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  1. If someone is standing too close behind at the ATM I do it on theirs.
  2. I have fixed more things and come out looking like a magician by pulling a circuit board out, and pushing it back in than I care to remember.... I called it push-pull faults.
  3. Seems I never had that problem.... but using an eraser to clean up contacts a touch is an old 'fix'.... overdo it and any thin layer of gold there is gone. Had the cards for a long time? Keep them loose in your pocket? I actually just replaced mine as I think I left it sitting in some machine.
  4. Not a fan at being yelled at, but sometimes these drivers have got you by the short and curlies.
  5. I once booked via one of those little kiosks that were dotted around advertising cheap taxis to the airport. I think it was only 500 baht including tolls...some years ago. When the guy arrived he was expecting 700 baht plus tolls.... he drove like a maniac cussing out Pattaya 'mafia' all the way and refused to pay any tolls so remained on the lower deck. Another time we got a minibus, and we were going to Don Muang, they combined 2 trips that should have been separate, and we found ourselves dropping off people at various Bangkok Hotels in the awful pre-Skytrain traffic of those days with those having a flight booked getting extremely nervous. I think I suffered 2 bait and switches from so called taxis from 'departures' at the airport before I stopped looking for cheap rides.
  6. Talking to someone yesterday just back from Phuket.... dead apparently. Pattaya doing better.
  7. I was quite aware I was setting myself up, providing the loaded weapon etc..... it all adds to the entertainment even if I am the butt of it all.
  8. Many people wearing masks seem to position them below the nose anyhow, is this perhaps why? One I bought in Bangkok is my current favourite, it appears to have been cut straight from a fat girl's stretchy lycra pants and hardly impedes breathing. I bet you could get over a hundred masks out of a single pair.
  9. Perhaps due to the digging out and dredging that has been done to improve the capacity and catchment and diminish future supply issues....... naw.
  10. I have just deleted a post about tinned ham.
  11. STV from what I hear, they can stay 90 days straight and potentially extend for a further 180. With that duration of stay, get the flights in organized and soon fill the place up. Hope it is just Phuket, but of course after quarantine they can go anywhere.
  12. More info on this... https://www.thephuketnews.com/visa-extensions-approved-under-previous-amnesty-to-be-upheld-until-nov-30-77483.php
  13. For those in the UK.
  14. The latest, although a cabinet meeting today will finalize things. Thailand extends grace period for stranded foreigners https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1993035/thailand-extends-grace-period-for-stranded-foreigners
  15. I was talking of my own personal experience here in Thailand, recent. A pal of mine was pulled over last week and issued a ticket, no 'on the spot' fine. I was in town just a few hours ago and did not see any particular police presence. As you said, your experience was a long time ago and I believe what I read last night was fear mongering. I still would not trust any of them of course. But I have had few issues in recent times, getting pulled over is quite frequent, road blocks are common. It is how they do things rather than have a reason. Since there may well be another amnesty (still only a rumour) I do not expect police to be checking passports in Pattaya.
  16. A bit more about this new Visa. Don't take it as verbatim as it is early days yet. http://www.thailongstay.co.th/stv_visa.html
  17. I was involved in a discussion last night where I felt someone was fear mongering, saying the police in town will be asking to see passports and telling people to carry them. I am not sure immigration police have the resources or other police, like traffic police, will get involved, they are busy getting fines for minor driving infringements. Checking passports in the street has never been a Pattaya thing before, but a 2000 baht fine for not carrying it is often mentioned. Please let us not get into the 'I carry a laminated copy' blah blah that often comes from this topic. Make your own mind up if you want to carry your passport in these unique times.... personally I will not unless I get hassled, then I will comply, I take my pants off too often when in town!!!! There are rumours on Thai Visa of a further amnesty or Extension to Oct 31st, it ties in with extending the State of Emergency until then, so just maybe panic over and good luck getting folks to act prior to that date, they will not be taking the warnings seriously any more! https://bangkokherald.com/thailand/thailand-visa-amnesty-gets-last-minute-extension-to-oct-31-sources/
  18. They can remain if they can obtain an extension. Apparently most Embassies are issuing letters now which can get them another 30 days too. Queues are long at many immigration offices. More than I expected have hung out for a last minute reprieve/amnesty which was not forthcoming and to me at least seemed would be extremely unlikely. I too suspect some motive behind this, perhaps too many of the people left behind are not self sufficient tourists. There may be a group or element in there they want out. The baby goes out with the bathwater. You have to wonder what comes next.
  19. I don't understand why this seems to require a chartered or private flight. I was told Emirates had started up flights again, obviously via Dubai, and the transit through Dubai was possible.... some concern that the Covid test would still be valid if overnight (add a day to its age) but a recent test, no issue. I see figures of 70,000 baht for ASQ. One would have to be desperate to go through all of this, but the opportunity to winter in Thailand is what awaits one, and seriously, after the quarantine, it can be a pretty normal life. Unlike back in say the UK, feedback I get from a hot-spot there sounds miserable.
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