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  1. The UK consulates haven't had the on-line applications inflicted upon them so its still 'old school' applications by mail or in person the fees are subject to a surcharge if you elect for a 'while you wait' service (last time I did a SETV in person it was £30 + £10)
  2. When BMI was part of the Star Alliance that was what it effectively was for Thai Airways. You could get both on the one ticket. When BA bought BMI it lost Star Alliance membership and the route went to ratshit for Northern UK people
  3. Switching my mind back all those long years before I had transport I'd say get up to Sukhumvit then get a white baht bus to Theprassit and walk down to the market (it starts about 100meters or so off Suk Repeat in reverse to return or avail yourself of a baht bus heading back towards Thappraya (they're usually prowling at the far end of the market hunting Ruskies).
  4. The best possible tack is to have the sender send you a scan of the form they filled out, then a) yours can mirror image the details & b) in the unlikely (but very Thai-possible) event of plomplem the scan will placate one and all. Don't though pick up WU forms to fill in and subsequently present them at a different WU 'office' ("Not Same" - which I think translates into not a ref# allocated to them at that office)
  5. Your first and last ones resonated with me The motorbike thing, avail yourself of a few cheapo Chinese padlocks as attitude adjusters. They fucked you about let them enjoy the reciprocation with a lock through their disk brake And the signs , overshadowed by those blasted rain awnings at provincial markets hurriedly set up at throat height...bastards!
  6. People who continue in using them deserve all they get
  7. Qatar also I understand allows seat selection at time of booking for free They are actually in my sights for future as after years of Gold Card with Etihad I am getting royally pissed off with them to the point of walking away despite Gold Membership. You need to check your luggage allowance every time you book (they change it so often) The last reshuffle took me from 92kgs (2 x 30kgs + 32kgs Gold bonus) in normal economy to the current 45kgs (1 x 30kgs + 15kgs Gold bonus) And like the fish stock in a fishing park, you must keep looking for the latest 'hook': be it fees to choose seats, bidding for empty adjoining seats, or now even enduring reduced meal sizes in their endeavour to starve you into buying from the new 'EasyJet' style snack trollies! They've even now relinquished their rather prestigious drop off level check-in counters and customer service office at Manchester (now taken by Emirates as I recall) After having sold off their Lounge at Manchester a good while back. It was a delightful 'bijou' affair complete with 'a la carte' meals cooked to order. You now are given access to the new owners' ensemble (now a pay per visit lounge).... Which you could be forgiven for thinking that you'd turned up late to a council estate wedding !!
  8. Leasing has put UK car ownership on its head Any gobshite can now smoke around in a brand newie, who previously could never aspire to own one. Merrily paying a few measly quid a month - drip feeding the depreciation (& the lessor's humble fees)
  9. Yup Too many hippies Too little stick time .
  10. Saw on Line, I know this guy from decades ago when he ran a beach road bar. He is English speaking and all round goodguy
  11. "Meeting Point" near entrance 3 (Out of customs turn right, past the gaggle of limo drivers and onwards 20/30 meters (There's a smallish sign if you look upwards and down the walkway)
  12. DTAC Happy USSD Codes: Check your remaining balance – Press: *101*9# or *101# Check your Internet credit – Press: *101*4*9# Check your SMS credit – Press: *101*2*9# Check your Happy for free credit – Press: *101*5*9# Find out your phone number – Press: *102*9# Check your Promotion – Press: *103*9# – Switch plans IVR: Press *1003 press 9. But you;ll need to be in Thailand I suspect for the codes to work
  13. May have changed since my one and only time there But why I never returned: way overpriced whacked out guns nasty home brewed ammo overbearing limitations on usage dangerous and stupid range staff (you trombone a 12g pump BEHIND me as I'm at the firing booth, be thankful I'm empty Somchai)
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