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  1. I am waiting for a strong Pound Sterling as I need to get a new vehicle, it has been a long time now!
  2. These festivals always have rip-off prices. I always used to laugh at what was charged for prepped fruit at the small tourist fleecing market at the back of Mike's Shopping Mall. Although I am informed there are quite a few types of Durian and the prices vary, there are some that cost more than lobster. 100 baht/kilo is what I think I paid last time for Mongthong, I went to the seasonal market in Rayong. My Mrs brought me one a few weeks ago and did nothing but complain about the smell for the next week. https://durians.com/pages/types-of-durians-thailand
  3. Well not really, surely it makes them expensive?
  4. Yes USD too, trade tensions with China, Iran concerns.
  5. Well I look forward to meeting you then, but soon could also be Wednesday evening. It is PT Crawl time coming up.
  6. I know that used to be the case when that place first opened, I suspect it is now rather busy. You can see people waiting outside during the day.
  7. Can't the same be done at the passport place in The Avenue.?
  8. Bloody Festival for everything every week or so. I am only permitted a coupe of Durian every season and have had them this year already. Beware, eat too much and suffer, it is very rich. It will also be 'with you' for several hours after you eat it, and people will have to keep their distance, it repeats.
  9. jacko

    Movie Quiz #11

    Donald Sutherland. Robert Duvall Tom Skerritt ( I had better check if used already! Yes, shit, ah I think OK))
  10. I am sure it caused a lot of short lived excitement over at Anfield who were already ahead!
  11. These places have their reputations, always a little exaggeration there. It has been a lot of years now but in the 'Pattaya One' news reports of years ago, corpses found in low budget rooms, or 10 floors below them, seemed to be in the same sentence as 'Nirun' or '9 Karat' condo. I rode down Arunothai only yesterday at midday, and you see the single men with their weekly shop from Big-CX heading back to their last stop residence on foot.
  12. Can't be sure but usually the Beach Road gets closed in it's entirety. You get a few vehicles passing through. Should be different this year with plenty space on the beach, it is 20-30m wider than last year. Last year was awful in that half of it from Klang North was closed off, for the reclamation work, plus the Beach was badly littered. Only concern this year is that it has been pretty hot in town. When I was out recently I don't think it got below 33 DegC all night. I also hope the no drinking on the Beach rule will be waved as I usually take a small cold box, mat and along come a few of her friends, of course with food and it is quite good fun. I will get into town mid afternoon, check into a hotel, visit a seafood restaurant, then a couple of beer bars and then onto the Beach. Usually have to walk everywhere. Oh, just remembered another issue, finding a toilet.
  13. Not so straightforward I am betting. I will take a look on North Rd and see what got left behind. I still use coax internet into my place, although they ran fibre now. Cancelled my phone landline, never used it and it went dead. TOT said they have switched people to the fibre optic network. In some central locations it looks like there are hundreds of cables up there, surely they don't have much need for more than a few dozen. Money in that scrap cable!
  14. As I said, because you asked, 90% of those cables can simply be taken down. I don't think we have any BMs who work at City Hall. I will see if I can see exactly what they are doing next time I am near the job. Better still, take a look on Nua, that was done just under a year ago. I seem to recall all those cables were still there just moved closer to the buildings.
  15. Most of those cables are redundant. They always have simply run new cables and left the old ones. I haven't stood and watched them work, but expect many go to the scrap yard. Are they leaving them up there? I would expect TV and Internet cables to have separate conduits underground. Problem is many of these need mains powered boosters. The 'future' is in 5G where all that stuff can be sent around on 20 GHz (SHF) from tower type networks like the current mobile phones.
  16. jacko

    Reentry permit

    What with the ever possible 'have you done a TM30' question the reduced visits to immigration may be a good idea.
  17. jacko

    Reentry permit

    I used to feel the same but I no longer make the 2 UK trips a year plus maybe another elsewhere so I figured the waste of 2800 baht covered me. Unlikely I will need to make a trip at short notice these days and I can always get one at the airport.
  18. jacko

    Reentry permit

    Seems a little extravagant, 3800 baht v 2000 baht?
  19. I was thinking as it is an all England affair it should be moved to Wembley, bloody Madrid!
  20. Thanks for posting, I took a pic or two last night there but no need to use them now. That job looks like it will go on forever! Bad for all the businesses around there! The Beach end of Klang is half closed and this was causing traffic back-up on Klang and the 2nd junction. There was some other work, which I think was either cable burying, or drain cleaning, who the hell knows these days. That was opposite soi 7 off 2nd, behind the Memorial Hospital.
  21. UK Politics has taken Sterling back down!
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