing, pour over Thai friendly at work and self gratify!
  12. And would that be wise under the current situation?
  13. Just a few pics from town today... Beach Rd end of Klang about midday. Showing how quiet it is, but far from the deserted images from the European major cities. Klang towards the beach. Beach Road looking South. The Beach looking South. The Beach looking North. The much changed exchange rates, Soi 7 Soi 8
  14. I have not heard yet of this and any comment would be speculative. I doubt anything will be announced as it has been weekend. If one has a letter from the Embassy an extension is possible, but I believe the UK is not issuing them. If you have already used up your allowed 30 day extension to a tourist visa or Visa exempt entry, a further 7 days can be had by applying for another and having it rejected, they would understand why. Personally I would also be concerned about being packed into immigration to get this! I was there to get an unnecessary Re-Entry Permit 12 days ago and that caused me concern. Later Edit: Looks like some accommodation is being made allowing more than the usual single 30 day extension of a TV or VE entry. See this post on Thai Visa. 954736701_Immigrationmemo30dayextensions.pdf
  15. The OP is from the UK too and I thought the tests were only available from a hospital, and even then only when a person had symptoms.
  16. One needs a medical certificate saying all clear of Covid-19, and I doubt they can be obtained easily. Also insurance of $100,000 Covid specific.
  17. With the current requirements to enter Thailand you would be unable to board anyhow. Postpone, but cancel altogether if you can and there is a financial advantage. Make your own decisions....
  18. Well I just drove South from the Amari... traffic moving OK... but only because there hardly is any. It was different 2 weeks ago.
  19. I watched S1.. mostly for the skin....but boy did that program get boring and silly real quick.
  20. If they are paying for new aircraft can Boeing and airbus freeze payments? They sure don't need to be making new aircraft now!
  21. Serious stuff.... will there be evac flights allowed to land? I watch Sky early a.m. here, midnight to 1am there in UK, but stop there as I get stressed by it all!
  22. They will if my Mrs has anything to do with it! I never noticed that apparently they are turning off the water all night at my place.... have a tank so didn't notice. Neighbour who doesn't told me.
  23. It is interesting to log onto flightradar and see the comings and goings over my home... I see the odd plane as it throttles down for a descent into U-Tapao. It sort of reminds you it isn't yet a 100% lock-down.On my phone I look, in comes Qatar from Doha, there is the Emirates from Dubai, wow an A380 heading to India from Singapore. Hmm, a flight coming in from China, what is that doing there? Many fewer than in the past of course..... I worry for people who are not 'home', can they get there? I remember being stranded many years ago due to 9-11, I was quite worried, thank heavens for a Texas sports bar and beer, and Delta who took my BA ticket. I now have a similar underlying dread I had then. But this time I will remain put and hope Thailand remains a good host.
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