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  1. Jacko, thank you for the thoughtful advice.

  2. Looking for advice/recommendations for air conditioners. Need two, installed in two studio condos. Thank you.
  3. Was at PBG on Tuesday evening, around 8pm-by 8:30 there were 25 girls sitting at the bar-remarkable.
  4. Markland Hotel and Condo's has a new Friday night buffet at the Blue Sky Restaurant, on the top floor. Good food(Thai and western) for 250 baht, with great outside seating, and best views in Pattaya. Well worth a visit, especially with your GF. Beach Road and Soi 1.
  5. Try Easi Learn Language School, Soi Buakow, about 100 meters from South Pattaya road.
  6. johnb


    JackCorbett, thank you for the detailed information. Can you recall the name of the urologist? Thanks
  7. johnb


    Best recommendations indicate Bunrungrad in Bangkok. Thanks
  8. johnb


    Looking for any recommendations for a Urologist, in either Pattaya or Bangkok. Currently using PIH urologist. Thank you
  9. I'vel used the UPS Store for mail forwarding for almost 2 years now. About once every 4-6 weeks I have my mail forwarded to Thailand. No problems at all.
  10. johnb


    Thank you all for the thoughtful replies
  11. johnb


    Looking for recommendations on what and where to buy binoculars for general use, in Pattaya. Thank you
  12. Excellent location, tasty food, nice atmosphere.
  13. Bell travl will also take you all the way to any number of Bangkok hotels, from Pattaya, door to door, for 300 baht.
  14. Sateef and Cheshire Tom, Thank you for the thoughtful and useful responses-exactly what I was looking for.
  15. The Airport Link(Pink Line) from downtown Bangkok to the new airport seems to be headed for completion by year end. However, I'm not having any luck finding a route map for the new line. I'm particularly interested as I'm considering renting or buying a place in Bangkok, in close proximity to a station along the new line. I enquired at a BTS station in Bangkok last week, but simply couldn't communicate with the BTS staff. And, I've checked the web, with no luck. Thanks
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