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  1. Fortunately finding a replacement dopey cow is relatively straight forward
  2. Same every year The pre Songkran trumpeting about great water reserves, followed by the post Songkran drought.
  3. Or that the foam is the conduit for transmission of whatever sh1te is on the ground for ingestion by children
  4. Used to be an annual laugh in the past with a declaration that there was plenty in the reservoirs followed by the post Songkran drought measures
  5. Are you hinting that there might not be enough to soak the sois with in April
  6. Surely this should have culminated with a photo of them all with their noses pressed to their phones in total disinterest.
  7. And deny some chest puffed out gump his accolades for translations
  8. I appreciate that to build a proper drainage (like a proper infrastructure in most other aspects of the city) would really require levelling the place and starting from scratch with some planning/foresight. But what I actually raised... draining BEACH Road into the (adjacent) sea, not really a Herculean feat of engineering.
  9. Beach Road.... Perplexed me for years as to how Thais have such difficulty getting water to go into the sea.
  10. That should only be an issue if you use a hotel that inputs a conflicting TM30 for the overnight. TBH tell them that your passports in the Chinese embassy Bangkok for a visa they book you in and don't (cannot) submit the TM30 Owellian nonsense.
  11. Don't worry, even when you do it hardly qualifies as funny
  12. Google translate (Camera option) Don't leave home without it
  13. Sukhumvit - diagonally opposite Bangkok Pattaya Hospital
  14. Reckon the Corolla is the favourite to win it
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