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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. jacko

    Movie Quiz #11

    We usually don't play solo..... Christopher Plummer.
  2. Sadly Sterling seems to have fallen back since, I suggest it is due to Nicola Sturgeon doing her William Wallace bit.
  3. They had one of those big tubs and a plastic cup, and fortunately for me (not for who pays the bills), I think it had previously been topped off from the electric shower. So tepid. Those run down places without water tanks, pumps and electric showers will not be seeing my custom. Oh... and I often ask for lotion....
  4. Yes a few up soi 15 which runs between Soi Buakhao and 2nd Rd behind the Avenue, and Key Visa located across from the Big C on Sukhumvit, near Pattaya Tai. Also soi 13/2. Price depends of course how much one needs them to do for you. Rhino Tusk's remark is very true. If one has all the financial requirements, quite easy to do oneself, particularly if one has had an Extension based on retirement before. (It isn't really a Visa, but a one year Extension on a Permit to stay). The only other issue is what type of Non-Imm Visa one starts with, an O-A would also require health Insurance.
  5. I was in an 'ahem' 'establishment' yesterday and they had no incoming water. Whether it was anything to do with the damned roadworks outside I am unsure. It doesn't bide well for the rest of the dry season.
  6. jacko

    Movie Quiz #11

    Bone Tomahawk (Just caught this on Sophon, a bit gruesome)
  7. It certainly does. I have used the Robin Hood a couple of times since it's return to the track, and my only complaint was the menu was lacking. Only a few things appealed to me. Partial to a pork pie. This looks interesting now.
  8. Yes I will try and get a pic tomorrow. I was in a hurry last week as I was heading home and back for the fireworks festival. Was watching a guy with Ian King this AM, very bullish on Sterling...$1.35 end of year ...although dependent on a Conservative majority next week.
  9. So that gets added to a taxi fare, £3? I used to get the Emirate's Limo service so has it hit them? Last time I flew from Manchester I booked a hotel to have a lazy morning and proper breakfast and the day before the train dropped me and I am dragging my suitcase miles round security fences as I was unsure where to get the shuttle bus. The car rental is miles away now. and even the train station, in reality, is a moderate haul to the terminals, especially T3. . Bangkok seems a much easier airport! Long haul is getting tough as I age.
  10. Landing slots are in short supply at LHR. There used to be more choice for 'the shuttle', I think British Midland were once in contention. BA seem to keep it tied up, probably to force people onto their LHR flights too. I noticed Singapore offer a Flybe to CDG for the days they do not operate MAN. If I recall they do offer to London City too.
  11. Yes, it is a job one should not need to do yourself. Like washing the dishes.
  12. Yes it does, but the bastards at Manchester won't let you get dropped off in a car for free, anywhere near now!
  13. Well a while back SQ went via Delhi, so it was well and truly scrubbed off my list! Now they use an Airbus A350-900 and go direct 5 days, so should be OK. I never considered them for another reason....expensive. They now offer a Biz Light (lower mileage, non-refundable, changes cost you) and from this end, in Thai baht, looked reasonable.... I have paid more baht. In sterling, they don't look cheap!
  14. SQ have a direct SIN flight 5 days/week.
  15. Where is Greg's now. He had a place on the lake but I heard he moved?
  16. Interesting. I wonder if they are pursuing transit passengers going elsewhere or aimed at Thai tourists. Also whether they will keep the 2 flights ex LHR. It is just I would expect European traffic to Thailand to decline now, have they come to the table late?
  17. That is the situation to date, but does not cover other options such as using 'income' rather than the 800,000 deposit. The latter needs to be seasoned for 2 months before the Extension application, retained for 3 months after (verified a Jomtien), and then half can be used, ie retain 400,000 baht until 2 months before the next renewal, where it needs to be back up to 800,000 baht. There is also a marriage Extension option and agent assistance. I am more reticent to pin it as the requirements may likely change in the future, there have been a few changes in the last year as it is.
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