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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Rates looked to be as before, matching the spot rates as you might see on trading platforms. Since the fees are a percentage I did not notice at first, but felt it had gone up. Still competitive.
  2. Absolutely.... if one books over the hill in say Karon, you will be forced to use the infamous, over priced, will not budge on price, Phuket many baht busses!
  3. Transferwise (Wise) seem subject to a few changes..... I noticed you can only send over 50,000 baht in a transaction to 3 Thai banks, Bangkok Bank, SCB and I think Kasikorn... the rest are limited. Obviously multiple transactions would get around this. I hadn't used it for a spell so wanted to check it out and had some problem to find the Open Banking option, using my UK bank... but after 2 cancelled attempts, it was there and worked. I did not select the 'Transfer for Long Term Stay in Thailand' option and the money appeared in Thailand instantly... whether it was the lesser amount, or the se
  4. Thanks, appreciate that. Plenty of places appear open, but not a lot of custom.
  5. Have to see how Pete feels about the latest requirements regarding recent Covid tests for all customers..... A place I usually go to closed up for the New Years Holidays, scheduled to reopen 4th, but it appears they did not bother.
  6. Another factor is often whether breakfast is included.
  7. Could see it in the air when the sun came up today....
  8. Yes it has been all over the News, mentioned in Thailand too. Cancelled the London-BKK flights through to October 2022. Apparently allowing transfers of those with bookings onto Qatar.
  9. We get a lot of complaints here when anyone tries to get bargains from the girls in these hard times, but here we see they do it to their own. I mean, 3000 baht/month, and so many hours. I also had a chat to an MPG recently, who was unusually stern and wanted to predefine prices in advance, which was unusual.... transpires she had been poorly paid the day before when she failed to do that. Hard times.... Saw a few suitcases on wheels being dragged about yesterday... people are arriving in town.
  10. The money needs to be deposited into a Thai bank nowadays.... unless you can get an Embassy letter. People are required to show a deposit of 65,000 baht every month for 12 months. Not sure how many deposits one has to show if this is a first time application rather than a renewal. An agent would likely pursue the 800.000 on deposit method, as they can arrange that.
  11. Caused by all the Covid type extra procedures you think?
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