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  1. Certainly not beyond imagining KJU being the psychopath he is, but I think that if Cathay, or ICAO, or even China for that matter, thought there was any real risk of N. Korea doing that, they'd reroute or cancel the affected flights.
  2. 'Can't decide whether to or ...
  3. Have "repaired" a couple of made-for-the-US appliances (a TV and a boom box; both kind of old) that predated the era of autosensing and got plugged into 220V. Maybe just luck of the draw, but 'was just a matter of replacing one of those glass-tube type fuses (yeah, I know I know; be careful of the capacitors...). So much old American-made stuff makes its way to the PI in balikbayan boxes that I imagine most repairman over there stockpile those fuses...as well as 220V transformers...
  4. 'Tried that all-you-can eat buffet-style place in Central Festival back in February. Sucked! I mean REALLY SUCKED! Nothing in the buffet line was even warm. 'Turned out to be a PERFECT example of having to leave food on one's plate... 'Tried several things, and couldn't finish even one of them. About the only edible thing in the place was the meat, all of which is cooked to order. Not bad really, but it takes forever! You select your beef, pork, chicken, or fish, turn it in on a tagged plate and take a matching indicator back to your table, and wait...........and wait............and w
  5. Good to know there's somebody competing with the US for generosity towards immigrants... (oh, wait a minute; AP says they can't be called "illegals" or "illegal immigrants" anymore... I meant, generosity towards undocumented democrats...
  6. Not that I approve of the family attacks in any way for any reason, but 'seems like Rule #6 is ignored whenever the temperature gets high enough anyway. What's the point of new rules? If anything, I'd just "update"/"extend" Rule #6. I understand the desire to emphasize this particular breach, but the more rules there are, the more widely transgressed they're apt to be I think. IMO it's not the specificity or severity or reach of the rule that counts as much as the demonstrated willingness of the moderator to actually suspend violators, no questions asked. I believe MM would already be wit
  7. I agree with some others that it's probably not necessary to reserve anything FROM the airport. The few times I've headed from the airport straight for Patts, I've been able to walk-up to the desk and book on the next bus leaving (though I've never shown up at the last minute just before the bus happens to be leaving...). Esp. now that you have to pay in advance, what happens if your flight arrives late? Will they rebook you on the next bus, no questions asked?
  8. Not sure I'd agree in all cases. When the update is a "routine" one, fixing bugs, improving performance, etc., I do agree. But when new features are being introduced, if those new features are actually entirely new and represent significantly expanded or brand new functionality, I'll usually let them simmer for perhaps a month or two, and then review user comments before I jump in. 'The same logic as not being an "early innovator" when it comes to installing a new Windows or browser version, or brand new videocard, etc. I'd rather let others be the guinea pigs, and sometimes wonder if developm
  9. I know adjusting the aircon to the 24-25deg range, rather than cooler settings, has made a difference for me. I'm a little less passive about sitting around smokers as well, and more often than I used to just up & leave if I can't avoid the stuff. Lastly, I'm more meticulous about washing hands & face & using hand sanitizer. 'Just finished a long trip over there, and only had one case of scratchy throat at the end and even that was more mild and less persistent than used to be the case.
  10. I had no problems on the last go-around. Well, except for the totally disgusting Indians I had to share the minivan with on arrival. I literally had to hold my hand against my face (fortunately I had shaved just before leaving Pattaya and had been liberal with the aftershave lotion...) until they were let off at their hotel. I tell you they give "stink" a whole new meaning!
  11. New just now... I suddenly am unable to use the 'read last unread message in thread' functionality. Whenever I click on the dot or star next to the topic title, I just get a list of warnings. I CAN open the thread by clicking on the title. 'Happens with both Chrome and the Android default browser. 'Have tried re-initializing the browser. Have tried several different threads. Android ICS (4.1.1)
  12. Have had a few removed by a (dermatologist), always by the anesthetic/scalpal method. A few biopsied. Tried the DIY freeze-off method: totally ineffective. Same for the tree oil method.
  13. So burning was banned on the advice of...? And farmers ended up with an unforeseen pest problem? 'Bet they were grateful for THAT advice... Anyway, 'thought cloud seeding was done with silver iodide or something more exotic than salt. (Or maybe silver iodide is a "salt"?)
  14. Isn't this sort of an annual thing? (or is that later in the year?)
  15. On my last trip, going TO Patt fm BKK, the pickup van was late getting to the station/office (the bus had already left). We were consolidated with a couple of other pax into a 2nd minivan, and sent chasing after the bus ('course we, the pax, didn't know we were chasing anybody...). A little ways down the tollway, there was the bus, pulled over to the side, baggage doors open, waiting for us. We piled out of the van, and into the bus, and were on our way. And we really weren't that late getting into Pattaya. Sometimes the delays those pickup vans encounter at various places along Sukhumvit
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