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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. They will be ripping it up in the near future so better to use the cheap stuff.
  2. pattayatalk.com is no longer valid...... use forums.pattayatalk.com
  3. Booking rooms on NYE is fraught with danger....sometimes get hit up with obligatory gala dinners! Happened to me via Agoda or Expedia and me not paying attention. (Yes still sore about it many many years later.)
  4. I don't know if it is an 'industry standard', but I recall Areca saying 1st one free, second is 500 baht surcharge.
  5. Aren't you supposed to simply send an email.
  6. Gave my ankle a twist today on the famous pavements...put me in a bad mood. This place doesn't deserve tourists. It's mostly decrepit. They may have liberalized the access to weed with all the shops and cafes.. but the shops themselves are not so liberal. More rules than a primary schoolyard.
  7. Yes that does not surprise me.... your entry into the Kingdom does get reflected in the system........bet you could do an online 90 day report while currently out of the country!
  8. Today is a no alcohol until 6pm day, due to elections. So a good day to get a small job done on a bar. But is it a quick modification, a full upgrade, or a repurpose at King's Club? Today's rates.
  9. Certainly an issue...... my pool gets clogged a lot during this time of year due to falling leaves. Guy who does my garden takes away debris, which is mainly leaves but heaven knows where he puts it.
  10. I once got held up by floodwater on Soi Bongkoch.. on the motorcycle. I stopped, water nearly to my calves, to watch other guys ride through to make sure no surprises lurked under the water. I felt tickling on my legs and looked to see half a dozen plus roaches crawling all over my legs. There were many others swimming around on the surface, obviously forced from the flooded storm drains. Gives me the creeps to recall it. I did quite a dance when I got onto a dry patch!
  11. And perhaps they wonder why the low lying streets flood in rainy season. I was thinking about this, and had always thought it was done to stop the smell from sewage lines at say bar fronts. But this is more likely a storm drain carrying only rainwater and rats. This beastie I stood on in my pool, fortunately dead or I might have freaked...and been in pain. Probably worried into the pool by my curious cat.
  12. When I got a new passport, I then used an agent to transfer the stamps, and then get a new extension...they did the 90 day for me at the same time ...I never went to immigration. Subsequent 90 day reports have been fine on-line. I never needed to do any in person, after a re-entry either. It appears only consistent in its inconsistency.
  13. If you can get the cover off use a dip stick to see how it is doing. Mine seem to go a long time (over a year)... but you are an American, so likely need it emptying more often. (Sorry, could not resist it!😄).
  14. Is it a water tanker, or perhaps one of those that comes and pumps out your septic tanks.
  15. Do people who use the monthly deposit need one letter or 2? I only know my disabled pal had already done one trip to the bank, and was sent away by immigration to a different branch, for a letter that suited them better. I do get 0.85% (minus 15% withholding tax) on my 800kbaht... that might go up soon! It is part of some money I moved here many years ago (property purchase), at 55 baht /£ IIRC.. some offset there. I think I paid 10k incl. to get an agents help, so if the 10,600 you mention covers the 800k too, good deal
  16. It is what it is. I am a bit surprised at the claimed 'cost' to some of you USA guys of depositing 800k here. My pal who utterly refused to do it just did not seem to trust Thai banks (no reason in my mind), and also wanted to be ready to up sticks and leave at short notice. I never grasped it...my neighbour went to immigration, was sent away to get a deposit confirming letter to a branch on Klang, then back to immigration. He is not well and can hardly walk, a dozen yards and he needs to stop to catch breath... I gladly would deposit 800k to avoid that. I don't ever believe it will
  17. I got my regular letter from a BB sub branch near Sukhumvit, and at that time they asked which letter I was looking for. Suggests they know what is required. I did hear some banks the letter had to be ordered and took a day to obtain. Nice to hear positive news wrt immigration. It is far too hot to be keeping older people standing around outside.
  18. Kinda shows that some agents really don't know as much as they should wrt extension requirements. I often read 'my agent told me' as if they heard it from a doctor..... is it possible some agents attempt to steer you in a direction that makes them more money? And that direction is one of bypassing requirements, when you in fact do not need to? I don't know anyone who uses an agent to help with income method (I use one to do my extension, with truly having the 800k on deposit)..... I have heard of a few people being sent back to a particular branch to get a letter listing depos
  19. Although it would impact traffic flow as people would be accessing the back of the pick-up or boot. Nothing works well here!
  20. Been a long hot dry spell......
  21. I usually get a sense of it in the evenings, a fan blowing on me and my eyes start to feel irritated.
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