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  1. Tiger King on Netflix is totally insane, you can’t make this shit up. Supposedly a 10-part series is in the works with Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic. Also really enjoyed The Last Dance, the inside story of the Chicago Bulls NBA basketball dynasty with Michael Jordan, Et al. 🏀
  2. Because of exorbitant import duty, most wine sold in Thailand is ‘fruit wine’, fermented from a variety of base ingredients other than grapes. The connoisseurs don’t consider it real wine. I prefer whisky because quality wine is too expensive in Thailand, import duty is 300-400%. Boxed fruit wine is affectionately known as cardboardeaux. https://www.thebigchilli.com/news/fruit-wine-is-it-for-real
  3. Location is important. I lived in this View Talay 6 studio for 2 years. It was paradise before the building filled up with the Airbnb crowd, then lost it’s sense of community, hardly anyone was living there when I moved in. Who wants to live in a hotel? Size was not an issue, who wants to pay a/c for a larger place when you’re living alone (some nights), and I rarely watched TV on the balcony (26th floor, Walking Street side), but I could lie in bed and watch the fireworks over Buddha Hill and see Walking Street from the balcony. The landlord wants 35,000 for this studio now. I moved to Bangkok for the next 7 years, Trendy Condo on Sukhumvit Soi 13. You have to worry about break-ins if you live in a house, it’s an issue if you’ve got expensive gear.
  4. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
  5. No one mentioned Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, now streaming on Netflix. There’s been criticism of the Bruce Lee depiction from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and others. The movie wasn’t shown in China but maybe they deserve to miss out.
  6. Facing Ali (not a dead end,btw)
  7. I need those for sitting in the orchestra seats at Baccara
  8. This sounds totally fucked up, why should you need a lease for a 90 day report? You didn’t say where this was. Jomtien, I assume. I always do 90 day reports via registered mail, you can do them online, too.
  9. The area that used to be the Cheap Charlie Cul de Sac has been cleared and is now home to several temporary restaurants. There's a Burger King where Tops Market used to be The hallway that used to have a dozen massage shops now has Indian reataurants Hemmingway's has been relocated from Soi 14 Further up the Soi, more development An alley leads to a small street with many restaurants I stopped at Daniel Thaiger for a burger and a Rochefort 10, but they didn't deliver my burger order. DUH! I went next door to Artisan Craft Burgers where I got served A few more Zanzabar restaurant
  10. Some of the cookies were programmed to expire at midnight UTC on 1-1-2020. You'll need an update.
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