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  1. Where the heck has my Bank Branch gone... Bangkok Bank upstairs in Big-CX. Nice if they put a sign up to say relocated/shut/remodeling or whatever.
  2. That is a fair old difference.... 7%. Was that Superrich?
  3. Would appreciate feedback as I worry I confuse 2 Naklua markets the Mrs uses. She often loads a cold-box early for a trip back to Issarn and BBQ that evening.
  4. I can only say my Mrs usually goes early (7am), but I was told stuff is brought in through the day and already on ice.
  5. The one near the beach is open every day, starting early and I believe into the evening.
  6. Laptop or mobile? On laptop most browsers have a zoom in function.
  7. No, it is on the same side as Ma Maison, next to it, towards the Beach from The Sportsman, on the other side. It looked open.
  8. I have many recollections of walking past the place, always seemed to be a group of French guys enjoying the bar.
  9. An oops moment near where I live.... The culprit who finds it rather amusing.... The beach gets a lot of stick, but looks good to me. Far too hot to sit out there though today. Speedboats bringing Indian tourists from Koh Larn to be seen. And how many years did it take Carrefour/Big-CX to come up with this brainwave for the Express aisle? Only the women with handbags and men with purses to grumble under ones breath at now? (Some will ignore it and the staff will not say anything for sure!)
  10. You got your answer above and I wasted a good amount of sweat walking there today.... !😃 Is this the place, opposite the AA hotel and next door to The Golden Crab? It does look like it is being torn down or renovated, and is currently closed.
  11. Perhaps another huge block of their luxury condos!
  12. Yes I thought that..... been there a long time and looks ready to collapse!
  13. Trying to figure out a tidy way to marry up the rectangular blocks with the old hexagonal ones?
  14. Hi, I suffered this yesterday, wanting to get to Villa from Buakhao.... blocked from before the 7-11. You say foot traffic can make it but from my vantage on the scooter that looked difficult too. So I went down the piss alley thinking I will go a little against traffic on 2nd... no, the road works on 2nd, which start at Kiss make that impossible.... down to a single lane that that takes no prisoners. Had to go down to Beach Rd and back up 13.2 What a bloody mess, great welcome back for the tourists... two bloody years they had to do this shit and now it is a problem...disgusts me. And it
  15. jacko


    Getting stuck between complete strangers in a long economy row for hours on end wanting to pee, and finding a Q at the toilet when you do get there..... (and using a toilet after an Arab, you will learn the true meaning of terrorism!) .What's not to like? Getting into an elbow barge with a fat 107 Kg guy for a few hours for the armrest ... the kid behind kicking the seat, the crying baby, being completely blanked trying to get another beer.... wine (one teeny bottle only) from a plastic 'glass', long queue at check in, security, in the jetway, boarding... a waiting area packed with no seats a
  16. jacko


    Likely your Mrs wants to bring so much crap it would be far cheaper than excess baggage. I don't even know what my baggage weight limit is in Biz!
  17. jacko


    That is another issue with economy these days, so many options and this seat allocation and extra for checked baggage!
  18. jacko


    You seem to have confirmed my point about where the profit lies yet still argue? I have done my share of economy flights too... that is why I do Business if I can get a price I can accept. I have also been in cancelled flights position, and let me tell you, how one is treated varies greatly on the class of ticket. I think the staff are told to be extra helpful.... always recall a change of heart when a BA agent realized my ticket was Club World.... the pompous ass nearly fell at my feet. I don't travel much nowadays so FF benefits are not applicable, and you don't get any on ch
  19. jacko


    You travel with family, I travel alone.... makes a difference in total cost.... You are also cheap!
  20. jacko


    There is far more to the differences than sitting 30m further forward, and if one has the money, you are not throwing any bonking away whatsoever. With the recent horror events that have been occurring in the UK at Manchester airport, there are examples of what happens when you travel cheap. I have had some miserable experiences in Economy with long haul...... and dislike the way you are treated, herded like sheep. long lines etc etc. The difference in price is excessive though in my mind..... Economy Class should be more expensive, and the burden of profit not be on Premium....
  21. There are still a couple of condo buildings being finished off around Baku so I expect when they are done they will dig it up towards Buakhao then. That will be a mess and I use that cut through quite a bit.... those businesses from The Hideaway, Tum massage, Thai Visa Express, will be severely impeded for a while then... And the rainy season is all but upon us!
  22. There is little mileage in predictions here pal... but that job has been going on a long time and it never got round the bend....despite making a mess at that corner, but I don't really know the full plans .... be bad news for say The Hideaway Bar if they went on to Buakhao.
  23. I actually was there yesterday and could see some stretches' appeared to be getting levelled off for road resurfacing.... there is no issue from Buakhao to the corner at the 7-11.
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