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  1. For those curious as to how Meg Griffin turned out
  2. The general point is that the actual outcome is irrelevant, be it hyper expensive ornate street lamps, underpasses, twinkling Christmas type lights separating road lanes or your garish pedestrian crossings. What matters most is that all the chosen snouts get to gorge in these metaphoric fiscal feeding troughs as the city's cash cascades down through the time honoured food chain.
  3. If anyone had a clue as to what you are using they might be able to assist (Device/OS/Browser etc)
  4. Best to go to Talad Nad local food market. Not much on offer in central Pattaya. Thepprasit market food section maybe
  5. A malaise that was infecting Pattaya well before the onset of C-19
  6. Whatever the cause Manchester's security is a total clusterfuck Check whatever you feel necessary - play it anyway you want But & here's the rub they insist on overlooking....... RESOURCE IT!
  7. Phone holder surely, so you don't miss a single TikTok moment
  8. Doesn't need the wisdom of Solomon Follow the money from order issuer to receiving contractor to find the familial DNA link
  9. For a moment couldn't see the relevance of Darth Vader
  10. Friend of mine suffered a similar occurrence many years ago in Pattaya Overnight escape of gas combined with an early morning first cigarette of the day His house looked similar (actually resembled an artillery strike) and he climbed out of the rubble unaided, wearing only shorts he got 'flash burned' (looked like someone after a first full day in Spanish sunshine). But with 90% burns coverage he deteriorated by the end of the day and lingered sadly and in a pitiful state in ICU for days until he ultimately died. I hope the mentioned Laotian mentioned fares better.
  11. Yes its the status quo of the middlemen and their slice of the action at the top of the food chain. That, and the meagre capped volume of tickets that the Online Sales release (for an immediate 'sold out') - presumably so as to preserve the status quo.
  12. Typical Thai confusion as to who is the dog and who is the tail in the transaction. Ultimately these people thrive only from the extra 'hand holding' to people who know not where they're going or how to deal with taxis. Take that away and its way easier to bounce out the terminal door and into a taxi meter.
  13. I would cast an eye of suspicion over the insurance cover in such circumstances Sounds like you're riding in a private vehicle not a 'for hire or reward' taxi
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