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  1. Yup - if it was a horse you'd shoot it Or at the very least catch something unpleasant emanating from the discharge of those freefalling big bore plastic waste/sewage outlets
  2. Regyai


    and if a bit more then the appeal of private charter looms large
  3. Regyai


    Are the flights on the same ticket /same ref #? Golden rule is that they wont issue if outside the declared transit time minima for the airport. (& and of course because they pick up costs if they fail)
  4. Its not the Koh-i-noor diamond Buy new and sell after a year
  5. As sprawling markets go the one thing Chatuchak misses are the golf carts of Rong Kluea Market There you can park the pick-up hire the cart and jockey back n forth to dump purchases Unless you're a lot younger and given to marathons thats a task at Chatuchak
  6. Back in the day when British Midland was under star alliance (later to be absorbed into BA and lose that status) it allowed a one ticket booking/ checked through baggage etc with a connecting Thai Airways out of LHR. Even then it would have been a brave man who booked without allowing the potential of a scheduled 'safety' flight to LHR between the one booked and the Thai Airways departure from LHR. As the delays / cancellations of these domestic shuttles were pathetic. With separate bookings and hauling luggage around LHR / re check-in, the risk is magnified. All that sai
  7. Best explanation I've ever encountered (wish I'd found it decades ago) https://www.chiangmailocator.com/wiki-traffic-rules-in-thailand-and-how-to-avoid-traffic-accidents-p169 Heres a screenshot from the start of a very 'eye opening' section: Once you appreciate that its all about the area they can see in front thats clear the 'no look turn left onto a major road' without further reference makes (although perverse) sense. That you can see him doing it it becomes your prevail to accommodate it.
  8. Cant see that having any impact on routes UK/Thailand
  9. WhatsApp Video 2021-10-06 at 19.01.04.mp4
  10. WhatsApp Video 2021-09-27 at 16.22.51.mp4
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