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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Anybody make it to the fireworks last night? Wow it was crowded, despite there being a vast expanse of new, reclaimed beach, they filled it. I got a deck chair, by far a more comfortable option, and better than getting squeezed from your spot by an ever increasing group of Russians! More of the same tonight, with bigger crowds I expect. I had a pretty slow, painful drive in and I went early to my hotel. Was at the North end in front of the Holiday Inn, and that hotel, kudos to them, opened up their basement toilets for free use... now that is unusual here. My beers made them a blessing to
  2. Well it suggests a state of completion although they are of little meaning here.
  3. I was thinking what a mess only the other day... Second Rd is still crawling traffic most of the day near 13/2 and Northwards. All of this as probably the biggest town filling event outside Songkran is scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights, The International Fireworks Competition. Usually a lot of locals try to drive into town and park in the City those nights, and nothing will deter them. I always hope things will be okay on the night,
  4. Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
  5. Let us hope the weather plays ball....... the late rains this year are a concern. I have yet to see the winds from the North signifying the cool/dry season arrival.
  6. Cable burying? That sure will help the early evening traffic!
  7. Yes it is...... does that allow her to come sit with you and put her phone away, or she stays on the owner side of the bar and you are separated by a yard of wood?
  8. Great fun read as always!
  9. Yes, must have been in the next page, thanks. Sorted.
  10. I recall seeing a geyser erupting from a drain by nearly a foot on Soi Siam CC some years back when i lived there....all very well having a drain to take it from the higher ground.. but it needs to have the capacity down hill.
  11. Well, if the rain I got at my place yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, North of town , reached there, U bet it's looking pretty today.
  12. Yes it is possible... but I have concerns over the security of the details you provide. https://tm30.immigration.go.th/tm30/#/login
  13. I did that some months back.... and was told a screen copy of that reporting was not accepted to get me a cert. of res. It had to be the soi 5 issued and stamped one. Also I more recently got a message saying the registration website had moved to a new URL, and it was required I registered again.... that irritated me to think of having to do it all again. I also got some dodgy spam type emails suggesting immigration had a data leak on that registration..... I did not send the requested bitcoins!!! An agent I used got me a discount on the usual 2000 TM30 fine, and I am inclined to say that
  14. Yes that was the case, it was announced some years ago.... but I just saw a very recent video clip suggesting one had to do it each time on entering the country.......
  15. That is surprising (coming from a guy who did 15+ years here without ever having done a TM30)....I got a new 90 day address report done without asking once, along with a new extension, ... sure it wasn't that?
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