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  1. Perhaps, I struggle to remember. Malls isn't high on my list of tourist attractions. Harbor is likely more popular with me as you hardly have to go into town. I used to use the Laem Chabang one a bit but seem to have lost interest.
  2. Looks like a bit more of the same at the moment, as well as Sterling picking up slightly against the US$.... showing 40.2 baht/ £ right now. I think the China virus hitting Thai tourism is doing this?
  3. I am sitting on some money waiting to transfer into Thailand.... I will probably use Transfewise, although I noticed recently their charges for larger amounts can get high. I also felt the TT exchange rate Bangkok Bank were showing seemed more competitive than it had in the past. So much so the advantage of TW was diminished. Although I still like that your quoted rate gets locked in... it is just the fact of involving a 3rd party always concerns me... I hate giving them the ability to point at each other if something goes wrong. I was also discussing how I didn't have much Sterling cash, which is usually what I convert when I visit Bali. The rate there for Thai baht never looks as good. A friend offered me 41 baht per £. I suppose I need to get rid of the Sterling cash as I hear the UK will be changing all the £20 notes soon.
  4. Yes, for me they are a breathing and cooling opportunity, and to kill a few minutes en-route to a bar.... Central Festival is a cut through when I decide to go grab a bite at the Robin Hood, The Royal Garden has been a decade long opportunity to dry off my shirt when I spot the traffic mess, construction work, motorcycle-taxi blockage and crowds of deadly disease carrying tourists at the Beach Rd and Tai corner. It is supposed to be the entrance to Walking street but is rarely more than a meter wide. T21, once a year, I stay at the Thai Garden Resort and cut through there en-route to the Fireworks.
  5. That is 1 hour 7 minutes into the video, not 1min 7 seconds. Must be using a BA pilot! They will be doing a landing test in a couple of weeks.
  6. There is a point though, it did seem surprising that the 3 latest Malls were built in relatively quick succession around Pattaya, on top of one that didn't appear to be doing well at all. The Central Festival Beach Road, the perpetually vacant Harbor (just up the street from a large popular Mall), then T21. One gets a sense of copycat behaviour towards over supply, like bars and massage places. Or perhaps staking a land claim. Haven't been to two of those for a spell, I just use Big-CX, but have popped into Harbor and am perplexed. I don't see road access to these places improving easily. T21 is nigh impossible for out of towners, as is Central,...or do the locals have a better sense of patience than me and actually like sitting in their cars? So I don't see demand, certainly not now , more a sense of 'build it and they will come, if they can'.
  7. Collingbourne Auctions. https://www.collingbourne-auctioneers.com/
  8. Pretty sure they usually sell other currencies through baht, so you would buy those first.
  9. Not heard mention of it for many years
  10. Just for you and your impending trip mate! Sorry about the reflection.... it's Euro, Euro, GBP, GBP, AUD, JPY, SGD under there.
  11. Just crept over 40 on Yahoo. (And also on Transferwise....)
  12. Must have been Mr Egg I saw shinning up there at 6am the other day!
  13. Seems to have taken a boost overnight....(I am on Thai time of course) . I might get my 40+ yet this month.
  14. Yes, my first ever flight to the Middle East, a Tristar from London to Bahrain, then on to Abu Dhabi. Boy was I concerned sat in Bahrain waiting for my connection. Left a real good girlfriend behind and now surrounded by....well I think you know Butch!
  15. What is the date on that please, I probably have a good few?
  16. How is Stansted for dropping off? Any anti-social short term parking charge?
  17. This is from BigC-X. It is behind a screen so a lot of reflection.
  18. I would not bother, better alternatives.
  19. Try this link to Thai Visa Butch. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1143914-video-farang’s-aren’t-all-good-elderly-foreigner-caught-brazenly-stealing-mobile-phone-in-pattaya/#comments
  20. Haha, the whole area should be red.
  21. Thanks for the update EP, I got stuck on the 3rd/Klang mess this week, I think it was Tuesday afternoon.... I also got delayed on Beach Rd in-front of Hardrock Wednesday PM due to the drainage project creeping North. I was actually trying to avoid the 3rd/Klang junction. I was doing the avoidance again yesterday going via Arunothai and Bongkhot, but sadly hitting a bit more mess when I got to 3rd. I appreciate the feedback on that junction. I wish there was a map of where all the shit is! But it seems to move around at pace. Heard that come May/June, cable burying and drainage work will take over Walking St, I can only imagine......
  22. Too many of this types around, I don't really care what his excuse is. Living in Thailand .... no I take that back... living makes me wary of putting my phone down and leaving it. Sadly it becomes automatic sometimes and I was in Bali at a hotel at breakfast and a local woman came over to chat, real friendly, who knew the couple I was with, automatically I picked my phone up and put it in my pocket. This offended her....people who know Bali and their Hotel staff will understand, they are often exemplary. And yesterday, in a Thai hotel coffee shop, I watched an elderly falang man, sneakily collecting up little bags of sugar off a few different tables and slipping them into his bag, I felt both sorry for him and angry at him. Angry because I don't want to be grouped into this type of behaviour.
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