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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Facing Ali (not a dead end,btw)
  2. I need those for sitting in the orchestra seats at Baccara
  3. This sounds totally fucked up, why should you need a lease for a 90 day report? You didn’t say where this was. Jomtien, I assume. I always do 90 day reports via registered mail, you can do them online, too.
  4. The area that used to be the Cheap Charlie Cul de Sac has been cleared and is now home to several temporary restaurants. There's a Burger King where Tops Market used to be The hallway that used to have a dozen massage shops now has Indian reataurants Hemmingway's has been relocated from Soi 14 Further up the Soi, more development An alley leads to a small street with many restaurants I stopped at Daniel Thaiger for a burger and a Rochefort 10, but they didn't deliver my burger order. DUH! I went next door to Artisan Craft Burgers where I got served A few more Zanzabar restaurant
  5. Some of the cookies were programmed to expire at midnight UTC on 1-1-2020. You'll need an update.
  6. only Expanded view works for me here, only condensed works on PA, so may be a cookie
  7. Licensed to kill gophers in.... CADDYSHACK
  8. I remember getting a blow upstairs at the Pump Station on the couch, back in 2003. I used to have lunch next door at Max Italian restaurant, really liked the food, but haven’t been to either place for years now.
  9. Has there ever been a ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ in Thailand with an impressive lineup? I avoid places that have this designation.
  10. You’d have to drink a lot of Guinness for it to work out
  11. size 12? btw, my shoes are Allen-Edmonds and I’ve had them for 35 years. Every US president from Reagan until Obama wore Allen-Edmonds to their inauguration. The company created a special model named after Obama’s Chicago neighborhood but still couldn’t win him over as a customer. He never spoke publicly about it. I have no idea what Trump wears. They cost about $450 but last a lifetime, don’t know how many times I’ve had them re-souled.
  12. I asked them at Bangkok Bank on Soi 6 to use my existing account which has online banking and debit card access, but they insisted I needed to create a new account with the restrictions.
  13. I got my 9th extension last month, at Chaengwattana. Sure, I had to get a number, went downstairs and had some lunch. I was there 6 hours, had blisters on my feet the next day for wearing shoes. They never said anything about insurance and I don’t have to file a TM 30 unless I leave the country, which I haven’t done since 2011. I have to do this one day a year. Is this a major problem?
  14. That must be a typo. I know they used to have the lowest prices in town for a pint of Guinness
  15. I think more than one or two of us are going to die and I doubt this policy only applies to Thailand.
  16. I wasted 15 minutes of my life by watching this silly video. Rant over.
  17. It might be very hard if it’s a serious medical problem.
  18. It’s an inconvenience but I can understand the logic, and the social security system is stressed by the current demographics.
  19. I assume it’s a social security rule to prevent fraud, so they won’t keep making deposits after you’re gone and have a spouse or someone else steal it.
  20. The paperwork is easy, should just do it yourself if you have the required funds seasoned properly in a Thai bank.
  21. I changed having my social security deposited at Wells Fargo to Bangkok Bank in October. My deposit this month was still to Wells Fargo but I checked the MySSA website and they now have the details for Bangkok Bank, so I expect next month’s deposit to go to Bangkok Bank. I spoke with the Bangkok Bank staff near Soi 6 and they submitted the paperwork for me. However, I had to create a new restricted account with no internet or ATM access to receive the payment, even though I have another account at the same branch.
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